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  1. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AASQ48020?result-token=wX58X
  2. If you compare the light grey (with white markings) to other grey aircraft in the same picture it is quite obvious that the colour is lighter than FS16473 but not too far away (although not similar to) FS36375. I would paint it FS36440 any day, but I would be sure to pick one of the versions that is more blueish than brownish. Btw, I have compared it to an F-106, an F-15 and a TPS A-4. Jens
  3. I agree on FS36307. Compare it to the grey (36307) on the F-5E in the background. Jens
  4. Doh! That's probably where I got the photo from. 😆 Jens
  5. Here is a mix of tails. I have no date or anything though. Jens
  6. Thanks Dave. I think I will go for an almost empty cabin then. Jens
  7. I am about to start building my KH SH-60F as a NSAWC bird (probably the two-tone brown one). Does anyone know whether either of the the sonar buoy launchers is installed on those airframes? My own guess is they are not (partly due to the blanked off port side). Also, any pointers to interior shots of the NSAWC birds are most welcome. TIA, Jens
  8. JEN722

    B-17F/G seat belts

    Thanks Mungo, I will leave out the shoulder harness. Jens
  9. I have started working on one of my HK B-17Gs, but I have come to a halt with the pilot and co-pilot seats. The Eduard seat belt set has shoulder harness for the pilots whereas the HGW set doesn't (lap belts only). Which one is correct for a B-17G (and F)? TIA, Jens
  10. I think you're mistaking it for the Esci ground support equipment set. Hasegawa only released the set with the hydraulic test stand and the generator. Jens
  11. Yes, all dark markings would be dark grey, including the national insignias. The f-16.net picture shows the third Flanker scheme, yes. I don't knpw whether they were repainted between PDM or only during PDM. Jens
  12. These are my WIPs featuring the first and second Flanker schemes. Jens
  13. There are three different Flanker schemes, all using the same colours. The earliest one doesn't follow the (almost) standard pattern of the new Flanker, Flogger and Arctic Flanker schemes. This scheme has only been done by TwoBobs (48-254). The second and third Flanker schemes are similar to each other pattern-wise. However, the second one has pale blue immediately aft of the radome while the third (and current) scheme has the medium blue aft of the radome. That's the easy way to tell those two schemes apart. Now, it's the second Flanker scheme with normal line jet mark
  14. Thanks Richard. 🙂 You're welcome Mark. As for the B-52... Good luck and see you next century. 😉 Nah, it can't all be aggressors and adversaries. In fact, it's been a while since I have worked on those kits (although I have plenty waiting to be finished). 😉 Jens
  15. You mistook me for someone who gets easily offended. Nothing could be farther from the truth. None of the USAF F-5E schemes were named "Mako" or "Shark", nor did any of the resemble a shark in any way, so it was pretty obvious that it was a USN F-5E/N he requested. Besides, the question had already been answered by others. Jens
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