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  1. I am pretty sure the pylons you are looking are included in the Cutting Edge F-104S conversion kit. That would be a much better option than the ancient and rough Esci parts. Jens
  2. If you have an pair of leftover afterburners from the Tamiya F-16C block 30/40/50 they will fit the F-14B too. They are very close to having the same diameter. Jens
  3. You are right in stating that only the last TEN (10) RF-4Bs had the thicker/bulged wings. Unfortunately many references mention 12 - probably from the same incorrect source. Jens
  4. The new Kinetic F-16AM really need a new correct fin base. The one in the kit is way too fat - more like a C/D fin base. Jens
  5. Why is it that you add the radome before the windscreen? You seem to have done so on both your F-4Bs. Jens
  6. All our (i.e. Danish) F-16A/Bs got the Mid-Life Update. Some of our F-16s are rather block 50-like now with l/e beer cans, reinforcement plates and HG-like finish. Jens
  7. No, they did not! All our block 1/5/10 airframes retained the smaller stabs. Also, the stab upgrade had nothing to do with MLU. Jens
  8. As for an F-105F (or early F-105G) it is quite easy to remove the ECM bulges from the HB kit. I did that on mine. Jens
  9. I am talking about the chord, not the thickness. Jens
  10. The HB F-105D tail is ok. It's the G tail that needs a leading edge enlargement. Jens
  11. FWIW the exhaust nozzles from the Tamiya F-16C fit the F-14 almost perfectly. Jens
  12. Added to that is the fact that some of the photos appear more than once in the book, and some are photoshopped to look different to previous ones. Jens
  13. The ResKit cockpits look great. What does the canopy profile look like? I have read that is was corrected, but other sources state the canopy has not been changed. Jens
  14. It's kinda hard to tell from your pictures, but that Academy tail fin tip looks more like the C/D tip than the A/B tip. I think it can be corrected with a bit of sanding. Jens
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