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  1. FWIW the exhaust nozzles from the Tamiya F-16C fit the F-14 almost perfectly. Jens
  2. Added to that is the fact that some of the photos appear more than once in the book, and some are photoshopped to look different to previous ones. Jens
  3. The ResKit cockpits look great. What does the canopy profile look like? I have read that is was corrected, but other sources state the canopy has not been changed. Jens
  4. It's kinda hard to tell from your pictures, but that Academy tail fin tip looks more like the C/D tip than the A/B tip. I think it can be corrected with a bit of sanding. Jens
  5. I don't know why you keep going on about FS36622. It's pale grey, almost dirty white, and it's nowhere near FS36231 in which the real cockpits are painted. Your best suggestion has been XF-19 which, although lighter than FS36231, is fairly good for a scale effect cockpit grey. Jens
  6. I am not sure what you are trying to tell me. Also, I'm pretty sure I don't need to know. Fact is, XF-19 is too dark to be similar to FS36622. Jens
  7. Using Vallejo paint charts as a reference is bound to go wrong. Vallejo can't even match their own colours to acceptable real life standards. Jens
  8. XF-19 is nowhere pale enough to be FS36622. Jens
  9. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AASQ48020?result-token=wX58X
  10. If you compare the light grey (with white markings) to other grey aircraft in the same picture it is quite obvious that the colour is lighter than FS16473 but not too far away (although not similar to) FS36375. I would paint it FS36440 any day, but I would be sure to pick one of the versions that is more blueish than brownish. Btw, I have compared it to an F-106, an F-15 and a TPS A-4. Jens
  11. I agree on FS36307. Compare it to the grey (36307) on the F-5E in the background. Jens
  12. Doh! That's probably where I got the photo from. 😆 Jens
  13. Here is a mix of tails. I have no date or anything though. Jens
  14. Thanks Dave. I think I will go for an almost empty cabin then. Jens
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