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  1. That F-35-color scheme actually fit the Viper extreemly well
  2. Possibly we finally will see a 1/48 F-16D :)
  3. I think I have this, let me check my decal stash during the day...
  4. I had the same problem, and after several inquiries the easiest solution was to buy another Italieri kit, remove the centerline pylon from the tank, then fill and sand the cut surface. Attach onto wing pylons based on photos found on the net. As for aftermarket, there is actually noone who makes these 1200L Mirage F1 tanks - strange actually, as the Mirage F1 look drop-dead gourgous with them The other F1 was buildt up and installed with an FM centerline tank - the banana-type of 4000(?) litres. Both still pending decals, as too much work the first half of this year left me without spar
  5. Wondered about the same, but when checking my ref's, Yeagers last P-51D is 44-14888, B6-Y. The extra letters needed to complete the correct name is included, so I can only guess that this may reflect a time period just before the name was completed. Glamourus Glen I and II where both P-51B's BTW.
  6. I wish they would have an injection moulded cockpit instead of the blasted vacuum formed ones! Never can get vacuum formed canopies to work, so this is a show-stopper for me :(
  7. Could these fit the bill? http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/CAM48070
  8. 1/48 OA-4M would definatelly be welcome
  9. Israel has been flying the -D for many years, but could be they have all been converted to CATM-9D's by now?
  10. Excellent shots, Qian ! Did you see what type of wingtip rails that 678 was carrying? PLanning to build one of these, and need this update if possible :)
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