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  1. Hi, any update on F4H-1 Conversion? Thanks!
  2. xcopy C:\ItaleriF-104 /S A:\ where A is my Floppy disk... :unsure:
  3. I would like to buy many cobra company sets but for foreign buyers there is no paypal payment option (or credit card) :unsure:
  4. ...so many weapons (on the commom sprue) and no one look good <_</>
  5. Some photos will be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. also the name and logo are original designs..XMold.. :deadhorse1:/> http://dmold-modelworks.com/index.html
  7. Isradecal 1/32 F-15 sold to YoungTiger1. Price dropped and new photos added.
  8. Hi Gary, there is another member who have asked interest few days ago (Youngtiger1), so he is in the top of the stack and I'm waiting his response, if he do not want the sheet I'm pleased to serve you. For trasparency there is problem on shipping that sheet because is A4 size and with a strong cardbox the weight is over 100gr so shipping costs to USA are very high (7€), with a ligh cardbox shipping to USA will be 4€ but with the cheaper option there is a folding risk. Link (USA is under Zona2) http://poste.it/postali/estero/prioritaria_prezzieformati.shtml
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