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  1. Hey Scott...if you need another option, check out TG Decals. I am in the process of using them on a 1/48 Tamiya F-16 and they look good so far. West
  2. Got the Phantom in yesterday and arrived in perfect shape!
  3. No worries from my side. I will send payment in the next couple of hours. Been on conference calls all afternoon. West
  4. Tulsa IPMS has a show on April 18th where there are vendor tables and lots of people attending! Might try to contact them thru Facebook.
  5. I had purchased a 1/48 A-6 from a seller in China. I was watching it pretty close and wondered why I didn’t receive it on the day it was to ‘arrive’ according to the USPS site. Talked with the post office and it was forwarded to another address in a different city. From what I could tell and from what PayPal told me is the seller puts the correct zip code for the buyer and a fake name/address on it. The PO doesn’t know what so to do so they return to sender who has already shut down their physical address and closed their PayPal account. PayPal contacts ebay to shut down that account. In the l
  6. Anyone have extra 1/48 Hasegawa Hornet tails laying around for the A or B? I am looking for 3 sets. I have the C/D tails and would gladly trade or buy the earlier ones. Thanx! West
  7. The kit sold within a couple of hours when I posted this Back in January ago so I guess the price was right for someone. Not sure why you need to post your thoughts on my pricing. If it’s too much then politely move on. I will adjust pricing later if I feel like I need to. I check a few sites (including eBay) and felt like the price was fair esp with shipping included. Thanx! West
  8. Are you looking for the slat version or non-slat? The Pro mod kit is non slat but the Korean one is slat. West
  9. Hello all, I have an Academy CH-53E for sale in the US only. Kit is opened but all interior parts are sealed. Decals are in great shape. $150 shipped. Please email me at weststang@cox.net if interested. Not looking for for any trades at the moment. Thanx! West Broken Arrow OK
  10. Hello all, I very rarely post anymore....but have a few items for sale in the US only. Prices include shipping. The Corsair was originally spoken for but I never received funds so its back up for grabs......all items have lower prices! 1/32 Items: $100.00 Tamiya F4U-1A Corsair – opened but all interior parts are factory sealed $20.00 F-4 USAF items: Master Details F-4D Radom and Resin Intakes, Engine faces, wheels (believe intakes, faces, wheels are Rhino brand but there is no instructions included….received in a trade a year or so ago.
  11. Hey all, I have the following for sale/trade in the US only…..I do not have time to go to the post office to fill out customs forms. All kits are complete and unstarted unless noted. I accept PayPal (preferred) as well as cash, checks & money orders. Trade wants are below the list. For sale in the US only: KITS (expect shipping to run $15-$25 for the larger kits – Flankers, Eagles, Hornets, Tomcat) $50 1/32 Trumpeter MiG-21MF $50 1/32 Trumpeter MiG-21UM $70 1/32 Tamiya F-15C Eagle (in an F-15J box)
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