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  1. I look forward to that. I'm an American Airlines 737 pilot. The AstroJet livery is my favorite, with the Twin globe TWA as a close second. Continental Golden tail and meat ball would be third. Tracy
  2. Progressing nicely! Great info on the floors... they really took a beating from everybody, both aircrews and maintenance alike. Had to chuckle a bit on your cockpit ref material images and descriptions. The narrative about the S-3B’s pilot display is inaccurate. Only the most basic symbology was displayed on it, and there was a limit on how much could be sent to it from the other crew members. No sensors could be displayed on it - It was not an MFD (multi function display)... just a basic symbology repeater. looking forward to seeing more. I have a very special Viking I need t
  3. This would have to be the version that was tested in Earth orbit with James McDivitt and Rusty Schweickart on Apollo 9. All the LEMs that landed on the moon didn’t have the touch probe on the leg with the ladder. This however, is a work of art and deserves to be in a museum. Tracy
  4. Sold on the 737-100, and definitely the 777-300ER. Gonna need American Airlines decals. Tracy
  5. I can’t give you an exact length, but they are longer than the SRS blades from the Viking. I did a Google search on the Shadow and a bunch of examples are out their to see the long and the shortened antennas. I think trimming them to half their original length will represent the fleet veteran Shadow. Tracy
  6. This will be fun to watch. A little tid bit on the Shadow image shared earlier... That was the plane in very early release after being transformed from an S-3A to an ES-3A. Those blade antenna, particularly the ones on the bottom of the wings, were shorted significantly shortly after being introduced to the fleet. The long ones were snapping off during cat shots. If I may share something that modelers don’t notice about the back seat canopies... they are clear canopies, but the inside surfaces had a light gull gray paper backing. This backing was to block out sunlight s
  7. CJ, lid you have the flap set, mind sharing a few pics? Tracy
  8. FYI. Shadows had no offensive weapons capability. I suggest a buddy store on the port side and a drop tank on the starboard. Tracy
  9. They won't make what I need. Too much on their plate... Anyone else? I need CVW-8 in '85 in which more than half the aircraft are TPS, and CVW-3 in 97-99. Tracy
  10. Who is a good outfit for making custom decals? I want specific squadrons/air wings for specific carriers for specific deployments. I.e., '85 Nimitz, and '99 Enterprise in 1/350 scale. These two deployments were my first and last cruises in my Navy career. Tracy
  11. Would love to pick your brain on your engine finishes. Nice effect! Tracy
  12. Know this plane quite well, I was in VS-22 in CAG-3 on the Kennedy during Desert Shield and Storm. Nice job! Tracy
  13. I bought the exterior set recently not knowing you were developing an interior until I read this thread. Been surfing the net for one, but there are none to be had. Glad you're tackling this on too! My OH-58 project has been put on the back burner till you have the time to release the interior too. Meanwhile back to Star Trek and remastering the 41" Excelsior. ;-) Tracy
  14. Over $300 to engine a $125 kit? Not gonna happen. Tracy
  15. Clicking on this link it shows just one F1 listed under the given price. Just to make sure, is that the listing for the whole cluster, or just one engine? Thnx, Tracy
  16. 720 has the same fuselage, just shorter. Different wings all together, and the engines vary. Kit-wise, the Roden kit has a much better engine to wing junction fit than the absolutely HORIBLE fit of the engines on the Minicraft kits. The wings, stabs, and tail trailing edges are nicely thinned. I would really like to see them come out with a 707-320 so I can $h!t-can the Minicraft kit I have. I even bought aftermarket engines for it hoping the fit to the wing issue would be resolved - but no such luck. Tracy
  17. Is it me, or do you start new projects just when the one before it is ready to paint? ;-) Tracy
  18. Lucky for you, the Voyage miniature was actually completely painted with Model Masters paints right out of the bottle. A good accurate source for the paints is from the ship's designer, Andy Probert who made the list on Starship Modeler. http://www.starshipmodeler.com/trek/voycolor.htm As for the Enterprise-E, that depends on which version of the ship you want to model... the CGI or the studio model. Tracy
  19. I just received my 1/144 Roden Boeing 720, and it is a Beautiful kit! I was wondering if anyone knew if they were going to release a Boeing 707. The Minicraft kit is terrible and I was hoping Roden was going to take up the slack. Tracy
  20. Plastic! I see plastic! Awesome inspiring work so far! Tracy
  21. Sweet! Thanx Rich. When you post the finished product, I'll order it. Tracy
  22. Looking for the new American Airlines Group (AAG) livery, particularly 1/200 B737-800. pleeeeeease, Tracy
  23. How about a set of 1/200 American Airlines Group (AAG) livery decals for the 737-800 kit, and possibly for the 1/144 scale kit as well? Tracy
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