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  1. Spaceman, I've been away for awhile but seemed to return just in time to see the progress being made with the Crawler Transporter. Your own skills at modeling are amazing to watch!
  2. TD, the progress and the details are absolutely amazing... keep up the wonderful work on this project!
  3. Manfred, This project and thread has taught me many things, too many to make a complete list. Besides you being a Master Builder with no equal, it's taught me that most if all things are possible if you remain true to the process, and have all the assets needed in making the seemingly and impossible... a stunning reality. "What a wonderful adventure so far!"
  4. Manfred, If someone was gonna be selected to take-on a project such as this, it had to be you and only you. Through "thick & thin" you've bent, but have never broken. The one thing that separates the darkness from bad to good, is the Light. May your Light always shine brightly, and continue with much success!
  5. Pastor, I've seen plenty of Tomcats, and this effort is a 10-out-of-10 without a doubt. So much to like it would look like a "Laundry List" to say the least. Superlative skills in modeling and the finished product is proof positive... very well done!
  6. Thommo, I could easily write a few paragraphs full of superlatives, but I'll keep it simple and short. What a magnificent accomplishment you did on this diorama. It wasn't easy to do and you had challenges along the way, but in typical Thommo fashion with lots of determination you overcame those hurdles and produced another stellar custom one-of-a-kind model-diorama. I really enjoyed watching the build-videos & your play-by-play tutorial on how the project progressed from start to finish. Mate, you now have two unique and fantastic looking dioramas to pro
  7. Manfred, I've been away from the forum for about a little over a month. Logged-on today and read about your ordeal. I'm convinced we are all grateful that your injuries will heal with time. The misstep and fall could've been a lot worse, hoping you the best and getting better!
  8. Thommo, I've been away and busy for awhile, but the progress is coming along nicely. Great job on the Robots and the Spaceship. Your modesty with scratch-building becomes you. "Regardless of the challenges, you do a stellar job in creating spectacular stuff." Nice videos!
  9. Bo, Very nice looking model, smooth paint finish and the decals are nicely done!
  10. John, Amazing effort on the F-80, and the model is 43 years old. Looks like it was recently built. Excellent paint and decals... job well done!
  11. Manfred, You might want to consider using Tamiya or MRP paints. Other modelers have had the same results as you, the Vallejo paints drying too quickly and clogging the Air-brush. https://www.airbrushmodeler.com/paint-not-coming-out-of-airbrush/
  12. Cheers, Wow, that is looking really good. It'll be amazing after you paint it. Just keeps on getting better and better!
  13. TD, Very nice indeed, it's the little details that makes a model truly spectacular. And this one is right up there!
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