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  1. Gianni, Excellent work on cleaning up the seams on the model. The finished example will look right, and therefore represent the Eagle much better as it should.
  2. Thommo, The 2 Robots look great. It's amazing how you can layer the different parts of their suits of armour, and make them look so thin.
  3. Manfred, The sanded part looks more refined, and probably has a better scale effect on the ET. But, you won't really know until you've painted and applied all the coats to it. Only then, will you be able to clearly see the benefits from one to the other. Regardless, the Flour technique with the Tape seems to be working fine, with positive potentials.
  4. TD, The cockpit is absolutely stunning, its a shame some of the detailing won't be seen when the model is completed. Maybe someday, building a model undergoing some heavy maintenance - with a lot of panels removed, might be a worthwhile project to consider. Truly amazing work being accomplished so far!!!
  5. Andrew, Excellent results on the EB-57, with all the scratch-building and add-ons... its definitely a unique one-of-a kind model. Really like the photos, especially the Family Portrait.
  6. W63, Lovely looking model, looks like it probably did before seeing any serious combat. You did a great job on the details, which made your project an obviously successful looking endeavor... indeed, job well done!
  7. Indeed, at 1/72 scale these photos of the model parts are Phantastically Phenomenal.
  8. It's one thing to understand, but entirely different being able to execute these details at this level and presentation... amazing work!
  9. Wow, the ET is coming along nicely. Will be great seeing it completed with its paint application, it will most likely be a "Stunner!"
  10. Thommo, I agree with just doing one Spaceship, that way the diorama isn't overly busy and the different scales aren't competing with one another.
  11. George, Excellent looking build and what a crazy-looking paint scheme, nicely done with the paint application. Also, great looking Exhaust Nozzles... job well done!
  12. After watching a review video, on the 1/72 scale FineMolds F-14 Tomcat - this Fine Molds F-4 Phantom kit should be a Top-notch example in this scale! Pretty exciting news and updates on the progress being made so far.
  13. Albert, Thanks for the reply, good to know you didn't have any "adverse reactions" and those weird "incompatibility problems." Good information for future references!
  14. Man, what a great looking Phantom! There's so much to like, its like being a "Kid in a Candy Store." Obviously besides the superb build, the scheme and paint application is absolutely "Insane." At 1/32 scale, this beast of a model has to command its fair share of display presence and attention!
  15. Great looking builds, you obviously have some modeling skills... nice collection of models!
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