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  1. Manfred, I've been away from the forum for about a little over a month. Logged-on today and read about your ordeal. I'm convinced we are all grateful that your injuries will heal with time. The misstep and fall could've been a lot worse, hoping you the best and getting better!
  2. Thommo, I've been away and busy for awhile, but the progress is coming along nicely. Great job on the Robots and the Spaceship. Your modesty with scratch-building becomes you. "Regardless of the challenges, you do a stellar job in creating spectacular stuff." Nice videos!
  3. Bo, Very nice looking model, smooth paint finish and the decals are nicely done!
  4. John, Amazing effort on the F-80, and the model is 43 years old. Looks like it was recently built. Excellent paint and decals... job well done!
  5. I LIKE IT... I LIKE IT A LOT!!!
  6. Manfred, You might want to consider using Tamiya or MRP paints. Other modelers have had the same results as you, the Vallejo paints drying too quickly and clogging the Air-brush. https://www.airbrushmodeler.com/paint-not-coming-out-of-airbrush/
  7. Cheers, Wow, that is looking really good. It'll be amazing after you paint it. Just keeps on getting better and better!
  8. TD, Very nice indeed, it's the little details that makes a model truly spectacular. And this one is right up there!
  9. Manfred, Looks to me the ET will look just fine, after the primer and paint coats have been sprayed. Maybe too much fussing can possibly mess things up, and then you'd have to start over again. I'd say continue the countdown from Mission Control, and press-on!
  10. Thommo, It's quite amazing the skill-set you have at scratch-building. Taking a painting as you have done, and utilizing artistic licence to come-up with this is mind-boggling. You've done a splendid job on the models so far, and the diorama is bound to be spectacular!
  11. Gianni, Excellent work on cleaning up the seams on the model. The finished example will look right, and therefore represent the Eagle much better as it should.
  12. Thommo, The 2 Robots look great. It's amazing how you can layer the different parts of their suits of armour, and make them look so thin.
  13. Manfred, The sanded part looks more refined, and probably has a better scale effect on the ET. But, you won't really know until you've painted and applied all the coats to it. Only then, will you be able to clearly see the benefits from one to the other. Regardless, the Flour technique with the Tape seems to be working fine, with positive potentials.
  14. TD, The cockpit is absolutely stunning, its a shame some of the detailing won't be seen when the model is completed. Maybe someday, building a model undergoing some heavy maintenance - with a lot of panels removed, might be a worthwhile project to consider. Truly amazing work being accomplished so far!!!
  15. Andrew, Excellent results on the EB-57, with all the scratch-building and add-ons... its definitely a unique one-of-a kind model. Really like the photos, especially the Family Portrait.
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