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  1. I didn't hear how this went, but it's a cool idea: https://alltogether.swe.org/2019/07/participate-in-a-global-rocket-launch-on-july-16-2019/ Join the Global Rocket Launch! WHO: everyone with access to a model rocket, purchased or homemade WHEN: 9:32 a.m. EDT (US) on July 16, 2019 WHERE: anywhere in the world WHY: to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch
  2. Again, very nice! I love the shot of it next to the BoP.
  3. Great photos, and it looks like an impressive event! Thanks for posting!
  4. Very nice! And looking at your masking reminds me of why my stuff never looks as good as what I see here - I just don't have the precision skill to get the sharply cut and shaped masks like that (among other deficiencies that I have) :).
  5. I think this has been posted before, but just for reference: https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/22639/this-is-the-only-photo-of-a-u-s-navy-supercarrier-being-sunk
  6. Very nice, it looks perfect!
  7. Yep, I think the colors look accurate to the movie. I prefer a darker green for my space ships, but that's not accurate (I think it looked darker in some of the TV shows, but only because it was dark lighting). All model shots and other movie images show it to look very much the way you have it. Some weathering should really make it pop! One quick side comment, I noticed that the red on the bottom of this build's wings, my 1/1000 build, and Zactoman's build all excluded the panels closest to the front of the wing, but as far as I can tell, they were painted red on the studio model. I prefer this layout, even if it wasn't that way in the movies.
  8. Another story about it: https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2019/05/16/f-16-jet-crash-march-air-base/
  9. Looking very good - the pre-shading and the panel lines look great!
  10. I prefer the metal look too, but wasn't going to say that if you were going to keep it green. Plus, that's a screen shot right out of the movie when you first see it, so making them green could be considered more accurate. I recently built the 1/1000 version, and went with the metal look on that one. The weathering didn't give me the variation I was hoping for, so I am still analyzing what other panel painting I want to do to it, but my skills aren't that great, so I am not sure how that would turn out.
  11. Nicely done! It's interesting that you painted the cooling fins, or whatever they are on the wing hinge, green. There are some photos that show them as being metal: But in at least some scenes in ST:III they are green: These sci-fi movies always make it tough on us... 🙂
  12. Resurrecting this old topic because a new Star Destroyer kit is coming out - from Bandai! It's not as big as the Zvezda, or even the Revell kit, at 1/5000 scale and only a little over 12 inches, but coming from Bandai I expect that it will be well made. Here's a link to the Bandai site: https://bandai-hobby.net/sw/jp/products/stardestroyer_5000_1.html
  13. It looks like it might be based on one of Ralph McQuarrie's original concept paintings: https://starwarsblog.starwars.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/MCQ_IA_12-1536x864-852552894409.jpg Not an exact match to that either, though.
  14. Interesting, and I never noticed that the outboard rails were canted like that before.
  15. That's terrible! Condolences to the pilot's friends and family. I've been to that air show many, many times, and have seen that aircraft a lot.
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