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  1. I saw this when it was about a different topic, but modified it to apply to model building:
  2. I don't think I have ever used them, but I did some checking and it looks like they have a Facebook page, so maybe they can be contacted through there to get more info.
  3. Yeah, they are cool to see, although I have to admit that I am a little jaded at this point. I live just a few miles from Miramar, and where I work is on their flight path to the ocean, so on average, I probably see 2-10 MV-22s every day. I also see several MH-53s, Legacy Hornets, and I'm starting to see more F-35s, too, which is cool. From time to time I also see F-5 Aggressors and even, on occasion, an Air Force plane or two.
  4. This discussion is getting more controversial and possibly political than this site would normally support, so this will probably be my last post on this topic, so apologies if I don’t respond to someone in the future. It seems to me that COVID has become so politicized that the actual facts about the virus have become obscured by political posturing by both sides, and it is difficult to know what information is accurate, or who to believe. Anyone can find information that supports their views, so there is little reason to accept or even consider an opposing viewpoint.
  5. For the record, I am also for places saying you can't come in if you ARE vaccinated - I think people should be free to make their own choices. So there are two aspects to this, as far as I can tell. First, is the approach of requiring vaccines, and the other is whether the vaccines actually help. For the second one, I feel that the evidence at every level is pretty clear. It would be pretty hard to conclude that the vaccine wasn't helping based on the current infection, hospitalization and death statistics from pretty much every source. Well over 90% of the major impacts from t
  6. Here's a study that shows that: Natural Acquisition Versus Vaccine – Which is More Effective? | UCI Beall Applied Innovation But I was referencing vaxxed vs. unvaxxed people who had not gotten sick, so that wasn't really my point. I suppose if you want to take your chances and get COVID to get the antibodies that's up to you, but it seems less risky to get the vaccine instead. And the word "mandatory" can have different connotations, so to be clear, I am not for forcing people to get vaccinated, but I am OK with places saying that you can't come in if you aren't vaccinated,
  7. Mutations are not chosen or decided upon, they happen randomly through reproduction, so the more reproduction that takes place, the more mutations that will occur. Some will be dead-ends, but some may change in ways that make the virus more transmissible, and possibly resistant to the antibodies generated by the current vaccines. The best way to stop that is to stop reproduction, and stopping the spread so that it is in fewer places that may provide greater mutation opportunities. Vaccinated people have antibodies that kill the virus more quickly, so it has less opportunity to re
  8. It's pretty simple, actually, and much of it has already been discussed here. If you have people who are not vaccinated milling about, there can be large outbreaks causing impact to the medical system that will affect other issues, such as accidents, cancer, etc. It also gives the virus a greater chance of mutating as it spreads among the unvaccinated, potentially creating a version that does "cancel" the current vaccines. Also, if people are unable to get the vaccine for some reason, and do not go out, other people who are unvaccinated but going to different places are more likely to sprea
  9. I agree 100% - getting vaccinated should be a choice. However, if you are not vaccinated, then you should have to deal with the consequences, such as having to pay the the medical expenses if you get COVID, or not being allowed in certain places. I think of it like smoking - you can smoke all you want, just be prepared to pay for all of the health issues yourself, and don't smoke where it affects others.
  10. Just to confirm, I got what I ordered for less than I could find it on ebay, and it arrived early, so they are clearly a solid and well-run operation.
  11. I actually just ordered something from them a few days ago, so it's good to hear that they're a solid company - thanks!
  12. Yeah, take a look at this one - they added an innocuous message to an old thread, then went back days later and added the link:
  13. Yeah...another thread resurrection for spamming purposes...
  14. Just for another discussion point, a former US fighter pilot weighs in on the intro video:
  15. I used the report feature once the link was added, but I don't know who sees that.
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