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  1. Here's a video discussing the F-35s being used as aggressors. I don't think this person has any inside info, but I don't think anything he says seems out of line or improbable.
  2. MSFS looks really good, and I am constantly tempted to buy it, but just flying around doesn't seem like something that would keep my interest for very long. Back in the day, when I was taking flying lessons, I used the version that was available, combined with some additional scenery updates, to practice procedures and build a memory of routine operations (check in at this range, keep this altitude, scan the instruments, set the flaps at this point, etc.), but since I am no longer doing that, I am not sure how interested I would be. Like Sebastijan, I am getting more into DCS, alt
  3. I also get that the site is not found. I did a whois lookup on that domain name, and it looks like it was just created on 4/19/2022, so it hasn't been around long, so I wouldn't trust it even if it were operational. Domain Name: SHUANGMIUV.SHOP Registry Domain ID: DO6711283-GMO Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.namesilo.com Registrar URL: https://www.namesilo.com Updated Date: 2022-06-20T23:57:34.0Z Creation Date: 2022-04-19T03:02:52.0Z Registry Expiry Date: 2023-04-19T23:59:59.0Z Registrar: NameSilo Registrar IANA ID: 1479 Registrar Abuse Contact Email: @namesilo.com Regist
  4. From my experience, it is possible to watch a fictional movie AND watch documentaries. And I have sometimes found that the documentaries can turn out to be somewhat fictional...
  5. I'm not sure if it matches the paint job was on the one flown on the mission, but Revell has this: https://www.revell.com/maverick-s-f-a-18e-super-hornet.html Sorry, I see that this is the Top Gun paint job.
  6. Definitely looks interesting, thanks!
  7. I flew on a MAX on a 3-hour flight and it was nice, but the seat felt too firm to me, almost like there was not much padding between the upholstery and the frame. It looked pretty new, so maybe it just needed to be broken in a bit. That was a first class seat, and I had always been comfortable in the other 737 first class seats, so it really surprised me.
  8. I ordered from them last August and all went well - item was exactly as expected, and the order was processed quickly and arrived on time. That's assuming it's this site: www.mustang-hobbies.com
  9. I would say that the seller is completely to blame for taking money and not refunding it. And I don't know if this was a factor, but with the current supply chain issues, I think everyone has begun to expect delays, and are being more patient with sellers to get the items ordered. I don't see how waiting makes the buyer somehow to blame for the seller's behavior.
  10. That looks like a great museum, thanks for the photos!
  11. So far, the movie is getting good reviews. Here's Rotten Tomatoes' editorial summary of the reviews: "Top Gun: Maverick First Reviews: The Most Thrilling Blockbuster We've Gotten in Years Critics say the long-awaited sequel is a must-see on the big screen and not only potentially better than the original, but also one of the best Tom Cruise movies ever."
  12. I had never heard of Julie Payette before Scooby's message, so I looked her up, and she had a lot of problems in government and had to resign, so I don't think this is a sexist view, she had legitimate issues and Trudeau asked her to resign. https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/gov-gen-julie-payette-resigns-says-i-am-sorry-after-tensions-have-arisen-at-rideau-hall-1.5276646
  13. Ditto to comments above - sorry to hear that you got COVID, and all of the hours you're putting into work, but glad to hear you've recovered and managed to get a little more free time. Please take care, and I hope things get to the point where you have more time to do what you like!
  14. I took your suggestion and did a search about Hensoldt, and it doesn't really seem to be significant. First, it's a radar manufacturer touting what their product can do, so while I am not saying that they're lying, they would certainly present it in the best light possible. From there, it turns out that the F-35s in question had their reflectors on, and were transmitting their transponders. Hensoldt claims that wouldn't make a difference, but the bottom line is, not only were those aircraft not trying to be stealthy, they were, in fact, trying to be seen. I'm not sure that's rea
  15. As far as the F-35 being detected by an S400, and at what distance, or anything else in that area of performance, when it comes down to it, it's possible no one really knows. If the time comes, there may be things that get put into place that aren't being used now that would change the equation. In general, I find that those who talk don't know, and those that know, don't talk.
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