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  1. It's definitely a cool looking plane. I noticed what looks like bubbles in the canopy, not sure what that's about.
  2. Very cool. I live about 2 miles away and work under the flight path, and have been seeing more F-35s fly over and just assumed they were B models from Yuma. I did see one at a glance that I thought looked more like an F-22, but figured I just didn't see it that well. I'm guessing that was a C model.
  3. Sorry if I missed this being mentioned earlier, but ALIS, after not working out, is being replaced with ODIN... https://www.yahoo.com/news/f-35-logistics-system-reinvented-002438724.html
  4. Thank you, and Merry Christmas to all, and thank you for making ARC a great place to spend time.
  5. The Russians have been doing it for years:
  6. Don't post any spoilers on how the battle ends! 🤣
  7. Ah, thanks. I just caught a few minutes here and there, and didn't know when it was shot, or for how long it would run.
  8. Going off on a bit of a tangent, The Smithsonian Channel has a show about the HMS Queen Elizabeth airing now: https://www.smithsonianchannel.com/shows/rise-of-the-supercarrier/1006072 I have only seen bits of a couple of episodes, and no F-35s yet, but I am hoping they will show up. They did have a segment about the deck handlers, and they had non-operational Harriers and an F-35 mock-up.
  9. Yeah, great photo - looks like something out of a movie or flight-simulator cut scene.
  10. I was not commenting on the validity of the action taken, only noting that the F-35s saw some action, and that the report didn't even comment on F-35 development history, issues, etc. F-15s were involved as well, so it doesn't look like the action plan was necessarily influenced by the use of F-35s, and they were just being used as a resource.
  11. I apologize if this was posted and I missed it, but it sounds like F-35s saw a little more action in Iraq. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/f-35s-and-f-15s-just-obliterated-an-entire-iraqi-island-to-root-out-isis-fighters/ar-AAH5Ke6 Also interesting to me is that there wasn't any mention in the story about the F-35s being new, their cost, etc.
  12. My Bandai kit arrived today, and it's in a big box, but yes, it is only about a foot long (about 30.5cm). It includes the opaque parts and some clear parts, and I am not really sure why. The opaque parts have holes for the lights to shine through, and I realize that using the clear parts can provide a different effect, but I am not sure it makes a big enough difference to be worth using them. At least with my skills. The holes with lights inside seem to do pretty well. I have two of the Zvezda kits in my stash that I will build some day, plus another Revell 1/4000 kit, and two Revell Germany Venator kits (one of which I've started on), but none of them will approach the build quality of this kit you're building.
  13. Not only know, but care, too. I think that video would be just as exciting to most movie watchers as the stuff they give us that's over the top - it was well choreographed and had a lot of action, it just wasn't stupid. Thanks for posting!
  14. Back on topic, Madhatter, that's just an amazing amount of detail you're adding. I don't think I have the patience, and I definitely don't have the skill, to do something like that. It's really, really impressive. You seem to know just where to add to build up the detail, but not overwhelm.
  15. I've also got the lighted 1/5000 Bandai Star Destroyer on order, and it should be arriving tomorrow. Other than paint, I'm just going to build it OOB. Here's a video I found about the construction of the lighted kit, and it looks really impressive (I can't read the text, but the video is still very informative):
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