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  1. Hi everyone, here's a little news announcement regarding my latest release. It's anupdate set for the Kinetic F-104A/C kit, which contains the parts needed to build an actual F-104A (the kit parts are only for a C). It's a "Late" F-104A because it's after conversion to the upward firing C-2 seat, so either the kit seat or any available aftermarket C-2 can be used. Parts included are: lower fuselage insert piece with "A" specific shell ejector port, vent louvres and plainer cockpit floor fuselage panel with staggered hot air vents, incl. cutting template mask
  2. Improving Hasegawa 1:48 Tomcat – 00: General considerations I am a proud rivet counter distinctly affected by Advanced Modeler Syndrome (AMS). At 57, I am chronic. Given that AMS is not a life threatening disease, I refuse every therapy, keeping digging deeper into this hobby in the utmost contempt for the “out of the box” approach. So far, I refused from posting my work here or on any other forum. Doing that requires additional time and challenging abilities, like photography. In addition, English is not my mother language. In other words, this is going to be my first In-Prog
  3. Hi everyone, this is my first prop-related release! Correct B-26K Counter Invader wheels for the ICM kit, 1:48. All CAD designed from accurate measurements, photos and manuals and 3D printed. The axle holes are designed to be a direct fit to the ICM kit, also correcting the alignement and centring of the wheels in relation to the gear struts. The tyres are subtly weighted and bulged. Direct shop link: https://www.hypersonicmodels.com/product/b-26k-wheels I hope you'll like this product. Many thanks!! Jeffrey
  4. Hi everyone, I just wanted to draw your attention to a new product of mine coming up that's the result of a considerable development effort. It's a full brake chute set for the Revell SR-71 in 1:48. The set comes with the (3D printed) open chute bay set I had released already, but with s small modification to accept the mounting pin of the shackle assembly. There is the lower riser bundle and shackle, cast in resin with a carbon fibre rod inside for stability. There is a riser fan-out piece with 44 holes to thread through the individual riser lines and then of course the big,
  5. Hi, I wanted to take the opportunity and introduce my latest product, a slat wing conversion set for the Zoukei Mura F-4E hard wing kit. Yes, I do know that ZM have announced a slat wing kit down the line and we expect to see an F-4G at some point this year. However, this set is for those who can't wait to make a slat wing F-4E from ZM's really nice kit NOW and also does the set offer perhaps a little bit of extra detail over what will be eventually available out of the box. Further, the set has been developed as the basis for two Hellenic Air Force F-4E conversion sets, a "cl
  6. Hi there, just for your info, over the past few weeks I have released a couple of resin sets for the Revell SR-71 and a couple more are in the works. Available now: SR-1 ejection seats, both as a "standard" set comprising the seats and 3D printed ejection handles (printed from slightly flexible resin) and a "deluxe" set which adds ejeciton rails (3D printed) and canopy jacks to the package. All parts are designed to fit the Revell kit specifically, and even though some plastic needs to be removed it is kept to a minimum. https://www.hypersonicmodels.com/pr
  7. Hello Friends, This is a Build of the HobbyBoss Sukhoi-30 MKK in 1:48 size. I build this kit into a Su-30MKI in service with the Indian Air Force. The build is OOB with required additions or modifications. The mods include : 1. Making the LERX - Leading Edge Extensions alongwith the canards. I make this using plastic card and epoxy putty. Once the putty dried I sanded the thing to shape. The panel lines were rescribed with reference to the line drawings which are available on the internet. 2. I modify the tails as the ones used by the MKI are diff
  8. Grumman A-6E INTRUDER - Revell w skali 1:48 Attack Squadron 196 (ATKRON 196) VA-196 'Główna bateria' Ten stary Monogram / Revell sprawiał mi trudność ... Robiłem to z przerwami - najważniejsze prace to ponowne rysowanie linii paneli i kilka elementów scratch ... Mam nadzieję, że Wam się też spodoba ...
  9. Back around 2000-2001, I was building 1/48 scale models with my four younger children, ages 5-12. Some were successful, some not. Alot depended upon their own skill, enthusiasm, interest and patience. While my younger daughter was very musical, she loved history and listening to my stories. The family joke was that on every vacation road trip, we had to stop by at least one or two aviation museums or US battlefield enroute. She wanted a "shiny" plane, so we chose a Monogram 1/48 T-6/SNJ Texan. I picked up a set of Microscale decals #48-74 for a Marine version. She started painting details
  10. Hello fellow enthusiasts, I have searched everywhere I can to locate the Caracal Decals CD48048, which is the 1:48 decal sheet for the YF-23 kit by Hobbyboss. No one has them in stock anywhere. If anyone has this sheet and wouldnt mind parting with it, I have cash on hand and would love to buy it off you. I am interested in the full sheet, but I will not hesitate to buy partials or partly used decal sheets. Anything helps! Thanks guys, JC
  11. Hello everyone, I have searched everywhere I can possibly search on the internet to try and locate the Caracal Models YF-23 Prototype decals in 1:48 scale. Is there anyone out there that may have one of these lying around? Partial or full I will buy it. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help. JC
  12. Hi guys, just a quick heads up for you that the AG-330 Star Cart kit is now officially released and available on my website. Mainstream injected plastic, PE and Cartograf decals with full stencils, ID markings and instrument gauges. The kit can be built as a Buick and Chevy engined variant, the starter probe in stowed or extended position. https://www.hypersonicmodels.com/product/ag-330-start-cart Also available from these stores: the48ers.com F4dable Models BNA Modelworld Further outlets t.b.a.
  13. Hi everybody, I’m new to the forum and I’m not sure if I’m posting this kit right. Forgive me if not. I have a few different Model Airplane kits that I would like to sell to someone who would actually use them and also not rob me on price completely. So, the first one I would like to sell is 1:48 “ Italeri DC -130 “ Asking price: $120 plus what the cost to ship it to you also. Ready set , GO!!
  14. Finally I can post this build. The Eduard Ltd Edition Harrier GR 7 using the Hasegawa moulds and a spot of Eduard magic makes this kit one of my all time favourites: and I am honoured the build made it into November's issue of Airfix Model World. Here are a few more pics that didn't make it into the publication..
  15. Guys, a few days ago I've released my latest product, a correction set for the Zoukei Mura Phantom kits. It rectifies the shape error in the aft fuselage parts, at the engine "shoulders". As you can see, this is not a "drop fit" set - cutting of the fuselage is required as well as some sanding and blending to integrate the replacement parts seamlessly. I do provide self adhesive guide strips though that will give you the precise cutting line, based on existing kit panel lines as well as thorough instructions. I think the Zoukei Mura Phantoms are great kits, probably the
  16. Hello Fellows, Does anyone know what happened to RedStarScaleModels out if Atlanta GA? Their Facebook domain expired and it seems they just disappeared. Any insight? Many Thanks, afoxbat
  17. A replacement for the dodgy Academy kit then https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/shop/new-for-2018/hawker-hunter-f6-1-48.html Shane
  18. My last build for 2017 is a commission from the navigator of XV426 which flew with 56sqn RAF. The scheme is from the final scheme of the aircraft including the red cockpit surround which was added by the Norwich Aviation Museum who now owns the cockpit section of the aircraft. Using the excellent, but now dated Hasegawa FGR 2 kit along with Eduard cockpit set. Painting was done using Vallejo air and the decals were a mixture of kit and spares. The Spooky II mascot is a 9G mm figure by aerobonus.
  19. Curious if there are stencils (or decals) for WWII era US Navy type font. Specifically I'm after two sizes of the number "21" in 1/48th scale to build a VC-42 Avenger off the USS Bogue (see upper right, below).
  20. I build models for the exciting project : Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group who are restoring a genuine and what will be the world's only flying Typhoon MKIB. There's been a bit of a rush on lately with customers wanting a quarter scale model of the Typhoon! So I have ended up building four at once! Three mar2ked as the actual airframe 'RB396 although they wanted invasion stripes on her which she never had: therefore there is some artistic licence going on!; and the fourth one is the aircraft that first trialed the use of Napalm bombs in the UK which was flown by Davi
  21. Hi all, This is brought about by a SU-27 airport scene, showing the ice and snow began to melt under SU-27, and it’s also the first Russian aircraft to try. Because the hatch connection of HobbyBoss is so terrible ,I consider my canvas cover up, canvas using the recommended method to a friend Zhong, who interested can find his tutorials. The scene platform also get lots of proposal of many friends, thanks a lot!
  22. Last chance for a decal list, I'm putting the remainder onto eBay soon. Please contact me at xraflad@hotmail.com for an updated list of decals for sale. cheers Peter
  23. Here is my entry. I'll be clearing off the bench to focus on this one. Not sure about the Lynx decals yet. But they're in my stash, and if I can't find anything else I like, I may use them. Damn, but this is a big model!
  24. I finished this kit on 19th April , 2017. This kit included of Kasl conversion(cockpit,air intake FOD, exhaust nozzle & rocket pod), True detail ejection seat, Hasegawa weapon and Hi decal.
  25. Hello all, My fourth build for 2017 is Hasgawa's F-16A in 1:48 scale. The model represents an F-16A serving with the Royal Netherlands Airforce, No. 311 Squadron, around 1985. The model is of an aircraft attending a bombing range exercise, hence the captive AIM-9 missiles, and live cluster munitions. The graffiti on the bombs is inspired by this photo taken at exercises in Skrydstrup, Denmark in 1986. The kit consists mostly of Hasegawa parts, but the drop tanks and ejection seat were cannibalized from a failed Tamiya F-16. The BL755 cluster bombs are from
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