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1/48 Revell B-1B Lancer

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Hello all,

I used Twobobs decals, SAC metal landing gear, Cutting Edge exhausts, Shull24 Sniper Pod, ALE-50 Decoy fairings and an Eduard etch set. All 20 JDAM's are from the spares - 10 GBU-31's and 10 GBU-38's. The Conventional weapons module for the GBU-38's was scratch-built. FOD inserts for the intakes are made from fine sponge.

She's marked as 85-0085 'No Antidote II' of the 37th BS/28th BW, at Ellsworth AFB.

For those interested, the build thread is over on Britmodeller here








Comments welcome,

Thanks for looking.


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Outstanding!! It's great to see one of these built up! You may want to check the fitment of the Sniper pod, though. It seems a bit off to me, when compared to the real jet.


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I always liked this model - very impressive when its built. I always pour over completed examples and always very impressed with the builds. I know I will never build one but I sure do like seeing them. Great work!

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