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Sukhoi SU-27 UB "Red 66"

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Here my last creature! The SU-27 UB 1/48 from Academy kit.

The model was built from the box; the only aftermarket were QB resin seats and the pitot. all other improvements, such as the dumping modified various antennas, parachute compartment (with parachute) canopy, the cockpit and console have been entirely self-built!

I hope that the model you like, here are some photos.











Enjoy and stay tuned!

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Excellent work, well done, everything in that model is first rate!

Having built already three Academy Su's the thing that annoys me more is the "thickness" of the wings on the missiles, don't worry I could'nt be bother as well to replace them and the way you paint them they look fantastic.

Once more, A Great Model!!!!

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Exceptionally well done Crysis!! That's some of the best feathered edge camo I've seen, very realistic, and I love the weeds growing up through the cracks in the tarmac, brilliant finish!! :thumbsup:/>/>

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