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The Scale Hornet

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Many of you have been waiting (somewhat) patiently for this book to come to fruition. After a couple years of hard work, Pete 'Pig' Fleischmann has completed his follow-up to The Scale Viper from a few years back. Like he did with the Viper book, Pig has enlisted the help of several of the master modelers from around the world to show tips, tricks, and techniques for creating the perfect model of the Hornet & Super Hornet. As an added bonus, there are also chapters on how to photograph your models, how to build an in-flight display, and a Hornet FAQ.

The printer has sent me three advance copies and the remainder of the shipment should arrive here by early December. This book is a bit larger than the Scale Viper, weighing in at 152 pages. Retail price will be $34.95.

Great job, Pig!!








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I expect these to arrive at my doorstep sometime around 7-10 December. Once I have a very firm estimate, I'll turn on the ordering links.

Gonzalo, the Kadena book can be ordered here. I'm not sure why you would have gotten that message.

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Now accepting pre-orders for The Scale Hornet!!!

Ordering links are turned on, but only at www.speedhuntergraphics.com The original Reid Air site is undergoing maintenance. In fact, all Reid Air and Speed Hunter products can now be ordered from the Speehuntergraphics site to make life for us all a little more convenient.

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Thanks guys! I'm really happy with the number or orders already. Wow!!

The books will be here on Wednesday, and I'll start shipping as soon as I unpack the skids. I hope many of you will have them by Christmas, but many of you won't get yours in time.

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Awww crap! Just moved to Saudi, so no credit card yet... I also see no shipping to Saudi?

What can I do?

Give me about 4 seconds to add Saudi to the drop down menu. :whistle:

The site has a few wrinkles still from the integration of two sites into one. I'm slowly getting all the kinks out.


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