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Sukhoi T10 Flanker Prototype from Modelsvit

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Look what Santa brought.... the latest 1/72 scale kit from Ukrainian manufacturer Modelsvit... the Sukhoi T10 Flanker prototype.




Excellent box art showing Bort 'Yellow 10' - one of two options in the box.




Top and bottom fuselage halves - with delicate engraved detail..




Ogival shaped wing parts - totally different to the production T10S 'Flanker-B'. Plus fins and tailplanes.




Engine nacelles for the Al-21F engine fitted to the prototypes.




Nose gear, mainwheel bays and cockpit parts. The sprues now have part numbers moulded on next to the part - a useful development.




Main undercarriage parts and wheels.




Jetpipes, compressor faces and afterburner flameholders - all neatly moulded.




2 X R-27ET plus 2 X R-27ER missiles - as fitted to these prototypes.




Crystal clear canopies - both open and closed options.




Early K-36 ejection seat - made up from 26 parts !!!!




Decal sheet - note the two instrument panels - one for the plastic panel, one for the etched brass option.




Etched parts - plus the plastic IRST ball. The clear perspex is for the etched HUD !!!!


I didn't photograph the self-adhesive masks - which contains masks for the wheel hubs as well as masks for both inside and outside of the canopy !!




Back page of the 12-page construction booklet.


This is a fantastic kit from Modelsvit - crisply moulded with delicate engraved panel detail, plus etched brass parts and canopy masks - a truly comprehensive package.



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Lucky FlankerMan!  :D :D


In the past days I was going to ask where the review and the start of the build! After all the kit has been out for some hours by now! :D


Look forward to developments!


Happy new year Ken! :party: :party:


Best regards


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2 hours ago, Berkut said:

I am a bit surprised it was already testing R-27ER/ET at that point? Would have expected vanilla R/T.


I'm just going by what it says on the sprues Berkut - dunno if the Extended Range versions were available in the T10-10/11 timescale.



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  • 2 weeks later...

What a great-looking kit. The detail is gorgeous, besides the fact they kitted a prototype. I'm excited to see your build come together!


I showed my wife the photo of the seat sprue and explained the size of the parts and how this compares to the kits I build. I don't know if she was impressed, or scared for your sanity!

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Right, let's get started.........




Components of the combined cockpit and nose wheel bay - note the two-part control column and the rudder pedals plus the raised pipework.




The jetpipes are constructed from three radial segments plus a flameholder and a rear turbine face.


I found it easiest to glue one segment to the rear face, then add the flameholder - followed by the remaining two segments.


The parts are numbered - and keyed - so they only fit one way. As long as care is taken there should be no problems....




Assembled jetpipe on the left - with the components on the right.


More later.....


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Modelsvit include a fully detailed interior for the intake and engine nacelle to cater for the transition between the 'square' intake and circular compressor.




The intake partly assembled......




Fully assembled intake/nacelle (the jetpipe assembly is dropped in later).




It is a complicated assembly - but it captures the shape perfectly.



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More (if anyone is interested?)........




Even without the superb 26-part K-36 ejection seat in place, the cockpit detail is stunning.
I used the kit decals for the instrument panels (totally acceptable in this scale)......




...... although for the super-detailer, alternate etched brass panels are provided.




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All versions of the Flanker have a distinct shallow-vee shaped lower fuselage section - correctly captured in this kit by means of a rectangular insert.....



Very few Flanker kits get this area correct - so well done Modelsvit!!  Note the raised detail in the wheel bays and engraved panel detail - this is a quality kit. :thumbsup:




The cockpit/nosewheel bay sub-assembly and port side rear exhaust is in place - with the stbd one still to be added. The main wheel bays are built up from three vertical 'walls'




The complex contours of the engine nacelles fit perfectly onto the lower fuselage. The only smear of filler needed was on the lower joint line (overdone in my case).



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If you are going to build this kit - there are a few things to watch out for (as I discovered the hard way  :bandhead2:  )  These are number 2 & 3.




1. This is the first time I have ever added noseweight to a Flanker kit - Modelsvit recommend 2g.
2. Make sure the cockpit sub-assembly is seated well down in its recess - or it will foul the upper fuselage.
3. Do not glue these side booms in place until after the upper fuselage is in place.            
4. Plastic tabs added to make sure the jetpipe sits centrally in the rear nacelle.  


Point 1 is not really an issue - just an observation

Point 2 caused me problems when I test fitted the upper fuselage - the cockpit sub-assembly was too high so the upper fuselage left a gap at the sides. I had to remove it and make it sit lower - so do plenty of test fitting.


Same with Point 3 - I had glued them in place - but when fitting the upper fuselage, one side had a gap - so it had to be fixed. Again, test fitting first would have solved it. :doh:


Point 4 is just a tip to make sure the jetpipes are central inside the nacelle.


None of the above is a fault of the kit - just my ham-fisted lack of test fitting - you have been warned!



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The upper and lower fuselage halves are joined - after a bit of trimming........




Underside view......




The wings are tempoarily attached - just to show how different it is the the production T10S Flanker......





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Someone asked on another forum if you could make the first prototype T10-1.


The answer I gave was 'with difficulty'...


I found these drawings in the Ukrainian magazine Aviatsiya i Vremya......


I have cut-and-pasted them to show the differences in the nosecone - T10-1 at top and T10-5 at bottom.......




T10-10 and T10-11 (as kitted by Modelsvit) were the radar and optronics testbeds and had longer radomes (similar to T10-5) plus the IRST ball on the windscreen - although I have been unable to determine if the radomes were 'fatter' (ie increased in diameter).


Another difference (as well as the vertical vs canted fins) is that, as first flown, the T10-1 had four wing fences (later reduced to two).



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Now in a coat of grey primer.....




It's very different to the redesigned T10S Flanker.




Note the canted fins - first T10-1 had perfectly vertical fins - as did the production T10S (but mounted outboard on the side booms).




Anti-flutter weights on all flying surfaces - plus wing fences. Note the excellent panel detail - nice one Modelsvit :thumbsup:  :worship:



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