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McDonnell Douglas F-4J Phantom II - VMFA-232 Red Devils - Academy 1/72

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Hello. Simply OOB kit. 


McDonnell Douglas F-4J Phantom I
Bu.No 153818;
VMFA-232 Red Devils
MCAS Iwakuni; 1974

+ Eduard 73051 F-4 seatbelts grey STEEL
+ Eduard CX417 F-4J Academy 12515


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I'm a huge Phantom Phan, and you did a stellar job on this one! Nicely built and the

Phabulous looking paint application, looks the part. Plus, you've selected a Marines

Phantom which for some reason we don't see a lot of those being modeled. Greatly

rendered and well executed markings... nice colorful representation of the "Rhino."

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Love the exhaust painting. Very nice. One thing, I've never seen such staining  on mlg doors. Is that from the brakes?

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Awesome work! I love that you've put so much effort to the underside colours and weathering that's seldom seen. The metallic area around the jet pipes have come up really good as well. 👍👍

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Wonderful work. I like the small things like the subtle panel line staining and the discoloration behind the afterburners. 


I'm fact, the metalic effects are extremely impressive. What paint did you use?


How was the fit of the kit?

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