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Incoming - Trumpeter 35th UH-1B

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19 hours ago, 11bee said:

Also releasing a B Hog version.   Still no interest in a D/H by anyone.    Sigh….

hopefully soon though. 


KittyHawk's next release before they folded helo-wise was going to be the B model if I remember correctly so this is in line with that timeline. KH kept saying the D/H was coming so let's hope Trumpeter have the designs/cads etc and are all over it. Hopefully at least aware of the demand for it.


trying to stay positive haha

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Can it be built without armaments?

I'd like a pre-Vietnam B....

Two reasons:

Circa 1963 I was in second grade in a military base school outside Tokyo.

An A or B landed across from the playground.

The first time I had seen a UH-1 in person.

A couple of years earlier,my brother built the first release of the classic (and much revised) Monogram 1/48 kit.

So Bs, in their original gloss paint, are special to me.


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5 hours ago, HeavyArty said:

It's a crappy pic of a poor drawing.  Why don't we wait until the kits comes out to start tearing them apart for accuracy.

 Because that's just not the way it's done anymore. Lol, I say that somewhat sarcastically. One my car modeling forum that attitude is kinda prevalent and very annoying.

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