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Rafale B 1/48 "What if scheme"

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Hola! this is my Rafale B of RoG (1/48 of course) I choosed the "what if scheme" cos I am bored of one or two gray tone A/C so I decided to build up some experience by challenge me a lil bit with this scheme. I hope you like it.

it`s not finished yet, ockpit need a pair of HUD`s paint and detail the ejection seats, and I am thinking about what kind of weapont to use on the center line pylon (GBU-24I, a pair of GBU-12 don`t know yet) any suggestion are wellcome!!




see ya!

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Bloody beautiful !!!!!

I know exactly what you mean about gray this & gray that. I often do what if`s on A.C. Who says you can`t use "carte blanche" once in awhile.

More what ifs :cheers:


Paul T

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I agree with all you guys, everything in aviation it`s kinda "gray", when I first saw the scheme of Revell instruction sheet there was only two options "gray or...gray" :worship: and beliveme I love original cammos.

JackMan: I just applyed the sand color over all the A/C first, then I took a toothbrush to "carve" the paint (that make the paint get "softer") then I applyed the rest 2 colors ussing the same toothbrush technique.


thank you guys for your comments!!

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