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  1. Email inbound for T28D and C141. Jeff
  2. Email inbound on ESCI A-4 and Revell Arizona. Jeff
  3. I'll take them. Email headed your way. Feel free to reply to me using the forum PM feature if you prefer. Thanks Jeff
  4. I think I have that kit, I’ll have to take a look. If so, I’ll be using the decals for the SEA camo Vietnam version, not the 494th version. I’d be glad to send whatever 494th decals I have left over. I’ll let you know what I find. Thanks, Jeff
  5. Dave, Sending email re: Monogram Tomcat and Harrier kits. Thanks Jeff
  6. Dave, I know it's an older post, but wanted to ask about the italeri UH-1N with masks and PE you had for sale at $25...still available? Looking to build it or a Kitty Hawk for a tribute build to my son, who spent lots of time on those at Minot AFB. Thanks & stay well, Jeff Tuttle
  7. Sure, I figure things with those birds haven't changed a whole lot thru the years. He was up north from 15-18. You can pm them if u want. Jeff
  8. Reddog , thanks for your service. He's SF. Has some pretty good stories to tell from his time up there. Jeff
  9. I think I saw that mod in a forum recently but not sure how involved is. Has anyone done it who could provide direction? Jeff
  10. Looking to build one of these for my son, who spent time in ND getting very familiar with them as part of his MOS. I've seen some good pics of the actual a/c and visited his base more than once while he was there but I'm just not sure which kit (1/48 or larger) would do it justice. Suggestions welcome. Jeff
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