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  1. Willing to purchase at a fair price as well as trade.
  2. Got bit by the EC-121 bug. Just a beautiful aircraft. I see a few on eBay but wanted to check here first and see if there might be any available; I do have some trade fodder (but not much). Let me know if you're interested in working with me on this via PM, I check pretty much daily. Thanks, Jeff Tuttle
  3. I've tried the "impale" approach as well as the "tailpipe" approach, and they're fairly straightforward- I just can't stand to drill a big hole in an aircraft I worked hard on...so I have tried the rare earth magnets and have found that they do work if you over-engineer the holding capacity and imbed them in a substantial glob of 2-part epoxy inside the a/c- then getting the other magnet attached to the "pole" becomes the hard part if you're using acrylic rod or wood. It's a little more work but I like the end result. Jeff
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