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  1. Are you referring to ground crew, air crew, or both? I can’t remember what’s included in those kits, but I’d be glad take a look and see what are in mine. Jeff
  2. These went in the mail to you yesterday (10/19/23). Check your email for tracking. Jeff
  3. Scott, I believe I have these if you still need them. My kit is #2215 with multiple versions included and the sprues you called for match my numbers. Please PM me here and we’ll get it worked out. Glad to help. Jeff
  4. Saw it once on my way to the B’ham airport to pick up my daughter when she got leave a few years back. Stopped to walk around it a few minutes. Seems like it had some minor issues and the birds had paid many visits, but still worth the side trip. There’s a pretty good bbq place there too! Jeff
  5. Email inbound for T28D and C141. Jeff
  6. Email inbound on ESCI A-4 and Revell Arizona. Jeff
  7. I'll take them. Email headed your way. Feel free to reply to me using the forum PM feature if you prefer. Thanks Jeff
  8. I think I have that kit, I’ll have to take a look. If so, I’ll be using the decals for the SEA camo Vietnam version, not the 494th version. I’d be glad to send whatever 494th decals I have left over. I’ll let you know what I find. Thanks, Jeff
  9. Dave, Sending email re: Monogram Tomcat and Harrier kits. Thanks Jeff
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