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  1. Saw it once on my way to the B’ham airport to pick up my daughter when she got leave a few years back. Stopped to walk around it a few minutes. Seems like it had some minor issues and the birds had paid many visits, but still worth the side trip. There’s a pretty good bbq place there too! Jeff
  2. Email inbound for T28D and C141. Jeff
  3. Email inbound on ESCI A-4 and Revell Arizona. Jeff
  4. I'll take them. Email headed your way. Feel free to reply to me using the forum PM feature if you prefer. Thanks Jeff
  5. I think I have that kit, I’ll have to take a look. If so, I’ll be using the decals for the SEA camo Vietnam version, not the 494th version. I’d be glad to send whatever 494th decals I have left over. I’ll let you know what I find. Thanks, Jeff
  6. Dave, Sending email re: Monogram Tomcat and Harrier kits. Thanks Jeff
  7. Dave, I know it's an older post, but wanted to ask about the italeri UH-1N with masks and PE you had for sale at $25...still available? Looking to build it or a Kitty Hawk for a tribute build to my son, who spent lots of time on those at Minot AFB. Thanks & stay well, Jeff Tuttle
  8. Sure, I figure things with those birds haven't changed a whole lot thru the years. He was up north from 15-18. You can pm them if u want. Jeff
  9. Reddog , thanks for your service. He's SF. Has some pretty good stories to tell from his time up there. Jeff
  10. I think I saw that mod in a forum recently but not sure how involved is. Has anyone done it who could provide direction? Jeff
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