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  1. mfchi

    T-28A 1/48

    Thank you all for your replays, my original idea was to do a monogram and during that time I get few bits one is a crowning and the engine to go an A
  2. mfchi

    T-28A 1/48

    Trying to build a T-28A using the Roden kit; other then the engine parts and two blade props what else I will need to do in order to get this right....TIA
  3. I contact Diego on Facebook with out a problem , regarding the set so far looking good and fit well
  4. Thanks Tim for the tip, I just buy the kit I’m not the person how made it, since is the only set to build the M
  5. I found our on Facebook this is not his first set , no page yet but can look for the guy his name is Diego Romero ; he is coming with a page some time this week
  6. The set in no copy of none of the mentioned company’s , AFV just give you the new Exhaust and some antenas $39 on eBay this new set give you full interior and exterior the box art shows the Mexican Navy but can be build like any M US Army; the picture I post don’t show the complete set jus the mayor component
  7. Hi looking for this book, Polish Wings 11 ;if any welling to ,sell let me know TIA Marco
  8. The HC-139 from Heller is the same as Italeri, white plastic; they represent an early HC-130H, you will need new decals since heller give you only old version only say Coast Guard- and now is U.S.Coast Guards need a FLIR by the nose the rear door needs the tube used for the flares and add a square window on the side
  9. Hi lookin for a set of True Details AIM-26B 1/48 if some one can help please let me know; TIA Marco
  10. Hi I’m looking for a set of superscale 48-1257 for the A-37 if any one can help, please let me know
  11. Hi Kursad if the Tucano still available I will take it please let me know Ragards Marco
  12. Thank you guy for replay, for a minute was thinking is me only
  13. Why there is no much interest from the manufacture on French Helicopters like the Puma , Super Puma , Cougar I will love to see it in 1/48
  14. Hi to all, few week ago I was looking for the Hobbycraft CT-141 Tutor 1/48, well found one but now I’m looking to buy the Uncle Bill’s resin set if any of you welling to part please le me know Thanks in advance Marco
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