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  1. One more vote to reprint the C-5 set …TIA
  2. Yes the small one are 1/48 from the Black Dog set and the other are the parts from the kit 1/35!
  3. Here is some of the interiors from Black Dog you can figure out what needs to be add
  4. Well I get the set; can any body can help with some shots from the interior since the set takes care of the outside but the inside needs some love ; any help will be appreciated
  5. WTB Fightertwon set 48064 if no complete I be happy with the VFA-204 part TIA
  6. Great news and thank you for replying ; count me with a set even if I’m not attending the nationals hope there be a way to order, about the decals sound like there will be a very complete sheet May be a chance to see it in 1/48 just the decals?
  7. Any news on the JayHawk set? Can’t wait to build my kit and my vote go to Clearwater I have the chance to visit the air station great memories
  8. Thank you for thad reply
  9. Hello every body; I’m looking on info regarding the UH-1F used by the Fire Cal , any pictures regarding skin colors and elements used during the firefighter uses; thank you in advance
  10. I order directly from them 7-10 day no problem...
  11. mfchi

    T-28A 1/48

    Thank you all for your replays, my original idea was to do a monogram and during that time I get few bits one is a crowning and the engine to go an A
  12. mfchi

    T-28A 1/48

    Trying to build a T-28A using the Roden kit; other then the engine parts and two blade props what else I will need to do in order to get this right....TIA
  13. I contact Diego on Facebook with out a problem , regarding the set so far looking good and fit well
  14. Thanks Tim for the tip, I just buy the kit I’m not the person how made it, since is the only set to build the M
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