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  1. Buckeye

    Aces again for Buckeye!!!!

    Thanks Brian. Glad things worked out. Take care, Tim
  2. Buckeye

    Looking For Decals

    PM sent on 48012 Tim
  3. Buckeye

    Buckeye is Aces!!!

    Thank you gentlemen. Sometimes you just get to be in the right place at the right time. Tim
  4. Hey Aaron, I can cover this one. I'll give ya a holler. Tim
  5. Buckeye

    Great Trader Alert

    Thanks Brian. Glad we could find a deal. Tim
  6. PM sent on 48006 and 48049 Tim
  7. Would you be interested in an AeroMaster Set 48-558? Tim
  8. Greetings Rip, PM me your address and I'll drop this in the mail. Tim
  9. Buckeye

    Buckeye - another good one

    Thanks Greg. Sometimes it pays to be an old man in this hobby. Tim