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  1. Rgr, Can you please let me know what you need again? I have a friend who built 3 of these Zvezda C-130 and maybe he's got parts left. No idea really until I ask him, so no promises. But I sure can ask
  2. Different length fuselage halves ... ? /me go in the stash checking my kit 🙂 Great work Jan. Love the scheme as well
  3. Antenna farm is the right expression. Both top and bottom side. I just found out your WIP, read it all with great interest? You're on your way to yet another great model Steve. I'll follow the rest of your build. Did you get a solution for the prop yet?
  4. Thanks Gregg. More modern info than in the first link which is great for my project. Many thanks
  5. Thanks Rob, I'll be sure to check these out/ Many thanks Rd
  6. Hello gents, I am planning a diorama of a us navy carrier deck with three super hornets from 3 different squadrons. One E, one F and one G on finger & elevator 4. How can I ensure that the 3 squadrons I pick up have indeed served together on the same carrier at the same time. I guess it's carrier wing research, but I also want the scheme to be as original as possible, meaning I don't want to have 3 low-vis jets Any lead to where I look for these kind of research? Thanks
  7. Love them as well Steve. Vikings are on my to do list so I'll use yours as inspiration. Nice pair
  8. just found this one Steve, Great work on a great subject. Love your attention to detail. That's going to be a great Orion !!
  9. I just painted the wings of my 1/32 A-10 and I wanted to test the contrats between FS336375 an 36320 in the MRP range (038 and 097 Here's the result: Only the wings, the nose is left unpainted I'm happy with the result the MRP gives, but I'll sure test other ranges as well (look at the color variation from left and right wing. It's the same MRP-097 but the ambiant light changes its hue)
  10. You won't be disappointed with the book. I really could not imagine building any A-10 without it
  11. It's pretty clean, just two long rods per flaps as can be seen in the attachment
  12. Perfect. Thank you very much Curt
  13. Can I ask something Curt, since you have the new Italeri model Could you measure the diameter of the wing MLWS sensor? That's the one visible at the front of the wingtip I scratched those on my 1/32 A-10 but I have doubts of my dimensions I'm specifically after the sensor, not it's coaming which is way harder to measure Just the circular protruding sensor if you can. Then I can convert this to 1/32 🙂 Thanks
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