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  1. agreed, Revell is great I built both revell and hobbyboss on a AAR diorama. Beside the decal, wheels and the fact that is seems a early model rather than an operational model HB is not that bad, but the revell kit really shines by providing later operational use details such as the CM ejectors, correct bomb loads and pylons etc etc. Most of the resin bits I had were mated to the hobby boss kit. Both kist suffers from lack of intake tubing but it's not that critical to be honest
  2. Indeed, it's nowhere close to a MLU Here is a build of both so called HAsegawa MLU and the Kinetic one - both belgian airforce https://reddogsmodels.wordpress.com/2017/02/17/kinetic-vs-hasegawa-vs-tamiya-f-16-148/
  3. The above are still available And I'm adding some more: Lot 32.21: PACKAGE Revell Mig-29A + TAC SCALE 32009 Resin Cockpit + Superscale 32103 Iraqi- Iran – USSR decals + TAC SCALE 32011 Intake and Burner covers: 90€ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lot 32.22: Revell MIG-29 UB + Eduard Mig-29UB Cockpit photo-etch: 65€ ----------------------------------------------
  4. you can't have 8 100Kg per MBD2-67U . It's 4 bombs max no idea if 250Kg are possible. BUT remember the max load for a mig23 was 2000Kg. 4x250 on a MBD2-67U is already 1000Kg, so even if that was possible, it's only 2 of them with 2 stations remaining empty. The early Mig27 was 3000Kg weapon load (later brought to 4000Kg). but the 23 was limited to 2000Kg From what I read pilots in afghanisatn didn't like using the MER they were way too draggy and impacted flying performance too much. they much prefered 1 bombs per pylon with usual load being 2x500gk on wing glo
  5. Some great modelling going on here Airgore Following with interest Be safe all of you
  6. The MER hold 4x100 kg bombs The 250 and 500kg bombs were loaded single on pylons The max payload of the Mig-23 is 2000Kg I don't know if you're doing 1/48 or 1/32 but in 1/32 which is what I am doing: I would look at the range of RESKIT which are awesome but I don't think they do the 500Kg ones (in 1/32 at least). They do 100 (ZAB) and 250kg bombs (FAB & RBK). they might do much more in 1/48? As for the trumpeter ones, the 1/32 Su-25 kit has plenty of them including FAB500 and FAB250. So I'd guess the 1/32 russian armament kit ha
  7. yeah, you won't be disappointed, that book is awesome to me it proved to be the perfect confinement book 🙂
  8. I am currently reading the Yefim Gordon huge book about Mig23 and Mig27 There's a chapter about MLD in afghanistan with plenty of pictures of MIg-23s The Mig23s were used as CAP with AAM against Iranian and pakistani and as bomber as well against insurgents Most of the time only 500, 250 or 100kg (with MER) dumb bombs Rockets were too dangerous for them to use in montaneous terrain and AG missiles were inadapted as well So basically it's all dumb bombs if you want an AG loadout on your Mig23
  9. never lose sight Speed is life I'd guess
  10. Thanks guys Beside LSP, my blog has the WIP as well: https://reddogsmodels.wordpress.com/
  11. Thank you all for your comments gents
  12. Latest mammoth project was a US Navy AAR diorama during desert storm. Both models are Trumpeter with lots of aftermarkets and both have dedicated WIP post on my blog. The A-7E was posted here before if I remember well. The diorama is about 1m20 long and quite hard to display and photograph (call me crazy :) ) Some shots of the Intruder: Some shots of the Corsair: and a final picture:
  13. Open to offers Lot 18.1: BBI F-16C Operation Enduring Freedom: 350€ Lot 18.2: BBI F/A-18C Hornet VFA-86: 350€ Lot 18.3: JSI F-14A tomcat VF-84 Jolly Roger:1000€ Price are negociable, feel free to contact me Shipping from Belgium worldwide at costs Paypal + 3% fee Contact by PM More model for sale: here Thanks for looking
  14. Hey guys, I'm looking to get /72 decals for a belgian C-130. The sheet i'm trying to get is DCD7249 from Daco It's available in all scales but not anymore in 1/72 Can do paypal, let me know if you have one you can part with Many thanks
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