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  1. Continuing to paint the sub assemblies, I made the anti-slip walkway on the top of the intakes: trying out a new product for that. I usually use Rust Oleum texturized paint but this is way too thick for 1/48. So when I found out this product I immediately thought about walkways and thermal coating for US navy bombs. Using the decal as templates, I masked the walkways and applied a bit of paste in the center. Then using an old brush I painted the walkway texture. The product remains liquid long enough but is very elastic once dry, s
  2. Thank you. Got mine from Hannants before they closed sales to the old continent. But they are out of stock for now.
  3. IMHO, the fit will not be a problem except maybe at one spot. Just like the Tamiya, this one basically assemble itself and stay assembled in dryfit. Sanding should be kept to a minimum. Here's a dryfit with green arrows for perfect fit and the junction that may create issue in red. From my testing, it appears that the red area is a problem only if something prevents the top and bottom fuselage to be pressed correctly. Most of the time, the intake ramps are the problem and if you lose a bit of space in there you'll pay it at the red arrow. The other po
  4. Very glad to see a Wichita in here. Love it
  5. Unusual but I wanted to paint first 🙂 So I assembled the wings and painted the red under moving surfaces, assembled intake ramps (subsonic) and mated them to the bottom surface, assembled the beaver tail with closed speedbrakes and the tails. I'll work separately on these sub assemblies until they need to be glued together. I know it's a risk but the kit fit is pretty good except maybe at the top junction between the rear cockpit fuselage and the back fuselage. but I accept to reword that area at latter stage. All the top surfaces received a coat of MRP-105 as base color
  6. Hello gents, This will be my first ever group build participation, I usually am always off with project and GB dates but as I found this one I was in the process of building 3 tomcats in 1/48 The first two are started already: a Tamiya and another AMK. They were built side by side comparing Tamiya and AMK approach from a building point of view 🙂 The Tamiya is already completed as an inflight VF-84 F-14A The AMK is in progress as a VF-2 F-14D Both the above ones are out of the GB as they were started somewhere late 2020 unfortunately. Luckily I hav
  7. Would be nice if the image tags would support http and not exclusively https. these are images and the "s" is overrated for simple images IMHO. When you link an image from a non secure http, you get this message: The link could not be embedded because only https URLs are allowed. Thanks for your time edit: actually, eventhough the site may not be https - just adding the s anyway does the trick. Sorry for the trouble, seems to be working anyway 🙂
  8. Please allow me to present my latest off the bench: I started with the old revell Mirage V, converted to a COA C10 passing by a C2 stage provided by Isracast resin conversion. The vintage Mirage III / V many times converted and sporting modern generation weapons was very appealing to me and although this started as a regular IAF C2 conversion, ended up in latin american colours with Israeli modern weapons. The C2 to C10 bits were scratched, except for the resin nose which a Cheetah conversion provided. Decoration was homemade with decals and stencils cut with a Silhouet
  9. Very Nice. Love the different style corsair and this one is really different Well done
  10. agreed, Revell is great I built both revell and hobbyboss on a AAR diorama. Beside the decal, wheels and the fact that is seems a early model rather than an operational model HB is not that bad, but the revell kit really shines by providing later operational use details such as the CM ejectors, correct bomb loads and pylons etc etc. Most of the resin bits I had were mated to the hobby boss kit. Both kist suffers from lack of intake tubing but it's not that critical to be honest
  11. Indeed, it's nowhere close to a MLU Here is a build of both so called HAsegawa MLU and the Kinetic one - both belgian airforce https://reddogsmodels.wordpress.com/2017/02/17/kinetic-vs-hasegawa-vs-tamiya-f-16-148/
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