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  1. i'm interested, but just too late.. i still miss the double D chin pod for my tamiya conversion. and have tamiya single chin pods if you want them better than a revell one
  2. Same :) been waiting for a long time to order Mig-23 goodies as well :) Now is my chance
  3. No words. It's splendid. Well done
  4. Red Dog

    French Rafale

    Navy or airforce? It's a tricky colour, because it changes a lot according to light conditions, Here 's how tackled mines, but these are french navy https://reddogsmodels.wordpress.com/2014/06/24/rafale-nounou-148/ By no means is it only the only way to do it, It's just what matched my own study of the colours
  5. 48/32= ? that's pretty simple rocket science luckily :) Daco book indeed
  6. Red Dog

    ? F-104G in 1/48

    I used the superset to build 2 hasegawa F-104 - both belgians: https://reddogsmodels.wordpress.com/2014/07/07/review-daco-f-104-superset/
  7. Red Dog

    1/32 KA-6A tanker conversion

    I was told asking the same question over at LSP that it is the addition of the DESM antennas that created the need to move the fences inboard. So the A-6A have the full stall strips on the part of the forward wing, closest to the fuselage, no DECM antennas and the inner wingfences outboard of the pylon. The A-6E have the half stall strips, the DECM antennas and the inner wing fences placed inboard the pylon Kit wise, the A-6A have the right location for the fence (outboard the pylon) The A-6E is wrong and has the same location of the fence as the A-6A kit, that's wrong for the A-6E In case you wonder, here's what is the DECM antenna, from the trumpeter A6E kit Notice the half stall strip as opposed to early A-6A with no DECM and the full lenght stall strip Of course the KA-6D being an hybrid of an A-6A & A-6E, it all comes down to what timeframe you build the KA-6D (and which model you start with from trumpeter (A or E?)) if it's converted from an early A and flying in Vietnam era, then you're good and won't need to change anything. if like me you do a late KA-6D from Desert Storm (and starting with the Trumpeter A-6A, then you need to add the DECM antennas and move the fences inboard of the pylon as in the picture above. That modification would also be done on any trump A-6E, save for adding the DECM which is already implemented, but they didn't move the wing fence
  8. Red Dog

    1/32 KA-6A tanker conversion

    if you don't want to move the inner fence (which honestly is a pain), just make a vietnam era tanker, then you don't need to do the DECM and no need to move the fences
  9. Red Dog

    1/32 KA-6A tanker conversion

    yeah Darren that concur with my research too. Don't sweat it, it's very easily scratched 🙂 one thing you may consider adding to your build Wafu is a buddy buddy refuelling pod. KA-6D often loaded them as backup in case of main system failure SAC had one in 1/32; I plan on using it on my build as it breaks nicely the monotony of the 4-5 fuel bags
  10. Red Dog

    1/32 KA-6A tanker conversion

    Doing the same and I have a WIP at LSP regarding that. There are a few issues depending if you start with a Alpha or an Echo and depending the timeframe your KA-6D may be. I started with an Alpha for a desert storm build, so it will be different for a VietNam KA-6D By then most tankers were of the A-6E retrofit, so DECM antenna needs to be scratched from the A model. And then the inner wing strake needs to be moved inboard, these were moved because of the addition of the DECM antennas here's my attempt at the DECM antenna, but something is wrong with the kit's dimension. Even the shape of the included DECM antennas on trump A-6E are wrong, but it's a small detail nobody will notice Cockpit wise, the steelbeach conversion has the almost blank right side IP, so you're good. You'll need to remove the stick pedestal on the WSO side I think that the only bit the steelbeach kit misses is the rather large fin antenna behind the cockpit and a square antenna on the top fuselage Both parts seems to be in the 1/48 KA-6D kit but I can't find them in my 1/32 conversion kit I decided to stick with resin seats (there is a huge debate about seat accuracy as well from the kit's or aftermarkets) and eduard colour PE A choice I regret everytime. These prepainted PE are just flat and a pain to match colour paint . I wish I stayed away from these need to check also if you need the perforated brakes. I think most tankers had them Hope that helps
  11. Red Dog

    Revell Tornado

    Here's a build review of the 1/48 revell IDS tornado I converted to an ECR: Part1 is building and there's a part 2 article for painting: https://reddogsmodels.wordpress.com/2017/10/02/148-revell-tornado-ids-to-ecr-lego-bomber-part-1-assembly/ Lots of issues with the kit but in the end, it looks pretty much like a tornado, Loved the multiple options, like flaps, slats, spoilers and especially the reverse option. Damn hard to open to auxiliary intake doors and the intake fits are a nightmare. For more, get on my blog :)
  12. Red Dog

    Romanian F-16s

    If you want to have a bit of feedback, here is a side by side build of a kinetic (MLU) and hasegawa F-16 https://reddogsmodels.wordpress.com/2017/02/17/kinetic-vs-hasegawa-vs-tamiya-f-16-148/
  13. Red Dog

    1/32 trumpeter A-7E in flight

    Thank you all gents, much appreciated I'm now working on the KA-6D that will fly in front of the A-7
  14. Red Dog

    1/32 Tamiya Phantom

    Very Nice I have the same project in the stash and I just decided to stray away from the Jolly Roger and convert it to a VF-111 Bravo wiit GT as well But thanks to you I realised that I need an extra one to build both :) Nice model and your struggle with the decal doesn't show.
  15. Red Dog

    ACES II Seat Dimensions

    I built an Aces 2 replica being part of a community which build F-16 cockpit 1:1 scale for flight simulators https://reddogsmodels.wordpress.com/2017/10/27/something-different-11-f-16-cockpit/ The cockpit floor of the F-16 from left wall to right wall is just under 52cm The seat width is about 50.8 cm at its widest point height perpendicular from the base is hard to get, because the base isn't horizontal, and my base in the picture below is NOT accurate As I had to deviate fromt he real plans So draw a line on an ace picture and chances are that I can give you a value