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  1. I love this topic Many thanks you guys for taking the time to post all these pictures. Much appreciated
  2. The left one takes much more abuse than the right one due to the cockpit entry from the left side. It's thus more often replaced with a different material that's fading differently from the original one that may still be on the right side Hence why the left part is often brown and the right one khaki Both are starting their life as black though That's what the Daco book says at least 🙂
  3. very nice result. ...and very good photography skills Well done
  4. I won't hesitate to vouch for the quality of the PJ pilots. I use them all the time in both 1/48 and 1/32
  5. Another vote for the coastal kit base. They are easy to work with and provide a nice result. I used them a few times already Now IMHO, a runway or concrete section for an apron need textures and there's no way a printed cardboard section can give you that. I made a few articles on how to make your own custom base with modelling products. It's much easier than it looks and IMHO gives a much better result than preprinted stuff Have a look if you want to give it a try Display base making of – Red Dog's models carrier decks: Carrier Deck Diorama: #1 Cat
  6. I must have already donated the parts because I found back the bag of leftovers for the A-7, but I can't find the wheels and the parts you need. I only have the metal legs left but not the part you identified. Apologies
  7. I built mine wheels up, I might able to help. What do you need exactly? just the leg, the wheels, struts?
  8. The instructions are on scalemates: https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/9/1/9/180919-70-instructions.pdf But that's only the first page. I have the kit and I can help you sort it out Decals are pretty simple on these and I would create masks for them (if it were me). Do you have a squadron/aircraft in mind yet?
  9. It's a Spice 1000 Lbs GPS guided glide bomb (Israeli manufactured)
  10. The derby missiles are actually quite easy to scratch Having converted the mirage to C10 in 1/32, that's what I had to do: I started from Sparrows for the body, and using the tail fin of Sidewinders. Final result in 1/32. Click the image for the WIP. The mix of vintage aircraft with modern weapon is the C10 appeal 🙂
  11. can't answer the original question, but I do the same process ...kinda I cut vinyl masks which allow me to paint the white rather than using two layers of decals. I see no reason why cutting white decal sheet wouldn't work. I have cut regular paper and plasticard (0.3mm) I'd say that just like the rest, it's a question of size rather than material.
  12. Hey gents, I'd like to find internal bits for the DKM 1/48 U-552 U-boat. Ideally, someone who may have built the external model only might have a lot of parts for the inside in the stash. I could use a few bits from them. If you have leftovers, please get in touch with me to see if we can work something out Thanks
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