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  1. Beautiful mate !! Makes me want to go back to a F14 like right now.
  2. Thanks Tad. Much appreciated I had a funny moment checking this topic on my phone: my hawkeye became a nice eggplane model 🙂
  3. Thanks Kevin and Steve, Well I confess I started this one upon finishing the tomcat and as I was working on the JBD which was boring job, so the hawkeye was a nice change back to real modelling 🙂 Thanks mate. Thanks, The kit isn't the best fit. panel lines are quite deep and the worst of the kit is the engine nacelles. I was feeling the intake trunk which has locating pins in both halves of the nacelle side kinda mess everything up. Although I used the resin quick boost replacement they created the same issue. In the end I simply vut the locating pin and glued the i
  4. Here's my latest model off the bench. It's the 1/48 Kinetic E-2C Hawkeye 2000. It was built with Eduard photoetch, SAC gears, MasterCaster wheels and homemade decals and masks for VAW-115 Liberty 601. I initially wanted to make the colourful CAG bird for VAW-115 with Fighter town decal sheet (48045) but I realised too late that I didn't have the right prop for that one, so I went to a more unique scheme designing my onw masks and decals for VAW-115 just before they left Japan. A 4mm brushless engine was added in the right nacelle to further emphasize the left feathered prop. A cus
  5. that's what I had to do, the spraybooth was useless, she smelled it anyway. Acrylics helped and then MRP came in ... 🙂
  6. I thought I was alone with that problem 🙂 Your progress is looking great. I can't wait to see the end result, this is going to be awesome. So don't you dare stop 🙂
  7. I can help. didn't use the AMK F14D sheet. So I surely have that option left
  8. aah, ok. Sorry about that then, I was really wondering where they all go and seeing nothing was happening on the GB forum wasn't a good sign Sorry for stirring the pot... Maybe a quick sticky topic in the GB explaining what would happen would have avoided the confusion?
  9. That's what I would have guessed, but it's not there either 🙂
  10. The F-14 GP deadline was past but it seems all content of the F-14 GB were removed. Current content left is April 2020. We lost quite a few interesting topic in there? Any chance someone can look into it? Thanks
  11. great progress, these reedoak pilots will bring lots of added value.
  12. The differences are barely visible, go for it For instance the drag chute switch and guard on the MISC panel left of the LEFT MFD The counter measure system panels (CMDS, TWA and TWP) are different on the left side and some side panel are different as well (FLCS) Most of the very visible stuff are alike. MLU is black painted & C is grey, but that you can manage on your own. 🙂
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