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  1. Couple Hasegawa added Lot 32.7: Hasegawa TA-4J Skyhawk: 60€ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lot 32.8: Hasegawa A-4E/F Skyhawk + Tac Scale Escapac seat 32007: 90€ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lot 32.9: Hasegawa F-5E Tiger II Aggressor : 35€ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The full list is still available by clicking the image below :
  2. I have a Master Caster one I didn't use because I built the A-7 wheels up If you want it, contact me by PM
  3. Adding Academy kits: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lot 32.2: Academy F-16I Sufa: SOLD ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lot 32.5: Academy F/A-18C Hornet + Cutting Edge Cockpit (late) (32115): SOLD ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lot 32.6: Academy F/A-18D Night Attack Hornet: SOLD ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. I'm helping a friend sell his stash. I will post list by brand, All models are unstarted; kept in pristine conditions and under wrap unless stated otherwise. Price is € ex shipping - open to reasonnable offers. Shipping will be at cost, from Belgium, worldwide. At buyer's risk belgian post = surface mail = slow but "cheap" For comparison, one 1/32 model to Europe is approx 16.5€ and to the US 33€ express =UPS or DHL=faster but way more expensive (price upon request) Payment will be made by Paypal, fees at buyer’s charge. Bank draft is also accepted from EEC. Details will follow upon request If you are interested in a model, please PM me with: The lot number of the kit you want to buy. Your location (complete address) The desired type of shipping (post or express) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lot 32.1: Tamiya F-16CJ Fighting Falcon: Sold ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lot 32.3: Tamiya F-14A Tomcat + Teknics Cockpit SuperSet (TK32002) : 120€ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lot 32.10: Tamiya F-4C/D Phantom II USAF: 90€ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lot 32.11: Tamiya F-4J Phantom II MARINES + Verlinden MB Ejection seat (2 pcs): 100€ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lot 32.12: Tamiya F-4J + Verlinden MB Ejection seat (2 pcs): 100€ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lot 32.14: Tamiya F-15C Eagle : 90€ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lot 32.15: Tamiya F-15E Strike Eagle + Flightpath Tail pipe Set #FP-GS-009): 120€ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lot 32.16: Tamiya F-15E Strike Eagle + Flightpath Tail pipe Set #FP-GS-009): 120€ (Yes we have two of these) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for looking
  5. Have a look at the WIP linked above Lothar, The biggest issue was the lack of intake trunking. It's far from a shake and bake kit - but t's not the same price either 🙂 With a tube of putty, it ends up in a decent Rafale Marine. The revell boxing is great because you get a lot of modern stuff like the special weapon pylons, the targetting pod and the Syhart decals Here's an extract of my WIP quite representative to answer your question:
  6. When I did those, the Syhart Rafale M sheet was not available yet, if I remember right 🙂 The decals in the revell box are made by Syhart anyway. And I got two sheet to replace the horrible decals from the hobby boss model. No doubt Syhart were spot on - Their work is always spot on. If memory serves me right Sylvain (if I remember his first name right) was there with his booth when I presented the model on the IPMS show in Belgium.
  7. Thanks Zach, It's one of the few comission builds I really miss in my own display cabinet 🙂
  8. The ones I made were marine, and I used a mix of H306/H307. None of the references I found commercially matched my observations of the real aircraft. I thrusted my eyes rather than number. All these french paints are tricky as light conditions really changes them. https://reddogsmodels.wordpress.com/2014/06/24/rafale-nounou-148/
  9. what about the old Best choice 1/48 kit? Hard to find I agree but in case one pops, what about the quality?
  10. the forward sweep of the wing is very easily adressed: I covered it in part 1 of the built https://reddogsmodels.wordpress.com/2017/10/02/148-revell-tornado-ids-to-ecr-lego-bomber-part-1-assembly/
  11. Yet it looks like a tornado once built 🙂 https://reddogsmodels.wordpress.com/2017/10/18/148-revell-tornado-ids-to-ecr-lego-bomber-part-2-painting/
  12. i just made that poor experience myself working on a pair of red devil hunters in 1/48. I bought the primer because the LHS didn't have Mr Surfacer white on stock, So I'd figured let's try it. Of course after priming I had to correct some line engraving and Indeed, sanding it created very visible marks you can't hide later on regardless of how many thin layers of paint you spray. You will Always have a stair effect because of the vinyl nature of the primer. I tried to correct it but in the end I had to sand the whole panel to the next closest panel line to keep the damage to the minmum A primer you can't sand … no thanks, never again
  13. i'm interested, but just too late.. i still miss the double D chin pod for my tamiya conversion. and have tamiya single chin pods if you want them better than a revell one
  14. Same :) been waiting for a long time to order Mig-23 goodies as well :) Now is my chance
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