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  1. Soooo....what scale? 1/32? 1/48? Seriously, good advice on Yamaha(Ha!) or Casio for starter stuff...lots of choices, and if your playing takes off, you can always upgrade later. A good general resource to check out for reviews/ opinions etc., especially if you're new to the music gear buying thing is "thegearpage.net" -lots of joking around, but some serious expert advice to be had. Also, TGP's web format looks exactly like the old ARC, so it should kinda' seem familiar! Forum here: http://www.thegearpa...oard/index.php? Good luck! - Rob *Edit for 'smiley slash" removal...'sup-wid
  2. Wow, this is a challenge of a build, but after seeing your past work, I'm only expecting great things to come. Already, you (& others) have put up a bunch of great info! Thanks! Looking forward to more, especially the modified nose area...I really want to build this beast of a kit someday, and your always informative words and pictures will be a huge help when (and if :rolleyes:/>) that happens. 'Subscribed'! -Rob
  3. Hey Guy - I missed your latest update somehow,...cool idea w/ the magnets Although I'm betting the Tamiya ones will work just fine, I thought I'd share this link for you or anyone else reading your thread: http://www.kjmagneti...ries.asp?cat=86 K&J sells high strength neodymium magnets in a ton of sizes. I'm planning on getting some of these myself for future projects. Nice work w/ the gun so far....I'll stay tuned! Happy Easter to you and yours, -Rob Banawner Llawmer!!!
  4. Awesome project so far, Guy! I'm glad to see another 1/32 "quick build" /> from you on ARC...seriously, I love the wine bottle foil exhaust fin 'thingys' - yours look exactly like the reference pics!! (On a side note, I recently mentioned a "need" for some "WBF" to a bartender I know, and two days later, a friend from that establishment presented me with a big bag of the stuff! Coool...) If no one's mentioned it yet, here are a couple decal paper sources that have worked well (for me) in the past: BMF/ experts choice:http://www.policecarmodels.com/blankdecalfilm.htmlhttp://www.policecarmo
  5. Wow!! The unpainted radio room looks like something from the "Alien" movies...Great detail!! It's almost a shame this will be a 'wreck' , when completed, but what a great Idea! I'll be watching for more posts... -Rob
  6. Really nice work, and great job drawing/ making the decals (and upgrading/ scratchbuilding on the model itself)!! I, too, would like to know how you did the incredibly realistic "missle launch" - I don't think I've ever seen anyone do that so well! Niiiiice job on a really "impossible" paint scheme! - Rob
  7. Wow! Great build and photography...the underside shots you showed are especially amazing. I also noticed the iridescent effect on the canopy - thanks for the Micromesh tip on that. Alexander Rogal ("Eastern" on ARC) used a similar technique on his 1/32 F/A-18D canopy with similar results to yours...so, big problem solved, for me at least ! Awesome! I'd love to see some sunlit (outdoor) shots of this; the combination of natural light with the realism of this model would certainly yield 'fool-the-eye' results. Here're a couple more with the support rod shopped out (I'll of course edit these
  8. Rraab

    av8b canopy

    Hi, Flying Leathernecks makes a thin vinyl, self adhesive det. cord in 1/32, available (although currently out of stock) from spruebrothers.com : http://store.spruebr...p/ordv32003.htm I know some other online retailers have carried this item, so you might try a quick Google search if you need it right away. HTH Rob
  9. Hey, Guy! That paint job looks great, and matches the decals just right...I was about to send a PM noting the aft cockpit (medium grey) vertical demarcation line on VF-211 jets from this time span, but on this particular aircraft, that area is exactly as you painted it! Win!! Good to see you having a little fun w/this, after your arduous (sp.?) sub-assemblies. Your painting & weathering technique seems to be a logical, "from the ground up", i.e. "factory"- to -weathered -up approach. When this thing is done, it will totally look just like Dave Brown's 2nd photo that Brian (from Fighterto
  10. Wow, Guy...if I'd known you were going to do all this (and take the time to show it) I wouldn't have bothered buying that Daco Tomcat book...THESE are reference photos!! I hope there will be a "dust collecting" mirror under this incredible feat of modelling, but at least you've documented each stage along the way, so that not just *you* "know it's there"! I'll be watching for this, so as not to miss any more updates (speaking of updates, REALLY great job on your 32nd 'stang build - acrylic BMF? awesoome...). P.S. I'm stealing the kitchen-foil miniature hose insulation technique. That looks
  11. I have to agree with Geedub here - "sounds like some folks need more RAM" notwithstanding...and despite SBARC's witty remarks (yep I remember the first IBM PC's too ;)), I thought the max. size for photos was 800x600, as AaronW pointed out. Since we are trying to share our work with 'the masses', it makes sense to me to re-size things to fit the parameters the site has to offer, exceptions (IMO) being reference photos and macro "super-detail" shots of tiny parts of a build. I didn't detect any animosity, and not really even 'minor griping', so to speak, in GW's (op's) statements, just a sense
  12. Wow! This kind of project would have taken me......months! Really great job capturing the 'cartoon' aspect, while staying true to the Mad Max bike & scenery. Inspiring, and I might 'steal' your idea for the (apoxie sculpt) smoke for my Freddy Flameout build. I also liked your use of the Christmas ornament for the helmet visor - it is amazing what you can find in a craft store when you go in looking for certain shapes/ textures...saves a lot of time vac-forming & casting, anyway! Thanks for showing what you did to convert a mediocre kit into "modelling art"... -Rob
  13. Hi Els Nice work so far, and great idea! This is inspiring me to get back to the "Freddy Flameout" (Weird-oh's jet pilot) conversion/modification project I was planning on doing. My plan for this is similar to yours; cutting, scratchbuilding, and lots of Apoxie sculpt. For the visor/ windscreen parts I cut the tops off some round-ish soda/ drink bottles, and saved some spherical shaped clear packaging in case the compound curve of the bottles wasn't enough to get to where I was going. Looking at pic's of the Jim Goose helmet visor & bike windscreen, I can see why these could be diffic
  14. Woooow.....! These pics look even better than I imagined they would! The gloss finish looks 'just right' - what did you use for that, if you don't mind my asking? The reflections on the top surfaces (wings and stabs) look so real, and I can see the 'ripples' you created look perfect, too I hope to see more pics when you add the finishing touches (weather permitting ). Your Hawk must provide really interesting contrast next to all the F-15's, F-16, su-27, and soon, F-14 in your display case. I'll be watching like a hawk to see what you come up with next (get it?....Hawk...'Cause... you b
  15. Hey, Guy! I guess it's 'all over but the shouting', but I've really enjoyed seeing all the improvements you've made to this kit- I re-read the whole thread with every new post I came across! The gauges, vents, and rivets (boy, that looked like "fun"...worth it, though) that you added will really 'pop' in contrast to the shiny, red "F-1 car" look of this aircraft/scheme (love the little padlock, too)! Since all I can usually think of to say is Wooooow or AWESOME! I'll leave those comments for the finished pics...hopefully out on the "1/32 tarmac" ;). I can't wait to see how the stress wrinkl
  16. Hi, Stephen - sorry I can't help w/the parts your looking for, but I just wanted to say I had good luck ordering this same part from Revell a couple years ago. They did charge postage ($3-$4), but it arrived on my doorstep, securely packed, in about 2 days after I requested it. Here's the link: http://www.revell.com/support/parts.html The kit# is 85-4770 Grumman F-14A Tomcat, rear canopy part #76 (although they sent the whole clear sprue...). HTH! Rob
  17. Conumdrum61 - Thanks to you and richter for the heads up - I just made a [too rare] stop in there a couple days ago, and had planned on checking back on a couple really nice 1/32 builds going on there later today. Despite my firewall/ virus protection, an infected email back on Jan. 15 resulted in my hard drive crashing; I lost countless hours of work, reference photos, and programs...so, once again... BACK UP EVERYTHING. Ironically, at the time I had just read Zactoman's description of his 'encounter' w/the "2010 internet security" virus and was just about to make sure I had copies of eve
  18. Holy..., uhh, well you know.... !!!!! Rhino, I've been impressed by your work on here before, but these pics are just (un?)believable! I especially liked the canopy "rain spots" on a couple of the photos - very ingenious touch...these are undoubtedly some of the best looking models/ photoshopping I have seen anywhere. Totally realistic! Very inspiring stuff, thanks for putting these up! Rob
  19. Thanks for answering my questions, Alex! You are 'da man...(another link ) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNHLzMgGdOU
  20. Alexander - now that the images of your amazing F/A-18D are firmly burned into my retinas, (because I can't stop looking at what you've done), I have to say, uh...uuum......KICK *SS!!! :blink: I'd seen your work on the ordnance in the "jet modeling" forum, but had no idea what the finished product would look like - just stunningly cool work, man! How did you get that subtle tint on the canopy (if you don't mind my asking... :lol: )? It looks as close to the real thing as I've ever seen! The paint colors you chose for the TPS scheme also look dead-on, to my eye...Gunze, maybe? Made my day -
  21. Wow...I've been trying to come up with some feasible way of getting that F-18 intake 'demarcation line' far enough back (Tamiya tape?- kinda' works, but difficult...liquid mask?...risky - might take several tries to get it right...). Your solution to this was so brilliant in it's simplicity!! Genius! Problem solved! You are now my hero :D . About the exhaust "issue": Considering how difficult it would be to create the inner fastener detail (other than 'one dimensionally' painting 'em on), I think it would be a real shame to just fill that stuff in...opinions may vary, but I say leave 'em -
  22. The pics you took of your hornet make me want to go build another one! I like everything about this, and really nice photos, too (that thing could easily be mistaken for 1/32)! Did you use acrylics or something else? The paint and decals are just 'above and beyond', IMO. Great work & ! Rob
  23. Dude...! Sweeet! Monogram world, indeed...your P-47 looks awesome with the checkered nose cowling, but those bomber photos..."ta die faw"!!! The Monogram box photos really inspired me in the 70's..then they went back to paintings for "cover art" - if they'd had model photos like your's on the box, I would've spent every penny getting more of those kits! :wacko: Rob
  24. This is really cool, and so was you're last "mini-dio" (70's phantom on the deck :wacko: ) - I love the way the pic's turned out for this one, but some "sun-lit" shots could do this feat of model building even more justice (when weather permits, of course...)! Rob P.S. If you should run out of space for all this magnificent stuff, I just might have room for a couple extras! Noooooice work B)
  25. Thanks for the links, Zacto' ...seriously ;) ! This kind of work makes me smile (and inspires me to new heights of 'modeling debauchery' ;) ). As far as contests/shows go, it's a good way to meet some really cool people and see their take on things in a relatively short amount of time...and as far as IPMS rules,* KISS* - Keep It Simple, Stupid-build it straight, but never 'expect' to win. I can't see enough of builds like this one "win or lose"! $.02 Rraab
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