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  1. nice project, I wish to build a KA-6D in the future 1/48
  2. Very nice progress the engine looks amazing
  3. Thanks for the touch Shawn, now it works... cheers
  4. Hello there, Here goes some photos of my first finished of 2013, the Italeri's 1/48 Macchi MC200 Saetta. I wish to thank www.hobbysector.com , AK Interactive, Master Model and Badger Airbrushes for your support on this build. Kit build OOB and painted with Mr. Hobby using Renegade Krome Airbrush from Badger. Build thread here: http://kitmaniac.com...t__20#entry2816 cheers Vini Pompeo
  5. Nice work Marek. Great paint and awesome finish
  6. Thanks my friend, the OOB seat is really poor, but with a little of patience we could turn it better... cheers
  7. My "Last Of the Year" build is Finished, Thanks all, a Hapy new Year... here goes my 1/72 Meng Models G-91R Ginah WIP here: http://kitmaniac.com...g-91y-finished/ Hope you enjoy Cheers
  8. great work I'm reading for a F-104 in Denmark colors
  9. 2nd part Kayaba 1/72 Meng Models Mansyu Ki-98 Meng Models 1/72 Mig-21MF Iraq AF Academy 1/48 with Afterbuner Decals Sd.Kfz. 10/4 with Flak30 Italeri 1/35 Ta-152C Hobbyboss 1/48th A Happy new Year for Friends cheers
  10. Following the Kamil's Resume, here goes some of my 2012 Builds: First Part: The last Finished, E-2C Hawkeye Kinetic 1/48 with Fightertown decals F-16B Viper Nsawc Kinetic 1/48 FW-190A8 Doternmann Tamiya 1/48 with Eagle Cals Decals Huricane Mk.I Italeri 1/48 JS-2 Tamiya 1/48 part 2 is coming cheers
  11. Thanks for you kind words my friends, ChukW I have the Greyhound too, A great kit of a nice kit... cheers
  12. nice wip, I finished my Hawkeye on the last week cheers
  13. great work my friend, my own is in the next projects list cheers
  14. great progress my friend... this kit looks great
  15. very nice progress my friend... cheers
  16. Amazing work my friend, I will save the pictures to my reference... cheers
  17. Very nice, I like the paint scheme cheers
  18. Great production, nice models cheers
  19. Lovely work, the Old Buf is very nicely represented... cheers
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