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  1. Wow!!! I've bought 4 sets of 48065(F-14D VF-31 Last Tomcat Cruise & Sunset) and 4 sets of 48044(F-14D VF-213 Black Lions Last Roar), I love these decals very much! I also bought 2 sets of 48033 (EA-6B VAQ-141 SHADOWHAWKS), but the schemes do not belong to the Last Tomcat Cruise. It will be so great if you can release a 1/48 version of CVW-8 in 2005~2006 cruise, including VFA-15, VFA-87, VAQ-141, VAW-124, VS-24, HS-3 and even VRC-40 Det.1.
  2. Awesome! Great job!!! Thanks for your color instructions in detail.
  3. I saw a picture from SHIZUOKA HOBBY SHOW on facebook, It seems that VF-213 and VF-101 schemes are included. https://www.facebook.com/groups/230736313769483/permalink/976587979184309/
  4. May I ask which squadron is on the box art? So exciting, looking forward for information from SHIZUOKA HOBBY SHOW tomorrow.
  5. Is Fightertown 48085 "TOMCATS AT WAR - F-14A/B/D for Tamiya" still going to be released? I love the schemes in it, especially VF-31 AJ-104, and waiting for it since 2016. Looking forward for this beautiful decal !!!
  6. 期待解放军涂装! Looking forward to see the PLAAF scheme!
  7. 学长作品赞!好看的虫子! Great job! Beautiful Rhino!
  8. Hi, Ken I think you're right. HB or Trumpeter just ingores these errors in their 1/72 kit and brings them into the 1/48 kit.
  9. The original HB 1/48 J-11B photo used for comparision with drawings comes from Adrian (links are given above), because I haven't got mine at that moment. So, a clearer photo is taken by myself now, from the angle which is choosen focusing on shape comparision of canopy. Well, green lines represent HB (Hobbyboss), red and blue lines represent drawings. 1. The overall hump of windshield and canopy (when they're installed on the upper fuselage) is OK for me. 2. Comparing with red and blue lines, the height of HB is higher, but not that serious as their 1/72 kit (wi
  10. Hi, The Scaremonger, about the airwar plans, I made a comparison with a real one too. Even so, I still can't affirm to vouch for that the plans are 100% accurate because deformation is unvoidable when you take a picture.
  11. Here is a shape comparision between HOBBYBOSS 1/48 J-11B (should be the same shape as their own Su-27B) and the drawings ( http://www.airwar.ru/other/draw/su27aiv.html ) . As you can see, the IRST is indeed smaller and there are some problems with the frames of the windshield and canopy. You can read more here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234932992-148-sukhoi-su-27-shenyang-j-11-flanker-family-by-hobbyboss-j-11b-su-27-flanker-b-released/&page=2 http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235000932-148-su-27-flanker-hobbyboss/&page=1
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