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  1. I just received my ADTAC F-15A/B decals, they look great! I had also recently ordered the F-16 Dark Vipers Pt. 3. I'm REALLLLLLLLLY looking forward to the F-22 Raptor sheet (hint hint) :)
  2. Paul Crickmore's Osprey Air Vanguard book "Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter' has a color plate stating that F-117 ser# 85-816 was the 7th Sq. commander's bird at Holloman - but doesn't mention a specific timeframe.
  3. Any plans for the T-38C sheet you had shown us a few months back? I could use the XL tailcodes for the Red Bulls out of Laughlin AFB :)
  4. "that's right, paypal reversed his payment then took the same amount out of my account. sucks, doesn't it?" I hope you took THAT issue up with your CC company or bank!
  5. Well, no response from Modelpoint US to any of my inquiries - including an email to each of the 2 addresses on their site requesting that they cancel my order and remove all my info from their servers. My order was placed on 12/28. The items I wanted are still listed as 'In Stock' as of today. My order has not shipped (but at least my CC was not charged) as of today. I will not be doing any business with this organization ever again, nor will I recommend them to anyone due to this utter lack of communication/feedback and nonexistent service. Now, back to building a model!
  6. When I did my AIM (both of them) as serving in Iraq, I just clicked the track links together in groups of 10 at a time, with a little dab of glue on the end connectors before assembling. On my second one, I tool a pin vise and a tiny bit and drilled out the end link connectors and the guide horns for some better detail (I'm sorry, I do not have a digital camera to take and post the pics). The raised pin marks on the pad were easily sanded away (far better than trying to fill and sand!) I also did not do the top track run on either kit as the side skirts hide them. I just did enough to wrap
  7. Dibbles here in SA got two of them last week, and one was for one of the employees. We all spent about half an hour rummaging through the box and drooling That was one SERIOUSLY SWEEET decal sheet. The nose did look a bit weird, but it was head-and-shoulders above Italeri's offering. I did see a couple of sink marks around the wingtip lights and some of the panel lines on the nose looked....'off'. (note - I am NOT a Raptor expert!) But overall I'd say Academy's got a pretty hot kit on their hands. I didn't have the $ to get the other one, though. :D
  8. Paragon makes a fair amount of resin for it: exhaust nozzles; a correction piece for the tailfin; bang seats; bulged tires; dropped flapsn and slats, and wing pylon sets for the IDS and F.3 ADV. Eduard has the F.3 PE set. But according to Eduard's site, their IDS PE sets are discontinued. Hannants and North Amerian Hobbies carry Paragon. Meteor (runs for cover at mentioning them) did when they were still in business. I wanna see how the upcoming Hobby Boss Tornados look :D
  9. I ordered 2 items from Echelon Fine Details that were listed as being 'In Stock' on their website on 12/28/2008. I seached around at other vendors I've had great luck with before like Squadron and SprueBrothers, with no luck. As of today, the items are still listed as 'Not Yet Shipped'. My order shows as 'CC authorized', but not charged (yet). I sent in an email inquiring as such, and all I got was an automated reply, basically telling me that they'll get back to me. There are no phone #s that I can see listed on their website (www.modelpoint.us) but after poking around online (and I admi
  10. A year old? :huh: I didn't even notice - all I saw was the month and day of the postings! :)
  11. Ah......crud. Those TwoBobs decals I've been hunting for, for some time too (the sole Night/Attack bird on the sheet) :-(
  12. If I use vinyl tracks (I try to look for aftermarket injection molded - or resin - clickable ones or Fruilmodel metal tracks), then I shoot them with some Krylon primer before painting.
  13. Placed my order for the CATM markings over the holiday weekend. They just arrived today and look great!
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