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  1. Some more work done. The undersides have been airbrushed, first with Insignia White and then a light overspray/mottling done with RAF Anti-Flash White (both colors are Hataka lacquers). Their Insignia White has a brownish-yellow tint to it , making it look more like an ivory color than white. I didn't care for it, but it made a good off-white shade for the intakes. The wheel-wells and speed brake wells were masked off and airbrushed with the RAF Anti-Flash White as well, and the nosecone was also masked off and airbrushed. So were the flaps and rudder. I found out that the
  2. Yes, the Platz sheet with the Hawaii ANG markings was only in 1/72. But the Academy 1/72 F-22 also had the HH tailcodes as an option.
  3. Laid down the top coat of Light Gull Gray, spraying Hataka lacquers. I really like these paints, they go down really smooth. First, I pre-shaded the panel lines, using grays and browns in random patterns to make it not so symmetric and uniform. After airbrushing the LGG, I lightened it with a few drops of RAF Anti-Flash White, lightening some panels at random all over the topsides and fuselage. I the lightened that mix further, concentrating on the tops of the wings and fuselage to simulate sun fading. So far. so good. Don't mind the cat in the background snoozing on the sof
  4. Not surprised at the increase in demand for the Quinta sets - the detail on their sets (I've got several from Sprue Brothers) is amazing.
  5. Test-fitting the weapons pylons. I decided to leave off the drop tanks and fit Eduard BRASSIN TERs to each hardpoint. The inboard pylons will hold Mk.77 firebombs. The outboard pylons will hold Mk.82 slicks. They fit quite well. Also dropped the AIM-7 Sparrows into their wells. Main construction is finished. I've started priming the various parts and the airframe. I should start the main painting in a few days. I also decided to leave off the belly tank and will be fitting a Mk.4 HIPEG gun pod from the Hasegawa Weapons Set C.
  6. 😲 Even my best work would look positively....pedestrian....next to this level of skill and attention to detail. Color me HIGHLY impressed.
  7. Afternoon, folks. I know its been a while, and I've seen some other recently-completed examples of this fine kit! I had two other projects that were further along in the 'to finish' pile and wanted to get them done and out of the way. So now I can resume work on this one. I will post some new pics soon.
  8. All-new tooled 1/48 F-102 Delta Dagger - both the single seat and the 'Tub' two-seater. Whomever got the tooling for the Monogram/Pro-Modeler (and also re-boxed under Accurate Miniatures) 1/48 Helldiver? Please reissue it. Or someone give us an all-new-tool one.
  9. Afternoon, Kursad. Any news on this release?
  10. I've seen the various Quinta sets, they look AMAZING. Makes all my color PE sets look.....pedestrian.....by comparison.
  11. Small update - been busy and haven't had as much time as I want to work on this wonderful kit (plus I am also working on an Italeri M-901 ITV). Added some Eduard PE seatbelts to the kit seats. Don't know if they are 100% accurate, but as far as I can tell, the cockpit really doesn't need anything else! I goofed up one of the kit nozzles, so I took a chance and purchased some KA Models 3D-printed F-4 nozzles (closed) for a different look. I had to thin the edges of the fuselage to get a better fit, and I like the look.
  12. A small update today - been a busy last couple of weeks. The intakes have been fitted. I tried to get some good photos that look down the intakes, but they didn't tun out that well. But there are full-run intakes in there, and engine faces. The seams took a bit of work (sand-putty-paint-sand-putty-paint) and I think they turned out quite well. The stabilizers have been fitted. The are a one-piece unit, that are on poly caps, so they pivot up and down. You have a choice of slotted and non-slotted stabs. They fit into the bottom portion of the aft fu
  13. Much progress on the Tamiya F-4B. The cockpit was given a pin wash using Abteilung oils (Starship Filth), some very light drybrushing, flat-coated, and a fair amount of the airframe is assembled: The tailfin is glued in place (missing a few detail parts). There is a TINY gap along the base, which I can fill with Mr. Surfacer1000 and wipe the excess away with a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol: The piece that makes up the underside of the nose, and the nosecone, are not glued in place yet - hence the gaps.
  14. Some more progress the cockpit is just about done and ready to clear-coat and give it a wash to bring out the details. The airframe is just resting in place. I fiddled with the tailfin too (not glued in place yet either). The flash washes out some details, to be sure - but it gives you an idea: Another view. You can see from the pic that the spine will be a one-piece unit that fits right along the panel lines - clever. Started on the seats too:
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