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  1. Thanks. I know where to send it, I just wanted to know if my text is OK. If to send one request with all the questions, or one request with one question etc. Thanks all.
  2. Thanks, that KA-6D mentioned here is KA-6D BuNo. 151572/AA-523. I am looking mostly for exact date.
  3. Hi gents, I am researching lost/damaged planes/helos from Gulf, it is neverending story so far. I wrote email to SAFE-PAO@navy.mil and requeste some info, they wrote me back to send FOIA request to safe-foia@navy.mil . I found out that even non-US citizen can do that. I would like to ask you if you wrote FOIA request, how did you do it ? I already wrote down what I would like to know, here it is: KA-6D BuNo. 151572/AA-523, VA-35, 1991, USS Saratoga, during Gulf war - accident/damage, damaged by skidding E-2C - date of accident ? (probably early 02/1991) A-6E BuNo. unknown/AA-unknown, VA-35, 1991, USS Saratoga, during Gulf war - accident/damage, damaged by skidding E-2C - which BuNo ? which MODEX ?, date of accident ? (probably early 02/1991) E-2C BuNo. unknown/AA-604, VAW-125, 1991, USS Saratoga, during Gulf war - accident/damage, skidded on carrier deck - which BuNo ?, date of accident ? (probably early 02/1991) F-14A BuNo. unknown/AA-unknown, VF-103, 1991, USS Saratoga, during Gulf war - accident/damage, damaged by skidding E-2C - which BuNo ? which MODEX ?, date of accident ? (probably early 02/1991) S-3B BuNo. unknown/AA-712, VS-30, 1991, USS Saratoga, during Gulf war - accident/damage - gear folded up - which BuNo ?, date of accident ? (probably 02/1991) AH-1W BuNo. 16????/HF-??, HMLA-269 - accident/damage - During a routine training flight the aircraft made a hard landing approximately 30 miles from Dharan and rolled over, 2 injured - 07/09/90 - during Desert Shield - which BuNo ? which MODEX ? UH-1N BuNo. 160622/UV-??, HMLA-267 - disaster - collided with UH-1N BuNo. 160178/UV-327 during night NVG training, 8 KIA - 08/10/90 - during Desert Shield - which MODEX ? which crew names ? AV-8B BuNo. unknown/WH-?? - damaged by AAA - accident/damage - during Desert Storm - 12/02/91 - which BuNo ?, which MODEX ? SH-60B BuNo. 162138/HP-443 - HSL-44 Det.6 - accident/damage - ditched into the sea after an engine failure - 21/02/91 - what happend ? recovered ? repaired ? sunk ? what about crew ? Is it OK to email it like this ? Or different format ? More/less info ? Is it even possible to get this kind of info ? Thanks in advance and best regards. Jakub always on hunt for new Gulf war info ....
  4. WOW just awesome, BIG thanks !!!!! MH-60G with a nose art !!!!!! 🙂 Btw, was it common to have just one M2 in the main cabin ? Thanks !
  5. If you want, look at my site at www.dstorm.eu for MH-53J pics. Or PM me, I have a bunch of other pics in my collection. Thanks !
  6. Thanks a lot mate, this is what I thought. I had the info sorted out somehow, but thanks for making it 100% correct :) Nothing beats sand/brown MH-60G from Gulf :) Too bad only a few pics exists ...
  7. Hi, the only BuNo I have for AH-1T is 160818/HF-17. Two pics are on my site.
  8. Hi, are all those your mods also good for Gulf war era MH-60Gs from 1991 ? Thanks !
  9. So the pic of armed ZA475 was taken just after the ceasefire ???? Hmmmm, interestning info. Could be same with Italian Tonkas then ...
  10. OK, from my Italian friend: Regarding the initial question; the weapons used were 565 Mk83 bombs equipped in part with Matra kits (with brake parachute). It is assumed that in the last days of operations, mainly in CAS, some tens of Mk82 have also been used and in this sense some footage are seen with Tornadoes armed with these devices. However, the AM had in the arsenal also the BL755 and MK20 clusters that were not brought to the Gulf as well as the Kormoran (which were to serve for the original mission of coverage to the Italian naval group ) while the MW1 dispenser had not yet been integrated. It seems that at the time there were kits for LGB as well as a specimen of CLDP, being evaluated, and that an experimental use in war along the lines of the RAF with the TIALD was assumed However, there were no emergency procedures and therefore armament could not be used that had not been duly tested (it seems that today it is different). The fall armament was brought to the three ventral pylons, five bombs that from the photos that appeared in the newspapers in 1991 were mostly the 460 kg Mk.83 Low Drag. at the time it was rumored that the missions of the Tornado Locusta had sent the A.M.I. of this type of ordnance, the fact is that in April 1991 I unintentionally made another discovery by photographing Mk.20 Mod. 3 Rockeye dispersion bombs installed under the IDS MM pylons. 7038 ... armament that was not part of the A.M.I. and that it was not approved for use on Tornadoes, in all probability purchased from the USAF in the Gulf and used in action. So, I guess they used them, as UK Tonkas, for UK Tonkas few pics exists, but probably not for Italian Tonkas. I will keep looking.
  11. Ask and you shall recieve 🙂 Here is a link to Italian article, put it in Google translate - http://www.modellismosalento.it/it/walkaround/documenti-storici-ed-iconografici/732-tornado-locusta-il-rientro-a-gioia-del-colle-15-3-1991.html?fbclid=IwAR0V44A2tCWnEjl1I1BT6vF1Kj4EgoPWPo1JVBm1J4L2zDGw9HoJFH31JZw I have a pdf somewhere with more info, looking for it now.
  12. Hi, trying to revive this thread. I came across information, that 4 armed OH-58Ds were stationed at USS Nicholas and USS Curts (two each). Here is also blurred pic of probably one of the four helos, here at USS McInerney (probably just refuelling ?). Any chance to find out the serial numbers of those early AHIP OH-58Ds ? I have only a few pics of armed KWs from Gulf, can not make one serial .... OH-58D USS McInerney Thanks !
  13. Yes Rich, this is the missile-rail-adapter combo. I gave this pic to Eduard, we will see what they will do. I have some 3D render, but it does not show if the pylon will be canted or not ...
  14. Hi, as a "Gulf war expert" 😉 I cooperated with Eduard on releasing Desert Babe and "a bit" forced them to make all those Brassin sets. The only thing I am not sure about are the ALARM rails, because there are nearly no good pics of them, so the 3D design was a bit speculative. Are they really pointed downwards in real ? I also made a list of everything for Tonka in all scales, check it here - https://www.dstorm.eu/pages/build_instructions/tornado_en.html Any comments/updates/tweaks are very appreciated....
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