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  1. Yeah, I was chatting with my club mates many times in the past why e.g. Italeri did not make one, as you can do: USAF Vietnam, Cold War, Gulf war USCG Italy SAR Argentina Tunisia (ex-USAF, even ex-USAF Gulf airframes !!) plus, with some small/bigger tweaking, civil subjects ... oh well, we can only hope......
  2. Great build, the only thing which is probably not correct is the serial number on the tail. Otherwise, really really awesome build and I am happy to see another Gulf war build !!
  3. we need some great new tool kit with all lumps and bumps first ...
  4. At first, STUNNING build !!!!!! I would like to ask you, as you did what to use/what not to use, if this table could be also used for 1991 Gulf war MH-60A/Ls. Or did the airframes/electronics changed a lot between 1991 and 1993 ? I would like to make some kind of instructions of what to use/not to use and put it on my DS site. P.S. If the DAP configured airframes carried LAUs on their ESSs, would there be the laser designators installed ? Adding one of the ultrarare (atleast for me) pics of MH-60Ls DAPs from Gulf to show what I mean. Thanks !!
  5. Hi mate, the link is not working, any chance to get those documents ? Still searching for more info on Gulf war MH-47D, MH-60s and MH-6s.... Thanks !
  6. Definetly single Maverick loaded on LAU-117. And, as the Dstorm site is mine, if it was 3 Mavs, I would write it there ;-). Thanks ! EDIT: Btw, the D version was carried on A-10As as a "poor man´s FLIR", so it could be same on the F-16s ?
  7. Thanks. I know where to send it, I just wanted to know if my text is OK. If to send one request with all the questions, or one request with one question etc. Thanks all.
  8. Thanks, that KA-6D mentioned here is KA-6D BuNo. 151572/AA-523. I am looking mostly for exact date.
  9. Hi gents, I am researching lost/damaged planes/helos from Gulf, it is neverending story so far. I wrote email to SAFE-PAO@navy.mil and requeste some info, they wrote me back to send FOIA request to safe-foia@navy.mil . I found out that even non-US citizen can do that. I would like to ask you if you wrote FOIA request, how did you do it ? I already wrote down what I would like to know, here it is: KA-6D BuNo. 151572/AA-523, VA-35, 1991, USS Saratoga, during Gulf war - accident/damage, damaged by skidding E-2C - date of accident ? (probably early 02/1991)
  10. WOW just awesome, BIG thanks !!!!! MH-60G with a nose art !!!!!! 🙂 Btw, was it common to have just one M2 in the main cabin ? Thanks !
  11. If you want, look at my site at www.dstorm.eu for MH-53J pics. Or PM me, I have a bunch of other pics in my collection. Thanks !
  12. Thanks a lot mate, this is what I thought. I had the info sorted out somehow, but thanks for making it 100% correct :) Nothing beats sand/brown MH-60G from Gulf :) Too bad only a few pics exists ...
  13. Hi, the only BuNo I have for AH-1T is 160818/HF-17. Two pics are on my site.
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