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  1. Hi Dutch, thanks for the suggestions, I will update my pages with your text. Hope we will see the correct kit one day...
  2. Hi, yeah, I guess, if the blades dont have different cross section or chord, this is the easiest fix I guess. Btw, I found a pic of this Fujimi boxing: Is there a chance that this kit has the correct blades and also the bigger sponsons + lumps and bumps as on the pic ? It was probably released in 2004, but can not find instruction sheet or other pics of this issue. P.S. Page with options is updated - https://www.dstorm.eu/pages/build_instructions/h-46_en.html
  3. Emergency floats, like here, the small box ahead of rear sponsons.
  4. Thanks Dan, so far, I found NONE pic with the HEF installed 🙂 It really shocked me, that you can not build Gulf war CH-46E from the box ... And in 1:72, you are missing the composite rotor blades completely, so you have bad luck ..... Thanks !
  5. So, I did the How to page, check it here - https://www.dstorm.eu/pages/build_instructions/h-46_en.html
  6. Hi gents, I was browsing internet archives for pics of Gulf war helos and started to update my pages and research the H-46 more. Thanks to a fellow modeller, Dutch, for pointing me to the fact that CH-46Es had TWO different sponsons during the service time (they had the old "short" sponsons in Gulf). Also, they used metal and fiberglass rotor blades. So, I was able to find info, pics, instructions of kits in 1:72 and 1:48 scale. I did write a table with info and facts etc. Here is the conclusion: 1:72 scale: you are out of luck, as N
  7. Another great Gulf war picture found 🙂 I BET the helo transferred is that CH-46E BuNo. 156465/YR-05 which rolled to the side after brownout takeoff.
  8. Yeah, I know, this is additional picture 🙂 So now we have 4 pics of this accident.
  9. WOW, look what just appeared on FB !!! CH-53E BuNo. 161390/YJ-22 from HMH-465. New angle of the wreck 🙂 Copyright info Mr. Eric Martens
  10. Mr. Vark to the rescue !!!! 🙂 Great news !!
  11. Nope, it was 24/02/1991 during Gulf war, found one pic of damaged plane with YR-05 MODEX. Later repaired. But no idea about the BuNo. Thanks !
  12. Excellent info and pics, as always. One question - why there was no CH-53E with the bigger sponsons ? No need for longer ops ? I guess the bigger fuel tanks were only needed for MH-53Es thanks to bigger burn rate when towing the mine gear ? And interestning info that the CH-53E has all the "stuff" needed. Btw, was there even need or a test to convert CH to full MH ? Such as replacement ? or vice versa ? Off topic: anyone know any H-46 specialist ? Found info on one crash during Gulf war and need serial number for that bird, from HMM-161. Thanks !!
  13. OK, I will remove the section with HMH-772 then 🙂 Thanks !
  14. Andy and Dan, BIG thanks for the explanation. I was quite curious about those former RH-53Ds, what they were doing in Gulf ? Just "personnel/cargo" delivery ? If I can, I would like to use your explanation on my site, I guess it could be interestning for modellers 🙂 Thanks !!
  15. Totally awesome info and pics 🙂 Already updated my Gulf war page with fresh info and pics, also added a CAMO note for each airframe, looks like there were atleast NINE variations in Gulf !!!!! Btw, some had/some had not the refuelling probe - why is that ? Or is it easy to install/uninstall it for various sorties ? Check the updated site HERE Keep the pics and info coming, you are doing a great job !!!
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