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  1. Just got 144020 and 72097. Set 144020 is missing the serial numbers, already PMed you. But, yeah, both sets are AWESOME !!! Keep up the great work !!!
  2. Ordered the Mighty BUFFs 🙂 1 x 72 and 1 x 144. Let the Gulf war collection grow 🙂 Thanks !
  3. It is great to see another sheet with Gulf war BUFFs ! I have a question though: the sheet has two options - 58-0177 "Pettie 3rd" and 57-6475 "Miami Clipper II" - which you can build OOB with ALCM pylons. another option is 58-0168 "Treasure Hunter" which needs AGM-28 pylons. and another two options are 58-0241 "Pterodactyl Courier" and 58-0195 "Eternal Guardian" which needs "stub" pylons. any idea how could anyone build those non-OOB options ? are there any aftermarket pylons ? as both AMT/Ertl/Italeri and Modelcollect G kits have only ALCM pylons IIRC btw, I tried to talk
  4. Regarding "Fighter" CFTs, I saved this info: During Gulf war, a handful of CFT Type-1s were transferred to Saudi Arabia from USAF stocks. They were manufactured in Israel (as are all CFTs). They were the older "fighter" CFTs, capable to carry A2A missiles only on stations 3C, 4C, 6C and 7C with LAU-106 adapters. (you can see them on some USAF planes (AK, BT, FF, IS and ZZ tail codes) or more recently on Israeli F-15A/B/C/D jets.) All F-15C/Ds manufactured for Saudi Arabia were CFT Type-1 capable. Btw, below is an F-15C configured with CFT, but as the plane has "thick"
  5. Hi, I did the following table for myself, but I hope it will be useful for everybody. Feel free to update/correct it. TABLE Jakub
  6. No idea if it was posted here before, but today I found this picture labeled: CH-53A Sea Stallion 151690 US 1973 Nice to see the camera ball there :)
  7. I wrote to Reskit asking about MH-53J conversion for the upcoming Academy rebox of Fujimi kit. And also for some MAWS and ALQ-157 IR jammers, to use on USAF and Navy Navy/Marines birds. We will see ...
  8. Which fuel tanks could carry HH-53B (or MH-53J converted from HH-53B) airframes with the support struts ? And so far I was able to find and write down: Fuel tanks in kits: 1:72 Fujimi/Academy RH-53D/CH-53D - "early" 450-gal F-105 style + "intermediate II" 650-gal Fujimi MH-53J - Italeri/Revell MH-53J - "late" 650-gal Bilek CH-53A/D - "intermediate I" 650-gal Revell CH-53E - "late" 650-gal 1:48 Revell HH-53C - "intermediate II" 650-gal, CH-53GA - "intermediate II" 650-gal + "late" 650-gal, CH-53GS_G - "late" 650-gal Academy CH-53E - "late" 650-gal
  9. So I guessed right that no kit in any scale was produced with the struts, correct ?
  10. OK. And, now I know it is 69-5795, can you share some pics of this specific airframe ? Or PM for personal usage ? Thing is I have two pics from the crash and this helo had white invasion stripes but your profile does not show them. Maybe you have different pics ? Thanks !
  11. HA, thanks for the explanation :) I will correct my pages ASAP. Btw, any chance thinking to add instruction sheets on your site ? Even in low-res ? Thanks !
  12. Yeah, but not on the sand/brown profile, which is I guess incorrect ? As it was converted HH-53B... EDIT: Is there even kit in any scale with those sponson struts ?
  13. Great to see another sheet wtih Gulf war content in it :) That 66-14432 is from HH-53B, but as I can not see the sponson braces in the side profile, is that correct ? And one more question. I have info that this specific airframe was in Gulf untill 09/1990 only, and judging by the pics it had light grey undersides. If it was discussed there, can you point me to right directions ? I only have one pic of this specific airframe in sand/brown/grey camo. Thanks !
  14. Hi gents, couple of pics appeared today on Military Helicopters FB site, including 633, so here they are for you collection. No idea of the source, copyright etc.
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