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  1. Hm, I know that german cockpits from 1940 should be RLM 02, and later maybe RLM 66. But what's wondering me is that in tamiya instructions some parts are marked as RLM02 and some parts are XF63(German grey). If anybody did Tamiya's Bf109 E3 in 1/48 maybe has some more references, I plan on doing one from II./JG54, Autumn 1940, France or Adolf Galland's III/JG26. from August. Any help? Cheers, Nemanja
  2. This is incredible. Very nice work.
  3. Thanks Yuri, I think 94squadron will be visited! :D
  4. Thanks guys, this one? http://www.94thsquadron.it/ Not really the nicest site. Do you know do they have Tamiya or Italeri? Especially which paints?
  5. sorry, when I pressed send topic I got some error so it opened two topics for me ;(
  6. Hi guys, again me, now asking for italian shops: I'm interested are there any good shop in Padua, Firenze, Bologna? And do they have a web adress? Cheers ;)
  7. Hi guys, again me, now asking for italian shops: I'm interested are there any good shop in Padua, Firenze, Bologna? And do they have a web adress? Cheers ;)
  8. I heard academy rebox with some new bits?
  9. Topic I wanted to see for a long time ;) What about moderators pin it and group useful stuff, like give a name exhaust stain-progress pic of getting it with all the tools? Something like there is in tools and tips section of main site, but if someone expirienced could make straight every step by step with pics. And for other stuff aswell(chipping/fading)... Maybe I'm asking too much but I hope somebody will respond positively
  10. Check this VERY useful site http://www.justinguitar.com/ Basics+quite a bit more is there :) :) I guess if you want really really to play it, you have no choice other than teacher.
  11. that is a problem for Gunze. Can somebody tell me reason for that. I know it's calculated with weight, but if you check Tamiya surface primer, I think shipping is way lower, and it's 40ml bottle(bigger than gunze)?
  12. AMAZING. very very nice. I wanted to do JUST the same thing in group build. But unfortunately struts didn't want to listen to me. I throwed the kit. But you did it nice. Great;)
  13. neca12

    Eduard figures?

    Thanks guys :)
  14. Great job ;) Btw.Harlequin, I subscribed few days ago, keep on with COH, more than DOW at least!! :D :D
  15. neca12

    Eduard figures?

    What do you think of these guys? How are RAF ones compared to ICM?(I've heard somewhere ICM RAF figures are great?) And how accurate are they? Thanks :)
  16. I think yes. Eduard will release Bis early next year, and then switch to earlier ones? Somebody correct me if I'm wrong :)
  17. Hey, great one. It looks very very fine
  18. I've heard, not sure where, when how and why but that Eduard is releasing their Mig-15 in 1/72?
  19. I think I saw, at some point of buying they write like 1USD will be xxxHKD? So you can recalculate yourself. I made orders with them ,EVERYTHING went fine, except there was a mess at whole HK Post(there were topics around the forum, but that wasn't their fault at ALL). After that shipments came in 7-10 bussines days(as stated) to Serbia ;) Shop gets my vote.
  20. It's too much arcade in my opinion. It is nice, as an idea, and it's great to use up a bit of time you don't do anything. But it's VERY simple imo.
  21. Maybe it's bad from the box but final result is a very very nice build.
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