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  1. Disregard. Tried adding a phot of F-4 64-0968 with the ND air guard that says the happy hookers on the tail flash but it won’t load for what ever reason.
  2. Wouldn’t mind seeing this on there.
  3. 18th AGRS switched to the 18th FIS. Maybe could do a sheet pertaining to such units? There might be more squadrons switch to that destination too.
  4. F-14A yes! Later in life the F-14B got one and the F-14D had one from the start iirc.
  5. Second this. Have glass with all black markings looks great.
  6. That’s a nice one. It’s even loaded with live weapons.
  7. I must have over looked that. My bad.
  8. 93rd at homestead as 87-0289 (former WI ANG F-16) painted up in full unit markers in HG5 https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/11176223
  9. From what I heard VFA-103 also had some E’s assigned to them https://www.reddit.com/r/WarplanePorn/s/12lGYKs6DH also in the photo I linked the tail appears to be black as well.
  10. Belgians first F-35 was rolled out Sunday. Serial is FL-001. https://fortworthreport.org/2023/12/11/belgium-accepts-first-f-35-fighter-jet-during-ceremony-in-fort-worth-cites-nato-unity/ they are actually using full viz insignia and tail flash.
  11. If you zoom in you can read it says 595 color 31136. Which I think means it’s flat insignia red. I know a red is one of the six (I think it’s that anyways) approved colors for the F-35.
  12. F-35 69-8701 from JASDF’s 301 squadron has some interesting 50th anniversary artwork.
  13. Is that the hasegawa kit? Or What did you use?
  14. Is this just for the 1/48 version or will the 1/72 be available for preorder too?
  15. How about a sheet for the 706th FS (now the 706th AS) during their A-10 and F-16 days.
  16. Ya. It’s still 313 squadron but I believe it’s a line jet. Seems like the Dutch have been using those badges to identify the squadron on their F-35’s.
  17. https://www.airliners.net/photo/Netherlands-Air-Force/Lockheed-Martin-F-35A-Lightning-II/7368355/L?qsp=eJwtjMEKwkAMBf8lZwVLwUNv9eBVD/5ASB61WN0lG9Cl9N%2BNi7dhBmYlSS/Hx281gwYqYJM77Siz8bPQsNID9Z1Mg%2Bm8P/RdxJLMTzWEsmMUQXbo319MYb%2BEIu0zxbcLgF0bU38Mr3PJC7cHnOeFtu0L0IYtog%3D%3D 313 squadron RNLAF
  18. Resin. And I would use CA glue. That worked the best for me.
  19. I thought 142nd FW (Portland) was getting the F-15EX while the 173rd FW (Klamath falls) was getting the F-35?
  20. Finally. Hopefully is a decent little kit. It would be nice to have one in 1/48 too but maybe one day.
  21. Surprised no one has beat me to it. Here are a few F-35’s from the 115th FW. They are currently still transitioning to the F-35.
  22. I guess for me I’m impartial to low viz schemes.
  23. Loos like they will do both an A and the G variant.
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