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  1. G'day, Do these help? https://aviationspottersonline.com/fa-50-details-2/ It's a walk-around I did of the first two FA-50s at the 2013 ADEX show at Cheongju where there was an official ceremony to mark the FA-50's entry into service with the ROKAF. Cheers, Motty.
  2. Speed Hunter is reprinting his Combat Weasels sheet at the moment and it should be available again soon. Cheers, Motty.
  3. That's an awesome shot! Cheers, Motty.
  4. G'day Rich, Are you aware that Speed-Hunter / Ried Air are doing a sheet which will include a similar scheme to this, in the near future? https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=515538507257484&set=a.416027423875260 Cheers, Motty.
  5. Ohh, if only I'd have known it was that easy to find one of these! 😉 Cheers, Motty.
  6. G'day All, I'm back. 😄 Thanks very much to everyone who helped for their time and patience. Cheers, Motty.
  7. G'day All, Has anyone seen anything of the actual plastic, or included colour schemes yet? Cheers, Motty.
  8. Yes. The original fairing, both styles of muzzles and the end of the barrels parts are all included. Cheers, Motty.
  9. For those who may be interested, it looks like everything you need to make a slatted F-4E is included in the F-4G kit, other than the relevant cockpit parts. Cheers, Motty.
  10. G'day Larry, Is it a specific serial number you're after that's in this kit or just an Osan based machine? If it's just an Osan based machine, did you know about this recently released boxing from Italeri? Just in case it helps. Cheers, Motty.
  11. Wow! Are there any other photos of this scheme? It looks awesome. Cheers, Motty.
  12. Another RAAF Hawk article in case it helps. http://aviationspottersonline.com/aussie-hawk-milestone/ Cheers, Motty.
  13. G'day All, For anyone who may be interested (and hasn't already seen it on social media), my latest article on our web site at www.aviationspottersonline.com covers the F-16s of the ROKAF's 111th FS. A rare and amazing experience. http://aviationspottersonline.com/korean-tigers-the-rokafs-111th-fs/ Cheers, Motty.
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