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  1. Wow! Are there any other photos of this scheme? It looks awesome. Cheers, Motty.
  2. Another RAAF Hawk article in case it helps. http://aviationspottersonline.com/aussie-hawk-milestone/ Cheers, Motty.
  3. G'day All, For anyone who may be interested (and hasn't already seen it on social media), my latest article on our web site at www.aviationspottersonline.com covers the F-16s of the ROKAF's 111th FS. A rare and amazing experience. http://aviationspottersonline.com/korean-tigers-the-rokafs-111th-fs/ Cheers, Motty.
  4. G'day Kursad, For info, the colours for the new RAAF colour scheme are FS16118 and FS16375 A few of my pics for reference if they help; http://aviationspottersonline.com/hawk-127-lifcap/ Let me know if you need any other info. Cheers, Motty.
  5. Well, as the guy responsible for doing the registration process since it started, there's a couple of things I'd like to address. Firstly, this message appears at the top of every page on the site if you are not logged in / registered; "AWAITING MEMBERSHIP ACTIVATION OR ACCIDENTALLY BANNED?-----PLEASE READ----------- G'day All,----- Sorry for putting this in here but I thought it was the most likely place for most people to see it, and it seems that some may still not be reading the "sticky notes" posted at the top of the major forums.----- If you are waiting to have you membership at Zone
  6. Thanks Guys. Habu2, yes, I know that there are ways around it, but there's little we can do. If people really want to bypass the basic "right-click"protection then they will always find a way. Cheers, Motty.
  7. G'day All, If anyone is interested, our latest article covers the very rare opportunity to see both of the Historic Aircraft Restoration Society's (HARS) Caribou out and about at a small grass airfield at Luskintyre last weekend, including some air to air shots of the trip. http://aviationspottersonline.com/a-rare-pair-caribou-air-to-air/ Click the link at the bottom of the article if you want to see the full gallery of images from the day. I hope you like it. Cheers, Motty.
  8. For anyone that might be interested, I've just posted my latest article on the 8th FW at Kunsan. http://aviationspottersonline.com/base-visit-8fw-the-wolfpack-kunsan-south-korea/ I hope you like it. Cheers, Motty.
  9. Ummmm, How about.... YES PLEASE!!?? :D
  10. Thank you very much. If you register on the site, you should be notified of any updates as they happen. Cheers, Motty.
  11. G'day Everyone, I'd like to let you know about a venture that a small group of us have embarked upon that may interest some of you. We have created "Aviation Spotters Online", where we hope to bring you great photographic coverage of places and events around Australia and overseas, as well as news and photographic gear reviews amongst other things. Unfortunately, until I can see if there is a way to share images from the site (we do have image protection in the site software) I'm afraid I can only show you the links and hope that you'll have the time to come and check us out. The main sit
  12. Many thanks Anthony. Glad you like them. Cheers, Motty.
  13. And so, finally, here's what they look like at the moment, after the coverings have been removed. I am quite happy with the new (to me) Gunze paints. I think that, once I lean the finer points of using them, they will be great. They go on very thin, dry fast and the finish seems very tough (even the metallic colours, which look great too). So there you have it. Finally, some significant progress after almost two years! I wont even pretend that any future updates will be any better but thank you to those who have dropped in again after such a long delay for a look-see. Che
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