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    Aircraft of the Australian Defence Forces in 1/72 scale<br />F-4, F-15 & F-16 fighters of the US ANG in 1/72 scale

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  1. So this sheet doesn't have the badge on the port side that you posted above? Cheers Phil Hastie Canberra, Australia The Nation's Capital
  2. Nice job Andrew, now I don't know whether I'll do mine as that bird or another one with those decals. 😄
  3. I believe that only the Nth Dakota and Minnesota ANG units had these wheels as they were introduced around the middle of F-16C Blk 30 production. Though I maybe wrong with this assumption. HTH Phil Canberra, Australia.
  4. I think an ANG Wing Kings style sheet would sell well as there are quite a lot of 72 scale modellers around. I for one hunt through all the new 72 scale release hoping for ANG F-16 markings, especially now there have been some great special schemes lately.
  5. Craig, Have you found the parts yet? I may be able to help if you haven't. Phil Hastie Canberra, Australia
  6. Bill, Check that the decals are the correct size. My sheet had a lot of the aircraft numbers for the refuelling markings in 1/48th scale on the 1/72nd sheet. There was a small replacement sheet for that aircraft as my Panthers were also in 1/48th scale not 1/72nd. HTH Phil Hastie Canberra Australia
  7. They do supply separate pieces for the tailhook without the fairing in the kit, or at least in the F-15C MSIP II "173rd Fighter Wing" Academy - Nr. 12506 boxing they have. Much closer to correct than the new release from Hasegawa with the Oregon show bird, which doesn't even have the updated aerials or modified tailhook parts in it. Still the same kit from when it was first released. Cheers Phil
  8. Ray, Ask me about spare engines and nacelles at lunch next Wednesday. Phil H
  9. These new Academy 1/72nd F-15C kit decals are by Cartograf.
  10. Try the Academy F-15C Oregon ANG boxing in 1/72 scale, I think they have either 67th or 44th FS lo-vis markings. I gave mine away. HTH Phil Hastie
  11. YUM YUM. More 1/72nd Viper love. I just wish some of the other manufacturers would also scale down their 48th scale offerings as well.
  12. Nice one Larry. There should have been plenty of real ones around where you hangout, oh that's right they're the wrong model. LOL! Cheers Phil Hastie Canberra, Australia
  13. I agree with this sentiment. I would like to see all the recent F-16 decals from Speedhunter Decals reduced to 1/72 scale. Not every one in the world models in big scales. Over half the world's modelling population models in 1/72 scale or smaller.
  14. Lee, I have these decals in the double combo kit and you can have them if you want. I'll send you the whole sheet except for the cockpit instrument and side panel decals which I will need. I'm doing a couple of What-If schemes on mine. PM me your snail mail addy. Cheers Phil Hastie Canberra Australia
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