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    Aircraft of the Australian Defence Forces in 1/72 scale<br />F-4, F-15 & F-16 fighters of the US ANG in 1/72 scale

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  1. I've just had a scroll through all my reference material and no, there wasn't
  2. Or the new RAAF 75SQN aircraft.
  3. California ANG with blue band with stars. 😛
  4. Yes Please, I would even spend my hard earned Aussie pesos on this one.
  5. Ah, I'm thinking of getting that one, I had forgotten about it. 😁
  6. Do you have some VT ANG markings for your F-35?
  7. Gary, Thanks for the good news.😀
  8. Gary, is there any chance of you doing the F-4E/G/K/M Belly Strap in 1/48th Scale. I know my favourite scale of !/72nd is probably out of the question, but I do have a couple of F-4Gs to do as they were aircraft originally used by the Royal Australian Air Force. Thanks Phil Hastie Canberra, Australia.
  9. Anyone noticed that the instructions would have you put the main undercarriage units in the wrong side, i.e. LHS in RHS and vice-versa. 😡 Cheers Phil
  10. Kursad, Does this sheet come with an insert for the vehicle numnbers for the USAF aircraft or are they missing from the sheet? I purchased one yesterday at a show and there were no numbers for the USAF aircraft on it or a place for them, unlike the 1/48th scale sheet which has them on it. Cheers Phil Hastie Canberra, Australia.
  11. Thanks, the picture shows the correct C model wheels.
  12. Thanks for this Murph, now I can continue with painting the correct wheeels. Cheers Phil
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