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  1. This is the 1/72 Hasegawa kit built OOB and finished with kit and Canuck Decals for a machine from 10SQN RAAF. HF wire antennas from Eziline,
  2. Hello, I am starting a new project: the first prototype of the Tomcat, in flight, on the GWH basis. I will use a F-14B kit to do so. Why ? Because I wanted to represent a VF-102 F-14B(Upgrade) with a HUD. But VF-102 never had F-14B(Upgrade) with a HUD ... but, I am happy to have the decals for a future Academy kit. And also, I've never build the GWH Tomcat and I wanted to see if the kit was worth it ... (because, I could have bought 2 Academy kits for the same price, and I would still have some money for extradetailling kits). I have to confess that is not my first
  3. This is the original tooling of the 1/72 Airfix C-130 kit. I have built it as a USAF HC-130N CSAR aircraft or as the USAF puts it "the only dedicated fixed-wing Personnel Recovery platform in the Air Force inventory". To build the HC-130N I added a added consoles and cabinets to the cockpit Tasman Models AN/ARD-17 Aerial Tracker Radome, inflight refuelling Hose Reel units from Flightpath and propellors from an Italeri C-130 kit. I also added the observer windows in the main cabin, the recover system rails and flare chutes on the upper ramp door and various antennas as seen on the aircraft
  4. This is the Italeri kit (Testors boxing) built as an LC-130F of the United States Navy. It represents 148321 which crashed in 1971 at an ice runway 860 miles (1,380 km) from McMurdo Station as a result of two JATO bottles ejecting improperly and striking one of the aircraft's propellers. In 1987 the aircraft was dug out of the snow and had temporary repairs carried out allowing it to be flown out to McMurdo Station and thence to Christchurch, New Zealand. It re-entered service and spent several more seasons doing antarctic work. The aircraft was retired to Davis-Monthan AFB sometime after
  5. So, ever since my attempt at building Special Hobby Mirage III and some paint trouble with metallic finish I figured I needed another go at Vallejo Model Air silver-ish colours. A smart man would do it the smart way - on a prepared piece o plastic to do some checking. But that smart man will not end up with a finished model that way. Ha! I got You there. So let's see who will be laughing in the end. For my trials, a single model will do. I have an Eduard MiG-15 waiting to be built. But I like to build models with some sort of a theme. So I'll throw in Zvezdas MiG-17 (or D
  6. Hello, these are the picture of my B-2A spirit, at 1/72 scale. The kit basis is the modelcollect one, but nothing is good on this kit and quite everything (except for 6 pieces) has to be rebuild if you want to have something looking like a B-2A. The fitting is not even poor. It is impossible without modification. It requires a lot of scratchbuilding. A lot. A lot lot. If you are not experienced modeller, don't do that. Wait. At least a long time. Or two long times. Enough for another B-2A kit from another manufacturer to be produced. Nevertheless, after 18 months, I ha
  7. Hello All, First build finished in many, many years. This is the Itaerli 1/72 RB-66 kit, built in markings for the 10th TRW at RAF Alconbury in 1964. I built this to hang on the ceiling of my boys' bedroom, since both were born while stationed at RAF Alconbury. Kids went nuts for it, so that made me happy. The Kit This is the only readily available kit for the any version of the B-66. It is actually quite impressive, as the kit comes with parts to make every major variant of the jet: B-66, RB-66, and EB-66. Technically, the EB-66 version sho
  8. This past Wednesday I just got Fine Molds' brand new F-15J delivered to my door. Immediately I started fiddling with it and started construction. So far I can definitely say this is not only the best F-15 in 1/72, but the best F-15 in ANY scale period. This is Fine Molds at their peak and their best kit yet. I really wanted a nice kit but I was let down by the GWH kit and the smooshed wide canopy and fat trailing edges. A problem scaled down from their 1/48 kit. The Platz kit was a step up, but the Matchbox-esque panel lines spoiled the whole package IMO. T
  9. Massive, massive 1/72 Hasegawa Phantom stash dump on eBay, just saying. No, it's not me, actually looking at a bunch.
  10. Hello, I don't have a good record of completing Group Build here on ARC (or anywhere else, for that matter...), but I'll give it a go. I'd like to start off with the 1/72 Nostalgic Plastic Convair YF-102A. It took a lot of persistence and a prince's ransom to even get this kit, and it remained hidden for far too long. I wish someone would re-release a kit of this airplane as it is too hard to find. The kit itself was started about three years ago. I start and stop many kits at a time and don't keep track. The kit itself is very simple; so simple in fact, tha
  11. On October 12, 1964, during its third test flight, its first supersonic, the paint of the XB-70 was torn off in entire patches on nearly 15% of the surface. Whose fault is it ? Nobody really knows, but each time a VIP was announced for a visit (ground tests, taxiing, first flight tests, etc.), it was systematically repainted in the immaculate white livery. The layers were superimposed, which modified its aerodynamics and caused unwanted turbulences which had the consequence of tearing off the paint or melting it following the heating of certai
  12. Came across Le Quack on FB, and promptly ordered a couple of 1/72 AARGM-ERs. Shapewise, these are also very similar to the SIAW currently in development.
  13. Howdy folks, title says it all, question is which kit of Monogram, Revell (Monogram rebox?) or Airfix is better apt to represent the later prototypes with the revised nose landing gear? I understand that all of these kits are actually B-1As so not many other changes there, I hope. Carry on!
  14. Hi all, this is my scratch built 1/72 IAF LCA Tejas Navy prototype fighter.
  15. Hello, few years ago, I decided to build a F-8E(FN) from the French Navy using the Academy basis. In the first time, I was planning to build an F-8P (the upgraded version of the F-8E(FN)), but I found a picture of an old F-8E(FN) in the beginning of its carrer in the French Navy, with a grey/white scheme and a lot of oil streak on the rear bottom. I choose to switch to this version ! I had several resin kit to improve the model, but I was very desappointed by the quality of theses kits and the imprecision they reveal ... It has to be noticed that I began th
  16. Hello, these are the picture of my 1/72 Crusader from the French Navy. I chose to represent the first paint scheme of the aircraft, soon after the delivery. The build is presented here There was an error on the rescue arrow that should be in English, not in French, so I made the correction ... colargol
  17. Hello all, Trying to finish up some projects and looking for the following: Neomega 72012 1/72 Su-47 cockpit set Wolfpack Design WP72045 F-15E Strike Eagle Update set (for Hasegawa 1/72) WP72065 F-15E Strike Eagle Cockpit set (for Hasegawa 1/72) Academy #12478 F-15E old tooling. Please dm me if you are willing to part with them. Thanks for looking. Dave
  18. Hello, this is a kit I have build several years ago. It is the Modelsvit kit of the Mirage III V-01, in 1/72 scale. You can see below the kit box and the documentation I've used for the build. I also went to the aeronautics museum of Le Bourget, in France, to make a lot of picture of this aircraft. The Mirage III V-01 was a prototype of Vertical Take-Off and Landing fighter. At that time, it was my first metallic aircraft. It has to be noticed that it is still my first mettalic aircraft 😉 The kit is not an easy one (but compared to the ModelColl
  19. First off, thanks to some of you for the light pushing to post a build thread. I wasn't feeling ready for it, I'm more of a "wait for the thing to be done, and then write about it" kind of guy but here we go! A brief background - I've always been somewhat removed from the space program. Never really paid much attention to it (one of those 'it's so routine that it's not exciting' things), saw some launches in elementary school in the early 90s, I remember being in 4th or 5th grade when John Glenn went into space. Moved to Florida (from New Jersey) in 2001, and continued to not pay a
  20. This is the 1/72 Welsh Models Gulfstream G-IV built as a U-4 of the JASDF. The kit was built OOB with the addition of type-specific antennas. Decals are by Draw Decal. The U-4 Multi-Purpose Support Aircraft is a Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation business jet “GIV-SP” that has been refurbished to Japan Air Self-Defence Force (JASDF) specifications. The U-4 was introduced to JASDF in 1995 as a successor to the reciprocating twin-engine aircraft “B-65” which was mainly used for communication and personnel transport, and as a Multi-Purpose Support Aircraft. It is mainly us
  21. Hello, this is a post about a model I've build in 2014. I have chosen to build a black twin mustang from Special Hobby. I have used the photoetched kit from MPM (K72016) and decals from Print Scale (72-067). The spinner from Special Hobby was not correct to me (same propeller on both side when they should be in opposite configuration) so I have chosen to use Monogram/Revell pieces instead (with a small diameter correction to fit properly). As I didn't like the tires either (too squared), I have used F6F wheel and tire from an Eduard kit. The ma
  22. Hello, This is a model I have build several year ago. I really like this helicopter but I had trouble with the clear part. Indeed, the Matchbox/Revell kit includes clear parts, but the edges of these pieces are too seeable and you will notice a specific shade of color at the link between the clear parts and the classic plastic parts. I found that disgracious and I feel like looking at a toy if I have this on a kit ... So I have postponed my build for several years until I have found a solution to this issue (the solution could have been a kit in clear plastic as it is the case for
  23. I asked for advice with this build here a few months ago so I thought I might as well share the results 🙂 I'm quite a novice so please be nice! Ultimately I elected to magnetize the hardpoints and weapons so that as I build a bigger collection of planes and associated weapons I can display many different configurations. I was a bit worried it wouldn't work, but it seemed that in the end it worked just as well as I'd have hoped. Had to destroy the drop tanks that came with the kit sadly in order to get bare pylons on the centerline and wings, but it's not like the F-15 has enough
  24. Hello, this is a build I have made in 2012-2014. I will present here a step by step process to make this kit. The TA-4SU is a Skyhawk version especially developped for Singapore Air Force. It is a 2-seater aircraft with two separated cockpits ... the fuselage has been lengthened by 72 cm (which is usefull for 1/72 modellers - see Wikipedia page) The raw material (except a lot of Evergreen, Tamyia putty and Gunze surfacer) was two Skyhawk kits from Fujimi : an A-4C (white plastic, for example for the nose) and an A-4E/F (grey plastic) for the rear cockpit. The
  25. Hello, During almost 5 years, I have worked on this model, using several other ones to produce a Mirage G8-01. It was a prototype in the 70's and the aircraft is currently presented in the aerospace museum in Le Bourget in France. I went there to take a lot of pictures for my build to be as accurate as possible. I draw the plans from photos (At that thime, I hadn't the Mirage F1 book which include wonderful 1/72 plans). Even if the new Modelsvit kit is forseen, I am happy to share these pictures (and I am looking forward for the Modelsvit kit too !) I have used pieces f
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