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Found 83 results

  1. Greetings, I am currently about to start work on Trumpeter's 72nd scale Mig-31BM, however there is a huge mis-mold on the inner front part of the canopy, as shown in the pictures below (linked from Britmodeller forums) Sanding and polishing seems like the obvious way, however since it's the inside and there is a lot of detail around, I was wondering if anyone knows a "safe" way or some trick to do it. Thanks
  2. I just released the new decal FCM 72046 for for brazilian versions of F-5B/E/F Tiger II in 1/72 scale. This new decal offers complete markings including stencils for two complete aircraft among nine colorful versions. Note: sorry the low quality images, the forum does not allow me better ones or direct links to my files. For better quality images please visit my website at http://www.fcm.eti.br/72.html
  3. Any of you old-timers out there who've converted from 1/72 to larger scales happen to have a C.T.T. Inc. (Dallas, TX) #9072 flexible clear plastic ruler they're willing to part with? Just overturned a bottle of liquid cement onto mine -- not pretty! Please PM if you've got one. Ed
  4. murad

    T-90 zvezda 1/72

    Zvezda's T90 in 72nd scale #5020 built oob, lovely piece of kit, very very good. single length tracks are a bit problematic but still manageable. Enjoy
  5. herbarnold99

    test - do you see the pic?

    Having some difficulty posting photos, do folks see this shot (1/72 Lublin R.XIII)? thx Herb
  6. Package has been sold. I have a pair of 1/72 kits for sale. I'd like to sell these together. The kits are Hasegawa 00728 1/72 Beaufighter Mk. 21 'Green Ghost' (shrink-wrapped) Tamiya 60770 1/72 Republic P-47D Thunderbolt 'Bubbletop' (open box, sealed bags) The price is $30 for the lot, plus shipping. Since it fits in the box and I'll never build it, I'll throw in an Airfix 1/72 Henschel Hs 129, kit 02032. All kits are in their original boxes. Sorry, but I can only ship to US addresses. For payment, I'll accept any of the following methods: PayPal - must be sent as goods/services Amazon gift card Google Pay (formerly Andriod Pay) Money order Personal check, but will have to wait for it to clear If interested, please contact me via email, as I cannot access the ARC forums during the day - stacey dot brogden at gmail dot com. Thanks!
  7. Anyone familiar with me, especially here on ARC, knows that I’ve been tinkering around with building a 1/72 Saturn model for the better part of five years. (Yes, five.) There have been many starts and just as many stops, all with long stretches of time in between. During that time I’ve learned a lot of new techniques and have been able to produce some 3D models of the Saturn that I’m quite satisfied with. The problem is I didn’t have anything physical to show for all the work, and producing it would be extraordinarily expensive, especially at the resolution that would produce the detail I’m looking for. I do think that it will be an option in the future, especially since SLA Printers are becoming a little more affordable. I guess it would be prudent to start squirreling away some cash for that eventuality … but right now, Johnny wants a rocket. For the past few months, I’ve been building a couple of 1/72 Saturn Vs from Dragon kits. I haven’t been quibbling too much on the horrid inaccuracies, I’ve just been building. Mainly to try to recapture the enjoyment I get from constructing these things, but also to actually have a couple of really cool display pieces for the study. Mind you, I have been adding a few details here and there, but I’ve been mostly just building it OOB and I do have to admit that it’s been a very enjoyable experience. One will be the Skylab 1 launch vehicle and the other, I’m thinking, will represent the Apollo 16 launch vehicle. It's like Michoud on my desk. So far building the two Saturn Vs simultaneously has been a pretty easy affair. You make two sets of parts, then apply two sets of parts. I’m closing in on having both S-ICs ready for final assembly. I’m hoping the S-II will go together in a similar, relaxed fashion … I don’t think it will, but let’s hope. So here’s the crazy bit. I’ve got three Dragon Saturn kits that I’m using for these builds. Since I’m almost completely redoing the way the S-IIs are constructed, I’ll be using a couple of the third kit’s skirt sections to rebuild the forward skirt areas. This is going to leave me with a lot of 5.5” dia. tank sections and other parts. So rather than let those go to waste, I was thinking that I’d build something that was somewhat ludicrous, but really, really cool – a Nova C-8 as proposed for the Apollo Direct Ascent plan. Most tube diameters coincide with schedule 40 PVC/ABS pipe sizes available at the Home Depot, so This may never actually happen, but it would be epic. So yeah, three rockets – I’m going to give it a go. I’ll post soon to catchup to where the build is currently, but in the interim … imagine the eventual end-product looking something like this. Ceiling tiles.
  8. I started this for the Recce Birds, Part Deux GB back in July last year Build thread here . After seeing @Nanook's thread on his Revell build I dusted mine off to continue with it. So I will continue the build here (until I lose interest again ) Hmmm.... 8 months on the side table of doom, not bad! As in my usual manner, I see @Nanook building the same type as me (different scale in this case) I decided to drag mine off the side table of doom (no room on the shelves at the moment) and see where it is at. As I recalled I had to confirm some nose antenna placements and stopped there. Out came the kit and the Pe and I decided to finish installed the antennas. I pretty much sorted out the positions of the antennas and fitted them. Then I realised why I had stopped, the PE antennas in the conversion set are too big, they almost look 1/48 rather than 1/72. I could live with it along the fuselage but they looked far too out of place below the radome. So there placement under the nose was short lived and I replaced them with smaller plastic replacements. They need some cleanup and final shaping after the glue sets. This meant I could use the oversized ones elsewhere. The conversion set is lacking a few extra antennas that have been fitted since it was released. I also added some more plastic replacement on the lower rear fuselage since I found it easier to make replacements out of strip and fit them. I also carved ou the lower surround of the front port door and added a PE part, hinges and door handle have to be installed as well to this and rear port door in due course. Looks like the area needs a tidy up as well. More soon.
  9. murad


    Hi all, something in braillescale this time, modelcollect's t-64bm bulat. it was built entirely oob for the kit comes with a metal barrel and a whopping 4 frets of photoetch. lovely kit except a couple of issues but nothing major. it was a also a gift from a dear modeller friend - enjoy :)
  10. Bolschoj Phantome

    Yakovlev Yak-7B

    Hey, guys! I present to you my model of Soviet fighter WWII Yakovlev Yak-7B, scale 1/72 , from the kit of the Russian company "Eastern Express". This is a simple and cheap total war plane. The model represents the aircraft of the famous Russian pilot Hero of the Soviet Union major P.A. Pokryshev. This pilot in the 29th guards fighter regiment defended Leningrad from the Nazis during the most difficult time of the blockade. Soviet people starved to death, but did not give up. This aircraft was shown to the people in 1944, when the Museum of defense of Leningrad. The plane got there after it was removed from service. Likely his globally repaired. The aircraft has signs of both early and late modifications of the Yak-7. I have great respect for that pilot and wanted this model to my collection, but colored correctly model this aircraft, I have not seen. The model is going well, the only problem - brittle plastic. I changed the airways, the wheel wells, and the front glass of the cockpit. Sorry for the bad English.
  11. Good Afternoon, I'm getting ready to move this summer, and need to cut down a bit on the stash a bit. Shipping will be at cost from Texas, 78414. I'll ship anywhere if you're willing to pay the costs. Make me an offer on multiples if you are interested in more than one thing. Would be interested in the following in trades: Hasegawa F-111D/E/F Payment via PayPal Only! Thanks. Kits: Hasegawa F-14B "Jolly Rogers VF-103" 00613 - $20 Sold Hasegawa F-14A "Sundowners" 00366 - $20 Sold Fujimi A-6E TRAM Intruder H-13 - $10 Hasegawa F-4G Wild Weasel Ka8 - $25 Fujimi Mig-21 Black Lynx H-21 with Quickboost Resin Spine, Intake and Horz Stabs - $12 Academy F/A-18A Hornet MSIB - $15 Sold Revell F-16A New Tool (Spitfire Commemorative Markings) - $10 Hasegawa Macross Plus VF-11B - $12 Trumpeter Su-30MKK Flanker G - $18 Trumpeter Su-27UB Flanker C - $18 Revell (Hasegawa Rebox) F-15E, I ordered the new tool Hasegawa Strike Eagle Sprues, and they are in the box - $18 Sold Revell (Hasegawa Rebox) P-3C Orion - $25 (2 Available) Fujimi HH-53C Jolly Green Giant S-2 (one external tank is short shot) - $12 Hasegawa F-111C K33 (MSIB) - $25 Resin Lone Star P-3C Firebomber conversion - $15 Sold Decals: Begemot 72-025 Su-27 Flanker Family 1 - $8 Wolfpak 12-17 Thank You - $5 Wolfpak 12-16 Thank You - $5 Wolfpak 72-082 The Dogs of War - $12 Wolfpak 72-104 Death with Finesse (2 Available) - $12 Wolfpak 72-108 Wild Things - $12 Wolfpak 72-109 Blood Sweat and Valor - $12 Wolfpak 72-110 Don't Call Me Shirley - $12 Wolfpak 72-111 Spirits in the Sky - $12 Wolfpak 72-113 Fighting Cocks - $5 Thanks for Looking! Cheers, Hoops
  12. Hello all Looking for a simple project to give the first try at acrylics paints, pulled out this model from the stash. Japanese WWII aircraft are the least of my interest subjects so, in my mind, everything about the zero was well documented and the only topic unsettled was if the hinomaru paint flake off as bad as the rest of the paint or crews keeps it in pristine conditions. I thought a few clicks on google would solve this but instead realized how little I knew. After several months of work in the model, web surfing and two books read finally got it completed, still managed to get some accuracy things wrong but here it is, comments and critiques are always welcomed. Academy kit, CMK cockpit set, Eduard detail set, Aber and Master gun barrels, EZ-line antenna cable. Painted with Tamiya acrylics, Vallejo primer, metallics and flat coating. Weathering with pastel chalks, Tamiya panel line accent, AMMO pigments and oil brushes Regards Carlos
  13. Following the 'comparison' thread - I have made a start on building the Trumpeter 1/72 scale Su-34..... I won't post pics of the sprues - they are available elsewhere and here - just progress photos of the build. The cockpit is quite comprehensive - with a separate door in the rear bulkhead..... but note those ejection pin recesses in the structure behind the seats. Similarly, the nosewheel bay looks accurate - complete with two-parts for the sliding access hatch..... The K-36 ejection seats are quite simplified - I would replace them if the cockpit was open - but they are acceptable given the closed cockpit... Trumpeter even provide the rudder pedals and very nice control collums - decals are provided for the front and side instrument panels - although the starboard panel curled up on me and I couldn't get it straight... Note the rear door - which I have posed open. The nosewheel bay in place - although not mentioned in the instructions, the front access hatch can be clicked in place and made to slide open..... Open.... Closed.... View into the wheel bay.... note the sliding front hatch. Top and bottom fuselage halves glued together..... I have made an attempt at re-profiling the nose to make it sharper - with moderate success...... It isn't 100% - but it looks much better - I might shave a bit more off to make the 'beak' sharper - but without going through the plastic!!... Re-shaped Trumpeter nose compared to the Italeri nose.... More later... Ken
  14. Selling the last released detailing sets of Metallic Details: SR-71 Blackbird. Landing gears (Testors/Italeri) in scale 1/48 - $50.00 Set contains resin and photoetched parts for detailing of central and front landing gears: wheel wells, struts, wheels, landing gear doors. Detailing set for Zvezda kit "Boeing 737" in scale 1/144 - $13.55 Set contains parts for detailing the exterior of the aircraft. Detailing set for Zvezda kit "Boeing 767" in scale 1/144 - $13.55 Set contains parts for detailing the exterior of the aircraft. Detailing set for aircraft model Boeing 747 (Revell) in scale 1/144 - $27.00 Set contains parts for detailing the exterior of the aircraft. Ejection seat K-36DM in scale 1/72 - $4.00 The set contains resin (5 pcs) and photoetched (8 pcs) parts to build 1 seat. MiG-23. Jet nozzle (Trumpeter) in scale 1/48 - $17.00 Set contains 9 resin parts. Two versions in one set. MiG-25 RB/RBT. Jet nozzles (ICM) in scale 1/48 - $22.00 Set contains 14 resin parts.
  15. my favs are F`s

    B-2 Spirit / 1/72

    Buongiorno gents! This is one ginormous kit for its scale and quite iconic as well. The B-2 Spirit built by Northrop at the end of the Cold War era, still majestic today, and a plane that i`ve always admire: The oob decals let you choose between 3 airframes, i`ll probably choose the Spirit of New York. And i just open this theme, but will not start building it, cause i have to first finish my other Northrop masterpiece - the F-23A. About the kit - there are several great reviews here and there, so check out only the glimpse over the content: The packing is flawless and fortunately that`s the box design that i liked the most, the black one. About the size of this beast - i`m speechless....
  16. Hello Here is my most recent build with this 1/72 North American B-45A from Valom. This aircraft was from the 86th Bomb Squadron / 47th Bombardment Wing in 1954 at Sculthorpe RAF Station. The transfers came from a Caracal Models sheet and were very satisfactory. This kit is not for beginners and honestly one is enough. In the end the product is correct and will be published next month in the French magazine "Avion de combat". Patrick
  17. As I am building the latest iteration of the Sukhoi Su-34 - I thought I'd have a go at the earliest version - the T-10V1 Su-27IB. I originally thought of just grafting the original Su-27 tailboom onto the Italeri Su-34 kit - but the biggest problem I faced was filling in the mainwheel wells - they are huge on the Su-34 and cut into the intake sides - the whole area is totally different between the Su-27IB and production Su-34. So I have adopted the method that Sukhoi used - grafting the new side-by-side cockpit section front fuselage onto the rear of a tandem two-seat Su-27UB trainer...... Here's what I mean - the Italeri Su-34 is on the left, the Heller Su-27UB on the right - the blue tape shows where I am making the cuts.... Underside view showing the major difference in the main landing gear wells..... The Italeri Su-34 front end grafted onto the Heller Su-27UB rear end - note the discrepancy in the shape of the spines - fixable with generous applications of Milliput (I hope) Undersides ....... Now all I have to do is graft the Italeri wings onto the Heller fuselage (the Italeri wings are better), fix the intakes (the scallop for the well on the Heller intake is now correct for the Su-27IB - but the intake lower edges are too 'square' and lack the slot in the bottom)....... More later.. Ken
  18. Title pretty much says it all. I am looking for a windscreen for the Heller 1/72 Mirage IV. It's part # 51 in the instructions. I contacted Heller, and they said they no longer had that part in stock. If you have a spare one, even one that's been painted, LMK what you want for it. I am in Florida. PM me or email me direct at lengesath(AT)cox(DOT)net if you can help. Larry
  19. Trojan Thunder

    Hasegawa P-3B - 10 Squadron RAAF

    I finished this one back in 2016. A9-300 was destroyed by an oxygen fire during maintenance back in January 1984, I wanted to do a P-3B with some 'history' In better days - Link I converted the Hasegawa P-3C to a B with the now OOP Hamilton Hobbies conversion set which included the searchlight at and replacement sonobuoy panel. I also used a Hamilton Hobbies Weapons bay for the build as well.
  20. Hi Looking for whole sheet of Wolfpack #72031, "Sambusters & Tyke". Really only need the VA-34 Blue Blazers A-6B markings, but would take whole sheet if offered. Buy or trade. Ed
  21. New 1/72 Pratt & Whitney engines are available for ordering: 1/72 Pratt & Whitney R-1340 Wasp 103 parts. Can be built as early production, late production or geared version. 1/72 Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp Junior 99 parts. 1/72 Pratt & Whitney R-1690 Hornet / BMW 132 (early production) 61 parts.
  22. Hello, I don't have a good record of completing Group Build here on ARC (or anywhere else, for that matter...), but I'll give it a go. I'd like to start off with the 1/72 Nostalgic Plastic Convair YF-102A. It took a lot of persistence and a prince's ransom to even get this kit, and it remained hidden for far too long. I wish someone would re-release a kit of this airplane as it is too hard to find. The kit itself was started about three years ago. I start and stop many kits at a time and don't keep track. The kit itself is very simple; so simple in fact, that there are no instructions per se, expecting the builder to be skilled enough to figure it out. In this case I had glued in the rudimentary cockpit (with a little fiddling -- can't even remember what all at this stage). We'll just have to unmask it later, to find out what's in it! (Wait, I've heard that somewhere...) and the chosen tailpipe (early and later are provided -- to make any of the several YF-102's), and glued the fuse together with CA. About 18 months ago, I finally got around to sanding it down a bit, and sprayed on a black primer. And that is where this group build project begins. Among many other shelf queens, I shot a photo of just a few, the black one shown below is the one for this effort.: I began by sanding out very tiny scratches, with 4000 thru 12000 grit sanding pads, re-priming as needed. Then everything was given a coat of Alclad II Black Gloss Base coat, and two coats of Alclad II Polished Aluminum, with each item given time to dry between coats. I then began masking for the leading edges, with yellow kubuki type tape. I will use Stainless Steel as that color: At this point, allow me to digress.... MASKING! One of the necessary, yet painful things we modelers must endure. I learned long ago that you can't have too many tools to make life easier! Yes, you can whittle almost anything out of a log and a penknife, but it's a heck of a lot simpler to build most things with the right tools. Masking mediums are some of those tools. On this model, I will probably NOT use any liquid masking film, but I think I masked the canopy with Bare Metal Foil. I do use these things, when appropriate. We'll start with tape. Pretty much most modeler's will agree that Tamiya tape has been the best around for modeling, and that remains true. However, there are two problems with Tamiya tape: 1) it's sometimes hard to find, and 2:it's always relatively expensive, based on cost per inch. I have solved both problems, at least to my satisfaction, and I'll pass them along for what it's worth. If you don't live in the U.S., you'll have to hunt for your own solutions, or shop internationally. The big thing about Tamiya tape is that it's made with rice paper, which allows more flexibility than the other stuff. I believe that Kubuki tape is a brand name where Kubuki does not refer to the Japanese play, as much as the word "Kubuki", which I think means "Star" (as of a play). Hopefully anyone more informed will enlighten us all! Oh, and also, the "good stuff" has a "low-tack" adhesive, at least less sticky than regular old masking tape. Seems that what we are looking for uses an acrylic, "no residue" adhesive. Some makers also use "Washi" tape, which might be made of many things. Here's what I use: The first three on the bottom row ( L to R) are of course, various sizes of Tamiya Tape, of which I have a fairly good supply. When it's gone I may or may not re-order. There is a lot of convenience in grabbing the next nearest size roll when you need it, but then again, it doesn't take that long to stick a length of the wide stuff and an old glass refrigerator shelf, and use a steel rule and sharp knife to slice off what you need. The top left roll is from a maker called "Frog Tape", in about a 1.5 inch width. Next is a tape called "Shurtape CP 60 (60 day release), in 1" width. Both are available in American "big box" stores. The roll on the top right, I can't remember the manufacturer or where I got it -- somewhere on line. One possible link is here : Yellow Tape. The white tape at the lower right is someone's (probably Squadron Shop) vinyl, narrow width vinyl masking tape for curves. I only use it infrequently, an only for it's intended purpose. The next masking element, that I've used for years is Parafilm "M". used for sealing medical tubes, flasks, etc . It can be found in various places in smaller sizes, such as Micro Mark, but I got this huge roll from Amazon for a very low "cost-per-inch" factor, and if the glue holds up, it will outlive me! It is used by cutting off a chunk ( I recommend about 1-1/4" unless you have VERY long thumbs), removing the paper backing, and then stretching it width-wise to about 4 times it's starting length. This activates a slightly sticky side, that will burnish down to a very thin edge, and allow cutting with a VERY sharp (read NEW) razor blade tip -- old X-acto #11 works fine for me. Furthermore, it will absolutely ding-dong-dare ya refuse to pull up any paint that you stick it onto, which is just fine for bare metal finishes. I have built BMF aircraft with no other means of masking, but it's a little tedious, cutting along every panel line you wish to mask.: The next pic shows my YF-102A wrapped securely in two layers of Parafilm. I use two layers, because sometimes, when masking canopies for instance, one layer is very tricky to get off the model, whereas two layers works much better, at least for me: Next, Figure "A" show where only the intake areas that I wish to paint a different color have been unmasked, by means of judicious use of the aforementioned #11 blade. This leaves everything else securely protected from over spray, and I promise you -- is much easier than trying to use masking tape in this area! Next the results after spraying the second color. (we'll have to wait until later and the Great Reveal to see whether there's enough tonal difference to make this worth-while. Next, more masking with tape for the elevons, and a large section of the center upper fuse: This time I think the color was Airframe Aluminum. By now, you may have guessed the reason for this model's achieving Shelf Queen status -- all the work for the BMF paint job -- and don't start up about Bare Metal Foil -- Ive grown much to lazy in my dotage. Hat's off to the more sincere types among you! Well, that's it for this installment. It will take a while for this gal to wend her way through the paint shop. Updates will follow! Ed
  23. Hi Here is my new finished kit with this reconnaissance fighter Dassault Mirage F1 CR from Special Hobby. This one is N°603 #33-NR of Escadron de Reconnaissance ER02.033 in 1988 in Chad. The shark mouth was added before going back to Reims AB, France. The vanilla/chocolate camouflage is typical of the Chad operations during the 1980s. She was loaded with two 1200 L fuel tanks, two Magic air-to-air missiles, a Phimat chaff dispenser under the starboard wing and a Barracuda ECM pod under the port wing. Patrick
  24. Here are my 2017 model airplane completions, from probably my best year ever! B-45A Tornado, Mach2 kit mods B-45A WIP Trumpeter F-100C, Col. Geo. Laven mods F-100C WIP Maj Geo Laven, RS P-38E, Aleutians P-38E WIP F-100F Wild Weasel, Trumpeter, mods F-100F WIP Ryan FR-4, MPM FR-1 Fireball kit, modded FR-4 WIP Academy A-37B A-37B RFI YA-7F Stretched Sluff", Fujimi A-7D, modded YA-7F WIP SBD-2 Marines At Modway, Hasegawa SBD-3,RFi XAD4-1 Skyhawk Conversion of Airfix Kit, RFI A few of these were started before 2017, but I finally got them done. Ed
  25. murad

    SpPz2 Luchs

    This is 1/72 revell 03208. The detail is exquisite, probably one of the best in 72nd scale revell's that i've build (and i build many) so far. i can not comment on the accuracy since i am unfamiliar with the vehicle tho. As you can see all the pioneer tools are separate parts, eventho it was a bit tricky the plastic is very good and forgiving which helps a lot with the cutting and cleaning - still being careful and having a healthy nipper is a must at these sizes (it's mere 10.7cm in length). The running gear is extremely detailed but i left it's assy after the paintjob and wx stages due to the cramped space there i fear i might not get in. btw after searching the net for ref shots decided the paintjob will be bundeswehr ral 6014 gelboliv, not 3 tone nato. i am meaning to make it into a vignette over this piece of wood.