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  1. I've wondered the same thing, has anyone answered this?
  2. Well to be honest, since I am not too overly concerned with accuracy on some of these old kits. i might just build as-is even I do make it in-flight. Just one of those random questions
  3. Everyone, I am aware that the Revell F-15C is a re-pop of the old Monogram F-15C kit, I noticed that there is literally no intake at all if I am looking at the instructions correctly. Has anyone ever taken the intake trunks from the Revell F-15E kit and made it fit into this kit? granted it might be way more work then what it's worth, but I was wondering if anyone has every attempted or looked into it. Like I said, a weird question.
  4. Add this to the most random HL find when I picked up my stuff yesterday. Revell has re-popped the 1/48 F-84E in the Thunderbirds livery.
  5. Been looking into building a couple of Gundam models, just looking for the right one. This might be the time to do that.
  6. Okay, I've noticed that they have been getting less models and more Gundam, Bandai Star Wars, and Dragonball Z.
  7. So I must be a glutton for punishment. My local Hobby Lobby seems to have some models and tools on Clearance so I went ahead and picked up the Revell F-15C. I know it will be a pain to build, but for the price it was worth it. Also picked up some Flex-I-File plast-i-weld on clearance too. hope this doesn't mean the whole section is going away and they are just clearing out some clutter.
  8. This one is done and in the bag. Off to my next build. Enjoy everyone.
  9. Thank you for the suggestions, and I will definitely be mindful of the print on demand books. I have a good number of Squadron/Signal books, ecspecially when they started their $5 sales before Squadron.com went out of business. What I've noticed is that they can be hit or miss in regards to information on the exact type in regards to subject I am looking into. Always seems that there will be 2 pages on the variant I would like to build, yet 20 pages on the variants before and after! 🙂 Plus I just like reading about interesting subjects on airplanes and helicopters that I missed out while g
  10. That's good to hear. I was looking into getting the F-14 and maybe the F6F Hellcat books at least..
  11. Afternoon all, had the chance to see a few titles by Schiffer Publishing that I am interested in, but does anyone have any comments on the books? Pretty good, so-so or such? While I am still looking around for reviews, I've found that my knowledge base on books is somewhat lacking so better to ask.
  12. I shall add this to the list. Here's a way to thin out the model stash.
  13. Good grief... another model to build! 😆 I'm in if this starts.
  14. Airbrushing portion is done, any other painting needs to be done will be by hand.
  15. If I can get a couple of parts I am need to order, I will be willing to bump an upcoming build to participate.
  16. That's a pretty sweet build. Lookin' good! 🙂
  17. I was able to pick up a beginner double action airbrush from Harbor Freight Tools. Still getting a handle on it but very easy to use.
  18. Working on the last of the gray colors. Then off to some paint corrections and the sections needing to be tan. Almost done with this bad boy. Enjoy.
  19. Many shades of gray. Coming along.
  20. F-16CM Blk 50. With the Have Glass V paint scheme. I am using Hasegawa's 1/48 kit.
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