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  1. No idea why no one commented, but I do think it's pretty cool that you could build and light it so quickly. Very impressive.
  2. Priming the Defiant. This might take a couple of layers... Laying down the silver for the stand. Stripped and repainted the Bussard Collectors. Just need to do a little touch up.
  3. Looks good, great job on the lighting.
  4. I've switched to using Vallejo's Model Color/Air color lines for my models. Takes some experimenting, but I am happy with how they come out. I am limited by smell working in the basement even with airflow, so having to us acrylics. As stated earlier, just need to thin and use flow improver and retarder as needed.
  5. More work done on this build. Seams and trying to paint the metallic colors for the stand. Gold laid down and I hope it evens out as it dries. *Fingers crossed*
  6. Thanks, a small update. I had to use Tamiya putty on some of the bigger seams along the nacelle and the nose. section. Also tried to spray Vallejo Model Air's Copper... didn't go so well....ughhh. Tried to take a picture of the results, but the camera had issues focusing on the color.
  7. This boxing of the model is from the 90's. I remember that it never came with clear plastic. Alot of putty, but still a fun build.
  8. Started filing in the seams. Currently trying out Vallejo's putty for this build.
  9. While I have the USS Enterprise on hold pending delivery of some decals, I went ahead and started my USS Defiant from DS9. Build so far, will be dealing with the seams this weekend.
  10. ...and I shall call this one DONE!
  11. Just purchased the above resin set and I was wondering has anyone used this set for their build of the Eurofighter? It seems the version of Revell's Eurofighter is based on the prototype so there is nothing that I can see that shows where they will go location wise. Still looking for some clear pictures to show were they will go exactly on the wing but any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Approaching the finish line. Awaiting the decals that I've ordered plus some minor touch ups.
  13. Plugging along. Just need to fix the base and rework some of the weathering and then this is done. The lighting for taking pictures is horrendous in my workshop. Will try to take better images once completed.
  14. Small update. Still working on the damaged deflector dish, plus fixing the paint that came up from the tape.
  15. Small update, almost done.
  16. Back to my build. Paint is almost done, just some touch ups. Forgot my own warning about the plastic and the lacquer thinner. Almost melted the deflector dish. Ran into one of the nacelles breaking off, so had to repair that. Made harder since the internal brace broke off during the build. A very interesting model for certain.
  17. After posting, this I looked over my reference book and saw that where it is stated the spine is on D model F-16's. Honestly, I think it would look interesting to see a spine on a single seat F-16, but that's just me.
  18. This is purely random but I am putting out there to see if anyone has any info regarding F-16's, CFT's, and the avionic spines. Looking over some images, I see that there are single seat F-16's with CFT's installed. Yet has anyone seen any single seat F-16's with the avionics spine or is that strictly a 2 seater option? Like I said, random question that got me thinking after reading The Scale Viper again.
  19. Going to be picking those up for the new cup that comes in. Thanks everyone for the help, even though I did such a boneheaded thing. Very much appreciated.
  20. Probably more effort than it's worth, but I am going to use the bin we sue to clean weapons at work to see if it will work. At this point, I've already ordered a new cup... now I am just seeing what can be done to fix my idiotic mistake. 😁
  21. Yes, the color cup. I ended up buying a new cup, but figured it might be possible to clear it.
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