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  1. No kitchen sink or toilet???? 🙂 Looks awesome, pretty cool load out.
  2. Anyone have any recommendations for books on the Eurofighter?
  3. Do not have the model yet, was just trying to decide if I wanted to get the Revell F-15C, since I already have the E version in the stash. I figured it wouldn't be the latest and greatest in regards to how the kit is built, but that's part of the joy for me.
  4. Just a quick question, since I am now seeing this version coming up for sale in stores. Has anyone seen the sprues for this to have an impression of the kit? Or is this a rebox of something ancient from the Revell/Monogram line?
  5. Looks good. I have this one but from the IdolMaster line. Did you have any trouble with any aspect of this build?
  6. As a veteran(American too!) I am so NOT offended. Just model on folks, keep on buildin'!
  7. Since I've been on this site, I've received a lot of invaluable advice from everyone, so thank you for that. So I figured the least I could do is actually post something I've built. Some of the users might have seen it elsewhere, but if you haven't then enjoy. This is the Warlock Class Destroyer from Babylon 5. A resin kit designed by BamBam Productions. Paint was Vallejo paints, a mixture of gray, steel and mixed with some black. Not a long and hard build, and great resin kit.
  8. Posted in wrong section, please delete.
  9. I had the chance to pick this up when I was stationed in Korea. Going through some of the threads here and I noticed that people have mostly build the Italeri kits or the 1/35 Academy MH-60. Has anyone build the MH-60G in 1/48 scale? What were your thoughts on it? Just trying to get my head wrapped around which version was used by Army Special Forces versus the Air Forces CSAR and if it is even possible to convert the kit I have into an Army bird.
  10. Silly question (most likely stupid) on my part, but is this only specific to Hellenic aircraft?
  11. Lou Drendel's book, Tomcat, on page 40 as I am looking at it. Well that helps me out then, might just get a A or B model to build one in the 103 livery and the D will go to the 101. Thanks everyone.
  12. Looking over one of my books on the F-14 and I noticed that an F-14D was shown as being assigned to VF-103. My understanding that there were no D models assigned to VF-103, ecspecially since most of the decals I see online are for the F-14B. Were there D models in VF-103, or just the A/B model? Was wondering since I have Revell's F-14D model to build and I am looking to either make in VF-103 or VF-101 colors.
  13. A quick glace looks like I have the wheels, if you don't get them from someone else, just drop me a message and I will send your way.
  14. I can look through my box of the OA-4 and see if I have the wheels. I won't be needing them if they are still in the box.
  15. This is coming along pretty good. I have this kit in my stash. Would like to see how this one turns out.
  16. Just what I was looking for. Many thanks.
  17. Question for the F-14 guru's or just anyone who can help me out with this. I've been looking through my sources plus online but I can not find the answer. I know that there is a cut-out for the AIM-7 Sparrow on the pylon when used on the F-14. What exactly is different about this pylon versus the one without a cutout that is shown when the AIM-54 or the LANTIRN is attached?
  18. Very nice. I can't find any fault with this build.
  19. I'm just glad to hear you are back. I came onto the building scene and heard about your products when your items were hard to find. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store.
  20. Would like to order the Esci A-4 and tentatively the Mig-27 depending on shipping cost, thank you.
  21. Once we get some things fixed in the basement where my workshop is located, I will be building Monograms p-61 Black Widow.
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