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  1. Yes, and those were Canadian vets only. Sobering, isn't it?
  2. It saddens me to no end to lose yet another one of these great men. RIP, Buck. The other day I was speaking with my father, who is a vet and is now 93. He was reading a veteran's magazine he gets every month and he showed me the obituary section at the end. There were over 10 pages and 3000 names from just last month alone. Soon they will all be gone.
  3. Thanks, Spectre. I'm really itching to get back to the Sabre. Just so busy right now. BD
  4. I just got the mini-series, "Piece of Cake", aired on the BBC a few years ago. It's about a fictional RAF "Hornet" Squadron, flying Spitfires in France in 1939, just after the outbreak of the war. Very good story with excellent flying scenes. :thumbsup:
  5. Wow. You guys are scaring me. I just started up again after about 45 years away from modelling. I have 2 on the bench and 2 in the stash and I am thinking,"Hmmm, I better get to work on these." :o
  6. When we were all ready to board, they asked where we would like to sit. I am sure you could just ask as soon as you meet the flight co-ordinator. As soon you are airborne, you can move around the plane at will. You are going to love it!! Don
  7. Thanks, guys. It was definitely a "highlight of my life". There was an older gentleman in our group who flew B-17s during the war. It was his first time on one since 1945 and was a very emotional experience for him and his daughter (and for all of us watching as well). I have about 16 minutes of video footage that I would love to share, just not sure where to host it. I think Youtube has a 10 minute limit.
  8. Looking great, Mike. I'm inspired to get back to my Sabre build. (The Lanc is close to being done.)
  9. My family bought me a ride on the Yankee Lady for my 60th birthday. Here is the last couple of minutes for your viewing enjoyment. probably the most exciting 2 minutes of my life.
  10. Geez, thanks a lot. I just dropped a hundred bucks.
  11. Thanks for the update, Ian. I'm looking forward to getting over to the hanger this weekend and seeing "Bad Penny" (FM212) up close and personal. Interesting news about JJ! Maybe there are secret plans in the works. One can only hope! Don
  12. Yup, you are correct, sir. I spoke with one of the volunteers yesterday and he was saying that, despite the fact that the main spar was cut to mount 212 on her pedestal, there is new technology that makes airworthiness not only possible, but more affordable. Who knows how much moolah it would take, but it's certainly something to hope for.
  13. Great job, Ian! My 1/72nd Lanc project is small enough for me.
  14. No need to go easy, you did a great job. Well done! :thumbsup:
  15. Mike, Now that I am retired I am going to join CHAA as a volunteer so I will be on top of the situation and keep you posted. Another cool project they are working on is a Mosquito build. I took this pic about 3 years ago at an airshow here in Windsor so I am sure there has been progress made since then. Don
  16. Tried to send you a PM but your box must be full. Where are you located? thx, BD Edit: Doh. Just saw the "e-mail" instructions.
  17. Exactly! As a matter of fact, that is why I started modelling again (and joined ARC). I expect many new members join for the same reason. :)
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