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  1. Are these still for sale?
  2. Is that in Canadian dollars?
  3. I have an opened Kittyhawk Su-17M4 with sealed inner bags that I would like to trade for a Trumpeter Mig-27M Flogger J in the same condition. Please PM if you are interested in trading. Thanks, Joe
  4. dthank

    F-14 - Why is it so popular?

    .......and we have a WINNER!!!!
  5. I'll be blunt also.... I was referring to the stance of the aircraft, not the errors in the kit.
  6. If you compare photos of the same Sukhoi aircraft subtype, you get a much better idea of how Kitty Hawk is not that far off.
  7. Discussing FACTS regarding accuracy is beneficial but putting forth sarcastic ASSUMPTIONS doesn't help anyone. The fact that the exhaust nozzles as molded by Kitty Hawk are inaccurate for a shutdown/parked Su-35 is definitely helpful, the opinion that you feel that the company was "lazy" for not offering the option to build them correctly doesn't contribute to the discussion.
  8. dthank

    1/48th Scale F-35 RAM Panel Decals

    I think that the following pic showing the 1/72 sheet laid directly over the 1/48 sheet clearly shows that the decals are not printed in the same color.
  9. Still searching for even a partial sheet.
  10. dthank

    Mig-25: Found one

    Found one. Thank you.....