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  1. They shoot like tamiya and Gunze bu don'r require a primmer coat . Pretty amazing to me. Cheers, Christian
  2. I have done some test shots with these paints . Mr. Color leveling thinner worked great . Looking forward to painting a bird with them . Cheers, Christian
  3. My thoughts exactly . It might not have been spoken out loud but I think they would be quicker to turn the other way if a choice had to be made .
  4. So good to see one built . I wish some reputable model company would manufacture a good TU-2 . Such nice lines to this airplane. Cheers, Christian
  5. Fantastic Job . What colors did you use ? Regards, Christian
  6. Forward missile bays are hydraulically operated and electrically controlled on USAF birds
  7. Agreed , something about it is attractive .
  8. Sincerely hoping someone got wise long ago and moved them....... We never had any in Germany either ( HA HA )
  9. I hate the idea of losing an ally but if you are going to be one , you should act like it's important . This could be the real reason for the Russians to be negotiating with Turkey . Guess if you're not suppose to push that button, there should be some consequences for pushing it. Cheers, Christian
  10. That is one very cool bird, and I'm not even big on French airplanes
  11. Finally came to a conclusion thanks to one of my Canadian friends who has done business with this company before. Thanks for your input guys. Hobby Easy ...Cheers, Christian
  12. Bit of intrigue . I even went to the post office to check the second tracking number when I figured out it was also going to the wrong place to see if they could redirect it. The tracking number was in the system and they knew what address it was heading for but it has to go to said address. There something dishonest in all this but I don't understand how it works out . That is the reason I am searching for something tried and true. Cheers , Christian
  13. I did not used airmail but this is the first time anything has ever gone to the wrong address . This listing actually had a New York address. The same day , I ordered the dspiae locator from an Atlanta, GA . again through Ebay and it promptly went to Texas as well but a different address . Call it bad luck if you would like to but that's just plain strange in my mind. Cheers, Christian
  14. Hi Ollie . I purchase things from all over the world . However , China just has never been one of them... I gave someplace in China a try but once it hit the states it tracked and got delivered someplace in TX . I am in NC. which is nowhere near . The excuse was that the post office sent it to the wrong place . The fact is that I bought it with Paypal which I guarantee knows my address well . Anyhow, quick money refund but that was not what I really wanted . Hope yours fairs better . All I see is stores selling in China which is where they are manufactured . I'm trying to find some place with better odds and are still affordable . HLJ carries it with some other model manufacturer's name on it but you can triple the price for that one. Cheers, Christian
  15. Thanks for the information. Cheers, Christian
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