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  1. Very nice Fiat Jon . Although I build in 1/72 , your description of their kits reflects my feelings. You really need to want to have that aircraft in the collection to get it finished . Matching up of part shapes seem to be a foreign concept . Cheers, Christian
  2. Has anyone got a look at this kit ? Curious as to how / good it may be .
  3. If you look up the link I posted for the packing tool , this is what it claims : Tools for airbrush assembly/disassembly maintenance Includes needle seal screw driver and air valve tool. Screwdriver will fit: GSI Creos, Iwata, Master airbrush, H&S, Sparmax, Tamiya and other brand with flat screwdriver needle seal screw. Air valve tool fits: GSI Creos, Iwata, Master Airbrush, Sparmax, Tamiya and other brands with similar air valve nut type. by NO-NAME Brand Regards, Christian
  4. I would say you totally missed my logic on the packing replacement tool . If the tolerances are that close between Iwata and Procon airbrushes , then the tool will likely work fine. I would rather buy a tool for $ 10 that does not work than a $ 75 tool and find out that I could have saved $ 65 for the same purpose . By the way , the Friday logic does not work either . The reality is more like Monday or Saturday and the difference is more likely on the spec. requirement than the day manufactured . Trust me, I machine roller bearing for years . The same parts finished at different specs change the price greatly and yet the bearing could be interchanged. Regards, Christian
  5. Thank you very much for the information . I had seen that tool kit ages ago but that's the only way I am aware of getting the screwdriver. Seems like somewhat of a racket . I wonder what is available from Japan since the Procon airbrushes supposedly use parts interchangeable with Iwata . Some searching today brought this up . https://spraygunner.com/airbrush-maintenance-tools/ I might have answered my own question even though it is not the brand name we had hoped for. Thanks for your insight . Christian
  6. Hello Mstor . I have never seen the packing replacement screwdriver anywhere . I'm working with a couple of Iwata airbrushes and I would like to find that tool. Would you share ? Regards, Christian
  7. Some things can't be unseen !
  8. They shoot like tamiya and Gunze bu don'r require a primmer coat . Pretty amazing to me. Cheers, Christian
  9. I have done some test shots with these paints . Mr. Color leveling thinner worked great . Looking forward to painting a bird with them . Cheers, Christian
  10. My thoughts exactly . It might not have been spoken out loud but I think they would be quicker to turn the other way if a choice had to be made .
  11. So good to see one built . I wish some reputable model company would manufacture a good TU-2 . Such nice lines to this airplane. Cheers, Christian
  12. Fantastic Job . What colors did you use ? Regards, Christian
  13. Forward missile bays are hydraulically operated and electrically controlled on USAF birds
  14. Agreed , something about it is attractive .
  15. Sincerely hoping someone got wise long ago and moved them....... We never had any in Germany either ( HA HA )
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