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  1. Thanks for the reassurance . I have no experience with 3D decal , so I needed some practical knowledge . Now I know that decals is a relative name. Also , I had never heard of Kelik . Since then , I learned that they are tied to Reskit products which make great items . Looking forward to this new experience now ! Cheers, Christian
  2. Thank you . Looks very easy 9 What could go wrong ? LOL ) Cheers, Christian
  3. Do any of you have any experience with this brand of decals ? I have not even tried out 3D decals, so any of your personal experiences could be helpful. Cheers, Christian
  4. We never had bags for the pins but the 781 forms were stored in the bag . The forms went with the aircrew when flying. We also had a small bag for the seat safety pins which can sometimes be seen on top of the ejection seat when the aircraft is waiting on the aircrew . Additionally , the 781 form folder was kept in the opened gun bay door on the F-4E
  5. It's my belief that what was left over was held back . Whenever our government decided that Iran not coming back , they used it as if it as ours. Cheers, Christian
  6. Depot came to Ramstein sometimes around 78/79 to change out a wing . Supposedly the last wing that was made for Iran and held back . They claimed the internal wing tanks were very different. I don't recall a belly strap . If it was internal , it does not matter as you can't see it. Also some stabs had the internal bracing if they had been rebuilt . I'm guessing that means at depot. The only Iranian F-4 I saw ( At McDill ) was before end of 1976 . Not sure if they got anymore after that . Regards, Christian
  7. Commercial lacquer thinner ( lowes or Home depot) will work. Mr.color leveling thinner and Tamiya lacquer thinner should also do the job
  8. Dilute a portion of it with water till you get the desired strength ?
  9. Thanks for responding Steve . After days of searching , I finally located it . I was afraid it had disappeared during our move . Need to build a Weasel. Regards, Christian
  10. I use tamya, gunze and these AK paints They have different shades and can inner mix .
  11. Does anyone have a copy of Jack Melanpy's book ?
  12. Does anyone have one that you could part with ? Regards, Christian
  13. Impressive ! Thankfully , there's one waiting on me . Cheers, Christian
  14. Gee , join in with your allies . What a concept ! Hope you can get some before they are obsolete . Regards, Christian
  15. I recently moved to Florida . Specifically Ormond / Daytona area . Are there any active model clubs in the area . Regards, Christian
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