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  1. I recently moved to Florida . Specifically Ormond / Daytona area . Are there any active model clubs in the area . Regards, Christian
  2. Squadron should develop some good habits from the start . They use to have some while the original owner was there . Regards, Christian
  3. I completely agree ! Regards, Christian
  4. Unscrew the tip and toss it in some acetone for a bit and it will be good as new in a bit . You can purchase the acetone at the beauty shop . Place a piece of Scotch tape on the super glue bottle in the meanwhile and it'll be fine . Cheers, Christian
  5. You might want to add this to you cleaning arsenal . Cleans and polishes plastic . Low abrasive. Weiman cook top cleaner pads . Cheers, Christian
  6. To me , it looks like fibers came off the tissue . Cheers, Christian
  7. Spraygunner carries a lot of items . Take a look at this item : SKU: FA01 UPC: 660292122127
  8. Thanks . Good info . Regards, Christian
  9. Hi Richard . I mix in stainless cup cake cups but this looks a lot easier to clean out . Where can I find one of these ? Regards, Christian
  10. You certainly get better results .
  11. I don't think so. In order to achieve that , something would have to be tapered . That valve is just like the air valve on a tire . You would need to have incredible finger sensitivity to detect any difference . All my air pressure adjustments are done through a good pressure regulator and a large face air pressure gauge . Cheers , Christian
  12. To be quite honest , I doubt that I would have the manual dexterity to do bot things at once . I find it good enough to set the air pressure to the happy place where that paint will spray properly and proceed from there. Cheers, Christian
  13. Glad for that last post Richard . You guys had me thinking I was totally missing out on something . Cheers , Christian
  14. Among Other stuff that I pick up at shows ( And then forget why I did ) , I actually have some MM Acryl thinner . I also have some Galeria retarder. I'm guessing that my be the ticket as opposed to the Tamiya retarder . Always have some distilled water on hand . Thanks Richard Regards, Christian
  15. I just discovered a stash of unopened Polly scale paints . Is it worth trying to use ? and if so , how to thin it so it won't be a problem to airbrush . I have been using Tamiya and Gunze for years .' Regards, Christian
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