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  1. It's my belief that what was left over was held back . Whenever our government decided that Iran not coming back , they used it as if it as ours. Cheers, Christian
  2. Depot came to Ramstein sometimes around 78/79 to change out a wing . Supposedly the last wing that was made for Iran and held back . They claimed the internal wing tanks were very different. I don't recall a belly strap . If it was internal , it does not matter as you can't see it. Also some stabs had the internal bracing if they had been rebuilt . I'm guessing that means at depot. The only Iranian F-4 I saw ( At McDill ) was before end of 1976 . Not sure if they got anymore after that . Regards, Christian
  3. Commercial lacquer thinner ( lowes or Home depot) will work. Mr.color leveling thinner and Tamiya lacquer thinner should also do the job
  4. Dilute a portion of it with water till you get the desired strength ?
  5. Thanks for responding Steve . After days of searching , I finally located it . I was afraid it had disappeared during our move . Need to build a Weasel. Regards, Christian
  6. I use tamya, gunze and these AK paints They have different shades and can inner mix .
  7. Does anyone have a copy of Jack Melanpy's book ?
  8. Does anyone have one that you could part with ? Regards, Christian
  9. Impressive ! Thankfully , there's one waiting on me . Cheers, Christian
  10. Gee , join in with your allies . What a concept ! Hope you can get some before they are obsolete . Regards, Christian
  11. I recently moved to Florida . Specifically Ormond / Daytona area . Are there any active model clubs in the area . Regards, Christian
  12. Squadron should develop some good habits from the start . They use to have some while the original owner was there . Regards, Christian
  13. I completely agree ! Regards, Christian
  14. Unscrew the tip and toss it in some acetone for a bit and it will be good as new in a bit . You can purchase the acetone at the beauty shop . Place a piece of Scotch tape on the super glue bottle in the meanwhile and it'll be fine . Cheers, Christian
  15. You might want to add this to you cleaning arsenal . Cleans and polishes plastic . Low abrasive. Weiman cook top cleaner pads . Cheers, Christian
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