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  1. Cheers everybody! I have finished my five year project, a scratchbuilt 1/32nd scale Viking. The background is not ideal as the photo booth is too small, but I will take new photos outside when the weather gets better again. I will also include photos with its carrier deck diorama by then. For those interested in the building process, here's the link to the WIP on LSP: LSP build report I do post regular updates on my Facebook page Scale Navy Stuff as well: Scale Navy Stuff
  2. I talked to a Revell employee at Intermodellbau in Dortmund two weeks ago. He told me the new Super Bug won't be released before September. They already have test shots at B√ľnde but haven't shown them in public yet. Seems they are having some issues with the tooling.
  3. Thank you all for your kind comments and please accept my apologies for replying so late - I haven't been online for quite some time. There are in-progress photos on LSP and on my Facebook page "Scale Navy Stuff" for those interested. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! Cheers Ben
  4. Cheers gentlemen, I am glad you like it. I have posted a few pics in the Critique Corner section for those interested.
  5. Cheers folks, I'd like to show you a few photos of my 1/32nd scale EA-6B Prowler, a scratchbuilt conversion based on Trumpeter's A-6A kit. This conversion required the whole bunch of techniques I have access to - CNC milling, laser cutting, 3D printing and classic scratchbuilding. The decal artwork was drawn by me and then silk printed in Czech Republic. I am currently working on a carrier deck diorama , USS Kitty Hawk's port stern section to be precise; this is the area at least one Prowler was typically parked. The Birdcage was fully scratchbuilt as it has
  6. It's a great kit indeed. The instructions were a bit hard to understand, so I ended up with this:
  7. Mighty impressive, I like it a lot!
  8. I'll follow this one with huge interest, Dave! I hope you'll close the 'triangles' in the cockpit surroundings where the canopy locks are sitting. Most people seem to forget that...
  9. What you see on the pics is poor assembly and wheels damaged due to the weight of the model. It's your choice of course, I still think there is no need to replace the kit's landing gear which has a metal core - it's only necessary to replace the wheels. Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing more of your progress!
  10. Your part looks excellent, Elmo! Another way to do the lettering is scratching the paint with a needle - given the plastic sheet is white, it will shine through and give you nice, thin lines.
  11. Incredible as usual - I still don't have the slightest idea how you obtain such incredibly neat results. Stunning! My opinion regarding the pre-printed Eduard parts - just put them in the dustbin where they belong (the printed stuff at least!) - they just look crap. To my understanding, the only real 'detail' you need from that part is the white lettering anyway - you are probably to add 3-dimensional knobs, aren't you? In this case, I would either paint the lettering by hand or simly cut very thin stripes from a plain white decal sheet and apply them to the IP. If you'd want to print a 'cop
  12. You don't need the SAC gear IMO - the Academy one is just fine and looks better than the SAC parts if properly assembled and cleaned (the SAC gear is only a crude copy of the kit parts, as usual). The problem is the wheels, not the landing gear! On my old Hornet, it's the wheels that can't handle the weight, the landing gear itself is just fine and hasn't even moved half a millimeter over the last 10 years. The plastic is getting soft where the wheels are glued to the main landing gear legs (around the hole, if you see what I mean), causing some 'stance' which might look good on a race car but
  13. Lovely, Arne! I hope to see them 'in the flesh' this year!
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