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  1. Fantastic work Aigore! Love it! I want so bad a re-print of this decal sheet. They are really hard to find right now. Tato
  2. Hi guys! Thank you the help! This is good news! I have order lots of times in the past, always had a great experience, but it's been a while since I've done it. Good to know Royale Resin is still doing strong. Tato
  3. Incredible build! Love the display.
  4. Fantastic build and fantastic airbrushing control! Tato
  5. I use AK Real Colors all the time, and clean my airbrush with Isopropyl alcohol. Work wonders every time. Tato
  6. Hi guys, As the title says, is Royale Resin still receiving orders? I need some fuel tanks for my Monogram F-14. I know there is a problem with the website, but it hasn't been updated in a while. Thanks! Tato
  7. Hi Larry, There is one on Ebay at the moment, $10.90 + $8.50 shipping from Hong Kong. Ebay F/RF-84 Decals Hope this helps. Tato
  8. Would love to see a reprint of your 1/48 AV-8A/C Harrier and CAS Viper decals. I have been looking for them everywhere for a long time. Hopefully they will get a chance!
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