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  1. Hi Curt, I always clean my airbrush with isopropyl alcohol. My main paints are Tamiya Acrylics, MRP, Mr Color and some AK lacquers. Works just fine every time. In general, every time I finish a painting session I put my airbrush (dismantled) in a cheap ultrasonic cleaner with IPA. It works wonders. My only advice is don't let the paint dry inside your airbrush. Clean it every time after you finish using it. Hope this helps. Tato
  2. Hi Greenhost, As Mstor said, I use Isopropyl alcohol (don't know if that is the correct translation from spanish). For me, it works perfect. It cleans all the paint and leaves the airbrush like new. Regarding time, I usually let it between 3 and 5 minutes, depending on how much I used it and the type of paint. A word of caution, be careful when removing the airbrush parts from the cleaner, they get hot when you leave them that much time. Hope this helps. Tato
  3. Hello Greenghost, I have a chinese one that I bought last year. I think I paid a little more than 35 dollars. It works wonderfull. Here's the one I have: Ultrasonic Cleaner Hope this helps. Tato
  4. Hi Greenghost, Have you tried with an ultrasonic cleaner? I have the very same airbrush (with the 0.15 tip) and experienced the same problem (since new), until I bought one of this cleaners. I put Isopropyl alcohol inside and let the airbrush rest inside unasembled. I also always clean the airbrush with UMP airbrush cleaner before putting it in the ultrasonic cleaner. Hope this helps. Tato
  5. Thank you jesTer for your answer and the link. The painting looks real! Regards.
  6. Tato


    Nice! Thank you Darren. Will look out for that article. Tato
  7. Tato


    So, you only need the shorter nose and a different instrument panel and you can convert a C model to a B? I always thought it would require a few more changes. Nice!
  8. Beautiful Phantom! Really nice paintwork! How did you get that weathering look in the paint? Thanks for sharing. Tato
  9. Tato


    Me too. What I don't understand is why Hasegawa doesn't keep the B/C versions in the market like the E/F or even the M. Maybe they aren't so popular like the latest versions?
  10. Tato


    Yeah me too! But, the other day I saw someone in facebook with a Beautiful A-4B. He used an A-4M and bought the specific sprues of the B model directly from Hasegawa. That can be a good alternative if you want to do an early model.
  11. Nice work George! The flaps and slats in down position came as an option in the kit or were modified? Regards, Tato
  12. Thank you all for the great information, it's indeed very helpful and clear things a lot! Some very interesting loadouts to choose from! Regards, Tato
  13. Hello guys! I'm currently building an F-4D station in Europe (Spangdahlem) during the mid 70's. Here is the one I'm building: https://www.planepictures.net/v3/show_en.php?id=816587 I've search anywhere with no luck. What was the main role of this fighters during this period? What kind of ordenance did they carry? Of all the photos I've seen, the only thing they carry was the fuel tanks under each wing. Can I put some empty TER's in the inboard pylons, or that is not realistic? Thanks a lot for the help! Regards, Tato
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