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  1. Tato


    Hi Micro, I know you are asking about foam, but here is a cheap alternative that I have been using since forever. Cut toilet paper in small pieces and then slightly moisten them with a brush. This allows to reach every corner and protect the entire surface because once it dries, the toilet paper becomes stiff and does not move. Hope this helps. Tato
  2. Hi guys, As the tittle says, I'm looking to buy both sheets: CAS Vipers CD48056 USMC AV-8A/C Harriers CD48027 Thanks! Tato
  3. Looking gorgeous! Keep up the great work! Tato
  4. Agreed! For its age is still a nice kit and unfortunately the only one in this scale since Tanmodel's kit vanished from the face of the earth.
  5. I recommend these ones: https://www.amazon.com/Trumpeter-Tweezer-Set-Model-Kit/dp/B00STPZ01W Been using them for years and all of them are still straight. They are strong and sturdy. Hope this helkps. Tato
  6. Thank you all! This has been great advice. Two days it is then! This is my first time going, but It has been something I wanted to do since a long, long time. Let's hope the weather improves these days. Tato
  7. Ohhh wooow! Love what you did here! Very, very nice NMF. Best, Tato
  8. Impressive! Love what you are doing, and beautiful modeling skills! Tato
  9. Thanks Joe. I don't mind driving long distances, in fact I quite enjoy it. My idea is to drive the whole Friday to Dayton, and then spend the weekend looking at the museums and returning on Monday to Boston. But you may be right, might have to visit only the Air Force museum this time. Thanks habu2, that's what I thought. It seems the museum is so big that two full days are better than just rushing to see all in just one. Probably will end up sacrificing the MAPS Air Museum. Thank you for the links southwestforests. I knew the weather was going to be
  10. Hi Curt, I have used Mr. Hobby recommended colors for a SEA camouflage and also MRP. Both of them look pretty close to me. If I have to choose, probably I will go with MRP colors as they look more "vivid" to me and the paints are very easy to use. Here are two of my models: 1.- Revell A-1 Skyraider with Mr. Hobby (acrylic): 2.- Monogram F-84F Thunderstreak using MRP (lacquer): Hope this helps. Tato
  11. Hi guys! Hope you all are doing fine. I'm planning on visiting the Air Force museum this weekend. How much time is recommended spending in the museum? Is one day enough? I'm planning on doing a little road trip from Boston to the Air Force Museum and then pass through the MAPS Air Museum when I get back to Boston. Can this be done in four days? My idea is to drive two days and spend the other two in the museums. Thank you! Tato
  12. Mine are on the mail! So many options, love it! Thank you Jake! Tato
  13. I have a Sparmax TC-160H. Really good compressor and very quiet. I live in an apartment and use one of the rooms for my modeling. My wife sitting in the next room can't hear it. A little bit pricey for a hobby compressor (around 300-350) but worth every penny. Been using it for three years now and I have not had a single problem.
  14. Hi Ron, Look for Speed Hunter Graphics. They released a few days ago an "Early Weasels" decal sheet for SEA and Euro 1 schemes. And, If I'm not mistaken, they are having a reprint of their 48020 decal sheet for desert storm birds. https://www.reidairpublishing.com/decals/combat-weasels-f-4g-in-combat Hope this helps. Tato
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