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  1. Hi Bounce, What I do first is paint the basic color of the panel, then paint the instruments. After that, I apply a wash. This helps to tune and "refine" the details. Finally, I use the dry brush technique to bring out all the details that are in relief. That has been my main method, but ultimately I have started to apply a wash after painting the base colour of the panel. This helps to paint in more detail because it shows you where the boundaries of the reliefs are. It´s more forgiving. I learned it in this video. It uses a seat as an example, but the method is the same for the instrument panel. Hope this helps! Regards, Tato
  2. And what about the two seat Hawker Hunter? It really spoils the beautiful lines of the single seater!
  3. Thank you for your kind words Dai. Is AK Extreme Metal Aluminium and Dark Aluminium for some of the panels. Under the aluminium is MRP Black primer with a few coats of Tamiya's X-22 Gloss diluted with Mr. Leveling Thinner. It helps to give a nice effect to the metallic colors. Nice!! Almost ready to paint! You are flying with this one. Regards, Tato
  4. Hi Dai, Thank you for the advice! Here's mine: And with my F-5 also in the painting stage. Sorry for the quality of my photos, but they were taken with my phone. Regards, Tato
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  7. Glad I could help! Regards, Tato
  8. Hello Dai, Looking good! I´m building the same kit right now, only it's the E with the early canopy. I'm on the painting stage. Fit was really good, but just like you said I ended up breaking the front landing gear doors. Good call removing them! Waiting for new updates! Regards, Tato
  9. Hi Drifterdon, Here is a Black Box cockpit for sale. Scroll down a little bit (the third in the left column). Black Box Cockpit Hope this helps. Regards, Tato
  10. Hi Dutch, Have you seen this? Britmodeller T-37 Scroll down after the first post. The modeller shows some photos of the modifications he made to transform the Trumpeter A-37 into a T-37. I hope this helps you. Regards, Tato
  11. Nice! What did you used for the metal finish? Really like the effect! Cheers Tato
  12. Woow!! Love the paint and fading! Keep up the good work! Cheers Tato
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