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  1. Tato

    1/32 SBD Dauntless

    Nice! Can I ask you how you made that beautiful weathering? Thank you. Regards, Tato
  2. Beautiful build of my favorite version of the mighty Phantom!! Just wow! Thank you for sharing! Regards, Tato
  3. Tato

    A-1J Skyraider, Tamyia 1/48th scale

    Oh, nice! A Skyraider!! Great progress so far! I'm also building one, but is a Monogram one with recycled parts from a Tamiya that went to the trash years ago. Really looking for your next update. Regards, Tato
  4. Tato

    Hasegawa F-4S USMC Detailed build

    Wow! Nice proyect! Taking the front row! Looking good so far! Regards, Tato
  5. Capt. Obvious, That's a fantastic Hunter! Love everything, from the scheme you choose to the final finish! The Hunter really has some beautiful lines. Thanks for sharing. Regards, Tato
  6. Tato


    Nice build!! Love it!! I really like the Mig-25, looks so "Cold War". Thanks for sharing. Regards, Tato
  7. Hi Aigore, I silently follow your build before joining this forum, and all I can say is that despite all the troubles and difficulties you had when building this A-6, the end result is spectacular. Thank you very much for sharing your in-progress pgotos of this beautiful machine! Learnt a lot of new techniques. Congrats also to your daughter. I's nice to see young people entering this hobby Best regards, Tato.
  8. Spectacular! Drop dead gorgeous! Regards, Tato
  9. Tato

    F/A-16C CAS Viper. Tamyia 1/48

    Love it! That's really different from a regular F-16. Never knew they used that camouflage! Lot's to learn! Thanks for sharing Aigore. Best regards, Tato
  10. Amazing build! The F-15 looks beautiful in those colors! Best regards, Tato
  11. Tato

    1/48 Tamiya F-14A Bad Cat Adversary

    Excellent build and finished!! Like it a lot! I really need to get one of those Tamiya Tomcats! Regards, Tato
  12. Tato

    Su-33 1/48 (Academy + Wolfpack)

    Wooow!! Awsome build and diorama!! There's a lot to see and process! Thanks for sharing. Best regards, Tato
  13. Tato

    Vought F-8E FN (P) - Hasegawa, 1/48

    Excellent build!! Pardon my ignorance, but what are the differences between the French Crusader and a regular US Navy one? Thanks! Best regards, Tato
  14. Awesome looking Tomcat!! I really need to build one. Too many beautiful builds of this fantastic aircraft this last time. Congrats! Regards, Tato
  15. Tato

    F-14B VF-103 Santa Cat

    Nice!!! Love the weathering! Thanks for sharing you in-progress photos. Learnt a lot from your weathering method. Best regards, Tato