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  1. Good news. Will you also consider a 1:32 scale F-5N decal sheet?
  2. Red Fox Studio, well known for their 3D instrument panels, offer a 20% discount on all their products until November 28 or while stocks last.
  3. Reskit from Ukraine has a Black Friday Discount of -25% from 26 November to 6 December on all their products. They sell high quality resin accessories for plastic scale models: Blog - BLACK FRIDAY SALE. Scale Plastic Model Kits RESKIT (reskit-models.com)
  4. I would love to see decals of F-100C/D/F of Turkish AF. Especially in SEA or ex-RDAF camouflage. The camouflaged Turkish F-100's looked very weathered at the end of their service life.
  5. The profiles look great. I'm really looking forward to this release.
  6. It seeems the Babibimodel website has disappeared. Anybody has a current link?
  7. Would love to see this sheet appearing as well.
  8. Will this one also be released in 1:32nd scale?
  9. I'm looking for decals for a Portugese Air Force F-86 for many years. The Portugese decal firm Santa Cruz had some in 1:72 scale, but Santa Cruz went out of business several years ago. The grey c/s with blue bands look great on the F-86.
  10. Two weeks ago I visited the Revell booth at The Euro Model Expo in Lingen, Germany. The Revell representative told me that the F-18 1:32nd scale was delayed because of quality issues. They were working on improvements and the kit is now supposed to be released this summer.
  11. Great news Kursad. I'm looking forward to this F-106 scheme.
  12. Very interested in a 1:32 scale version!
  13. What scale(s)? I hope you will include 1:32 scale.
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