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  1. Hi Ed, I don’t have the entire cockpit but just the specific ejection seats set made by Wolfpack, item #WP48159. just in case… Best regards. Marco
  2. Hello, I have one, probably with a couple of aftermarket sets too. The only issue I see shipping costs gone up quite a lot recently, so it might depends on where are you located. Regards Marco
  3. Hello, The decals set has been found and it’s almost complete unfortunately 3/4 decals for the VF-147 scheme are missing. I haven’t used them, the decal set is part of a package deal I got some times ago. I don’t know if it’s enought for your project. Cheers. Marco
  4. Hello, I think I might have the set, not complete. I can confirm that tomorrow because I have to check into kit box. I keep you updated. Kind regards Marco
  5. Hello everybody, I have the following book for sale: AIRfile Publications - Air War over the Falklands May-June 1982 I discovered I have bought the book twice by mistake, the initial copies were famous for title misspell (Falkands) and it’s practically brand new. I include in the bundle also two decals sheet from Condor Decals in new condition, I think both are OOP: Condor Decals 48005 Falklands War/Guerra De Malvinas Pt.1 (A-4C IV Brigada, Super Etendard, Mirage III EA/DA, Sea Harrier FRS1) Condor Decals 48007 Falklands War/Guerra De Malvin
  6. Hello BoB, I might have some Black 45 degree decals, I send you some picture once at home (in about 4 hrs...) Regards Marco
  7. Hi all, I' m helping a friend selling something, so the following items are available: KITS ADV MODELS 1/1 1-001 F-104 STARFIGHTER CONTROL STICK GRIP €50 MIB (Reviews can be found on line...) REVELL 1/32 3944 P-51D-5NA MUSTANG (Early Version) New Tool MIB €20 AIRBRUSHES: HARDER & STEENBECK GRAFO T1 - Double action (Used, No Case) €100 SOLD 1x Airbrush Grafo T1 0,15mm Nozzle Se & 1ml Colour Cup (H&S 127003 ) 1x Replacement Nozzle 0,15mm (H&S 127912) 1x Replacement Needle 0,15mm (H&S 27920)
  8. Hello everybody, I need to find some 1/48 Hasegawa F-16 parts to help a friend finishing an old project. So here is the list: Spue A Part #2 Upper fuselage (no matter the version) Sprue B #6 -7 Vertical tail parts (A or B version) Sprue G Gun Vents (probably only in A or B version) Sprue T #11 Front Wheel bay for MCID Intake (Late GE kits) I can pay any associated cost and I have also a list of Hasegawa F-16 parts to trade for: 4x Single seat canopies 2x Twin Seats canopies Sprue A, H, J, K, N, P x1 each Sprue B x
  9. Hello everybody, a friend of mine, he isn't a modeler, had tried to build the Revell Typhoon but finally gave up! He has now asked my help to build it in "in-flight" config, unfortunately for me not the best option considering the general fitting of the kit. Additionally I' ve also discovered some parts are missing and I already contacted Revell for an help but it seems they don' t have any spare parts for OOP kits, like this one currently... So my last chance is to ask here if anyone has a Revell Eurofighter Typhoon laying around scrapped, I believe these pa
  10. John, thanks for the info. I have sent a message to Brian but I have not received any answer yet. Probably would be the same considering I bought the decals from Lucky Models too.. Regards. Marco
  11. Hello Brian, I have bought those decals from another source, in this case how is it possible to have the add-on insterts? Thanks Marco
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