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  1. Besides that I would sugest to check the pics that Zmey posted in the MiG-29 digi cammo post, in one of those pics you can see the significant changes in the cockpit. and of course the 4 brid slicers antenae infront of the windshield.
  2. Im speechless I just had to share this link clicky BTW whos gonna make declas for the cos I have one Fulcrum waiting in my stash?
  3. don´t know if you have but this is the first time that I see an An-74 doing this kind of maneuvers looks way cool :D
  4. this is definitely one os the topics that I+ll stick to it, since I have one dragon lady waiting in the line here. I wanna learn
  5. your work is not scale modeling anymore is pure art!!
  6. se ve muy bien Mario esta exlenete.... la extraaaaaaaaaño :o
  7. dude this build is crazy and I love that!, do you have an Idea about the things that go boom you would like to hang from that plane? :o
  8. hooo I love that cockpit! man I have the Eduard PE set for the UB too but I though that I could never do an accurate Ub with that intil I saw your work, its inspiring. thanx for posting and keep that exlent work man! :o :o
  9. now who would correct THAT? specially if is in 1/32? ;) Zactoman maybe? :wacko:
  10. and how about a Su-33 blue Angel or a Su-33 "JASDF Agressor"?
  11. ok now I know they are doing exercices in the Vizcaya Gulf in the coast of Spain. heres an article (in spanish) thet you could traslate in bablefish: taken from www.lasprovincias.es " Algo así no se contemplaba en aguas del Atlántico desde los tiempos de la Unión Soviética. Rusia ha sacado sus juguetes de guerra para enseñar los dientes a la OTAN como no lo había hecho desde hace década y media. Desde Bruselas, sin embargo, se asegura que todo estaba pactado y que las maniobras rusas no "violan ninguna ley internacional". En los ejercicios participan diez navíos y más de medio cente
  12. in Marroco by the words of the guy who took the pics when he was going on the way to his job when he decided to go and check what was entering into the mediterranean, he sais that he has pics of other ships of the battle group. does anyone know where they are going? could be Krimea in Ukraine? libya maybe?
  13. Man I love the idea of an IAF A-10 keep on the good job man this is inspiring.
  14. some time I go I saw in another forum ( a french forum) the in progress of a Su-33 in 1/32 based of course in the trumpeter model, needless to say how amazed I was with that model, however my last hard drive crashed and I can´t find the link any more, does anybody have the link? thanx in advance.
  15. Flying history indeed, it contest against the L-29? or what can we know more about this beauty? Thanks for the heads up Zmey.
  16. man this is way cool, the mith is still alive <_< thanx for sharing guys
  17. well I don´t know Raymond... when did Indonesia got new Flankers? I havent heard anything about it. but I might be wrong
  18. what did I won? a car? what? what? what? :o :D
  19. ehem! well............ Americo Maia yuuuhuuuu are you watching this??? Pllleeeeaaaassseeeee
  20. My guess is that the two gray ones are for Venezuela (cannard less) and the other 3 are for algeria but they are un painted. any way nice find.
  21. man I love this built! its going terrific keep the good job!!
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