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  1. one of the most realistic models i've EVER seen. looks like i could jump in and fly off to war. AWESOME job oishi. thanks for sharing all the pics.
  2. DANG!! you guys are incredible!! i've only build about 10 models in my entire life. what an inspiration! i'm the same way about P-51D's. i've built 3 of em' and none of my 10 finished kits made it through 2 moves in recent years. i wish i had been more careful now. i would love to have a collection of built kits like that. thanks for posting them.
  3. well, i got these pastels from the LHS and shelved them without trying them. i'm working on a real "dirty" aircraft and thought i'd try them. i applied my camo scheme and did a little airbrush weathering bit it really slow. i broke out the pastels and started playing around and quickly became impressed with the look. now however, i have to apply the decals and such and am afraid the pastels will disappear under the future, then dull cote. i'm gonna go for it anyway and if i have to redo some of the weathering so be it. thanks for the advice guys. later.
  4. absolutely beautiful job on the corsair friend!! love the "overspray" on the side number, looks nice. EXCELLENT job. later.
  5. can i future over pastels to seal them in? thanks. later.
  6. yes, the .35mm needle/nozzle combo on the HP-CS is my work horse. i can do fine lines and broad coverage. i also have the HP-C with the .2mm n/n combo and it is a little tricky to get the results you need. later.
  7. me 3, i too use the sewing needle in the pin vise. works great. i also have a very flexible piece of metal that i use for a straight edge. i got it from an art store in the drafting section but i can't remember the name of it now. good luck. later.
  8. i assembled the original kit, but my pit was resin. anyway, i painted mine RLM02 as my instuctions instructed. light ghost grey is pretty close. if look below my signature, click on FINISHED BUILDS and go to the 123 album. i have more cockpit photos in a CD if you want me to upload them for you. i took them before i assembled the fuselage halves. also, get ready to sand the heck out of that cowling friend, it don't go together very well. you can see the ugly seem on my build. later.
  9. i got two or three around here, want them? i have 2 tamiya P-51D kits under construction and have the True Details pit for both, so i won't be needing the kit seats. let me know. i'm in Alabama (USA). later.
  10. here is the best pics i can findLINK, but few are in the air. this is close to the one i'm modelling.
  11. yes, the splintered camo version. thanks for the links guys. i'm googling the crap out of the german airforce and can't find anything. i do have pics of several german f-4's sitting on the tarmac, but none from the top or bottom. the scheme involves the following colors: dark ghost grey, light ghost gray, dark gull grey, light gull grey, and olive green (RAL 6003), and field green. i have all the colors exept the 2 greens and was trying to mix them. i've looked at the digital pallettes on both colors and i think i'm close enough. i would still like some pics of the top and bottom thoug
  12. hi fellas, was wondering if any of you know if the modern german airforce used FS colors? i'm assembling the 1/48th italeri F-4E kit with the german markings. i have nearly all the RLM colors, but the instructions list FS colors. are these colors correct? i'm looking at reference pics and the greens aren't that close. in the ref. pics the F-4's are heavily weathered, so this is probably why. i'm just not happy with the greens. also, do any of you have any top side pics of german F-4's? and the bottom side in flight? thanks. later.
  13. thanks guys. Zac, i was a little disappointed with the outcome of the pics too, the "splotchyness" doesn't really stand out like on the model. i have a kodak easyshare with 4.0 megs. i use pasm mode to customize the focus and all, but thats about the best i could do. sadly, the model didn't survive my last move, so all i have is the photos now. later.
  14. thanks chris. just a note, you may want to try rock salt or something with a little larger grain. next time i do this, i'm gonna try a larger grain salt for a lot less "clean up". good luck and thanks for the kind words. later.
  15. is that you forest?........forest gump?!LOL greenbow eh? never been there before. i'm from monroeville. later.
  16. very nice job on the hurricane! what did you use on the manifold? looks very realistic, so does the weathering. later.
  17. scroll down to the hp-br on this page. this color cup will be plenty big for your modelling needs.........and no, you want spill the paint from the cup unless you drop it! i hardly ever use the caps for my gravity feed brushes and never spill the paint. here, check out this parts page and take a look at part #3 and part #15. scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and you will see a link to email somebody and make sure before you order. later.
  18. hi guys, been away from modelling a couple of years. when i logged onto this site for the first time in over 2 years the other day, i had several private messages about a "how to" article about this SBD-3. shortly after i posted the pics of this build, many wanted a "how to" article on the weathering. i did write one and sent as prompted by the template provided by ARC, but it never got published on the home page to my knowlege. one of the private messages was dated 18 months after the pics of this build was posted, so i assumed my article never made it to the ARC home page. anyway, i d
  19. i have both the hp-c and hp-cs and the cs is my work horse. my hp-c came with a .2mm needle/nozzle combo and i found it to be really fussy with model master enamels. IMHO, i can get just as fine a line with the cs as the hp-c. however, the other night i was browsing the dixieart.com website and found that you can purchase the hp-cr with a .35mm needle/nozzle combo instead of the .5mm for $64.00. in my experience, i have found that the .35mm n/n combo is "just right" for the medium i use. tamiya acrylics spray like a dream through the .35mm and you can achieve as fine a line as you'll ne
  20. me 2!! the F-5 is one of my favorite fast movers. especially the blue agressor camo scheme. thanks for sharing. later.
  21. that is truly an awesome looking model friend!! love the paint scheme and decals. very sharp!! later.
  22. look on the bright side guys, its already been a week since i submitted the article............almost!! :D i'll post it here as soon as i see it pop up! later.
  23. ahhh......guys.........i feel as though i'm being backed into a corner by some hungry wolves here!!LOL seriously, i wrote an article and emailed it as per instructions from the "Gallery" page. how long does it take to show up usually? if it don't show up soon, i'll tell it here. :D a clue is, its got ALOT to do with my username!!BUWAH-HA-HA-HAAAAAAAAHH!! later.
  24. MAN!! i'm jealous friend, been drooling over an iwata studio compressor for about 2 months now. i just moved into an apartment and all i have is 3 industrial type compressors that never were a concern when i was at my former residence. now, crankin' up an industrial type in my apartment is chancing eviction. but i'm addicted to plastic and paint fumes, so i chance it every now and again. i hope to be able to purchase a silent compressor soon. later.
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