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  1. You should definitely post more. I'm a fan of Tornadoes, especially ones from Lossiemouth. I have a fond memory of looking out from the tower of Urquhart Castle just in time to see a pair of Tornadoes streak by low and fast over Loch Ness.
  2. I think I saw Nine-O-Nine flying into Love Field a couple of days ago. I know it wasn't "Chuckie" - it had a green finish, but was too far away for me to make out anything but color and silhouette.
  3. Hatch wanted to pick up the original series thirty years later. I'd have loved that. Apollo was gonna be the Commander, and Tigh was the president of the Council of Twelve.
  4. The link works (and...cool!). If you want to post the actual picture, you can use the "Insert Image" button when you type the post (just slide the complete URL in between the ] and [ brackets in the middle) or use IMG code, which would be [ IMG ] your url here [ /IMG ] - without the spaces.
  5. Ah, the Fold-A-Viper... IIRC, this is one of the original F-16 airframes, isn't it? With some modifications to fit into a semi trailer...
  6. Might be the same gloss black as the Lackland bird. Lackland maintains their display aircraft pretty impressively.
  7. I wouldn't try - it's inaccurate, too, from what I've read. Just standard black paint instead of the Blackbird's special formula and color. To stand up better to the Texas sun.
  8. I toyed with that idea once - imagine an AC-5 with GAU-8's mounted in the cargo bay...
  9. The F-4 did a supersonic dash, while the Blackbird cruised at high mach speed. More time for that friction to build up for an SR-71, spending hours at a time in afterburner and outracing the sun.
  10. Check the guy behind the shooter... SCHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUULTZ!!!!!!!
  11. Dude. That's not what BAM stands for. Though I admit, I am against Moai. Or at least one.
  12. I've gotten some really clear pics thru airliner windows before - nice panoramic shots of Greenland from 35,000 feet - so I don't doubt that part of the story. It's at least plausible. What I doubt is the guy having his obviously-better-than-mine camera and lens handy (I mean, mine was out because I was already taking pictures of the glaciers and stuff...he was apparently paying no attention to outside, and would have had no reason to have his camera ready) and ready to shoot right as someone happens to notice a Typhoon off the wing, and managing to snap a picture of that quality with perfec
  13. Found a few more... and, if you squint...
  14. Can't quite make out the flag on the tail, but...do covers count? This one's lost some of the paint, but the red, white, and blue Texas flag is still there... And one more, same squadron as the F-16, before they inherited the TX tailcode.
  15. Here's a couple of static displays from Lackland AFB... Do TwinMustangs count? I kinda wonder how accurate the preservation job on this one is...especially the un-cuffed props. Still, it's a Mustang. Or was once. Should'a gotten a better side view - I wonder if it might be a Cavalier Mustang in disguise. Close up on the reproduction nose art. Is it still nose art if it's under the cockpit?
  16. Not the greatest pics, but here's the Cavanaugh Museum's P-40. Pretty sure Jinxx caught it at an airshow in his fourth pic above.
  17. I'll narrow it down to a top 5... 1. The Falcon...same reasons as everyone else. 2. The Thunderbolt fighters from B5 3. The USCM DropShip from Aliens and its APC 4. NCC-1701 USS Enterprise - both the original and refit versions, no A, B, C, or D. I especially loved the beaten, battered, battle-scarred look after the battle with Reliant. 5. The original Colonial Viper.
  18. If not a Mustang, then a P-47.
  19. Something bugs me about the national insignia looking like it's tattooed on the aircraft's butt cheek...
  20. Is that a camera hanging off the nose? Looks like maybe it did double duty as a camera ship when not playing "gunship"...
  21. That certainly matches the profile I saw. Thanks for clearing that up. I've been wondering about it for a week, since I first spotted it on Sunday.
  22. So, we spent last week in Cancun. Saw several Mi-8's, especially at Cancun Airport as we were taxiing by the Mexican Army's area. Also saw three C-130's and several smaller aircraft that were in formation with them, but were too far away to make out. And...up to seven destroyers or frigates on the horizon, and quite often they were joined by what appeared to be a carrier with a ski-jump deck. Pretty sure the Mexican Navy doesn't have carriers... My little camera wasn't really up to the task, but here's the best pic I got of the mystery ship. It was about 2 to 2 1/2 times the length of it
  23. Where in Texas are you, Eddie? The Cavanaugh Museum north of Dallas has a very nicely restored Hurricane.
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