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  1. F-35?
  2. Looks great Dave!
  3. Beautiful work Paul. I love your builds
  4. I've got the KC-97G if you'd like?
  5. Hey guys. Just started on my Tomcat. It's going to be an inflight build with the wings swept. Are the intakes ramps flush in flight or extended like the instructions want? PS Loving this kit!
  6. Hopefully they'll release the 190 in JetBlue colors!
  7. I just checked my MSIP kit. I don't have an E Sprue. The E Sprue isn't depicted on the back page of the instructions!
  8. Sold out!
  9. Does anyone make closed nozzles for 1/48 F-16B's?
  10. Mig Mad Marine?
  11. Beautiful work Dave!
  12. Beautiful
  13. Very Cool. I just flew that plane last week! I hope someone does the Veterans plane as well!