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  1. Nice work. That thing is huge!!! You’ve Got to build a P-3 next.
  2. Beautiful work Peter. It’s giving me inspiration for my winter build.
  3. Oh yeah my friend. It’s yours, if I have it. I’ll pm you tonight or first thing in the morning.
  4. Don, I think I have that kit. I’m on the road. If you can wait until tomorrow morning. I can let you know. Len
  5. I have quite a few Robert Taylor prints. He’s an incredible artist. Check him out.
  6. Beautiful work. I’ve got one in my stash but, I’ve never worked with wiring the wings
  7. Super Cool work George. I've always wanted to build an F-104
  8. Well done. I remember building and playing with this kit as a kid. Thanks for bring back great memories!
  9. Looks great Dave! Looking forward to seeing it in person.
  10. Very Cool! Any chance of the Vermont ANG Vipers?
  11. VP-47 Please!!!!! I'm biased, I flew P-3's in 47 for 4 years!
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