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  1. Looking to build an Mi 8/17, 1/72 scale, in the below configuration. Is there any other kit that would work? It needs to have the protrusion from under the nose. Thanks Paul
  2. Hi Chris Have you tried the "ScaleMates" site? I believe there are several for sale/trade, one gentleman in the US with a Monogram kit. Good luck! Paul
  3. Beautiful finish! Hopefully mine turns out as good! Just looking at mine this past weekend. Time to get back to it. Paul
  4. Coming along nicely! Dug the same kit out of the stash also. Doing mine in Red Cross, Biafran Airlift theme. Very simple, straight forward mold. The canopy could be a concern for me. Yours looks pretty well set. Will watch your progress with great interest. Paul
  5. That wasn't the question. Which version of the MiG 29 was used. Anybody? Thanks!
  6. Who makes 1 of these in 1/72. Future project. Thanks Paul
  7. Those look pretty good and they may just work. Now to track them down. Thanks for the heads up Dutch!
  8. Thanks Larry. I've done some more looking around and it seems several "Red Cross" decals may have been produced but whether they will suit my project is another question. Will have to start with specific measurements and work from there. Paul
  9. Building a Heller DC6b, 1/72 that was flown by the Red Cross and need 3 "Red Cross" decals that would be suitable. One for each of the underside of the wings and one for under the fuselage. Were any ever produced? If no success then on to plan B and paint them on. Thanks for any help or info! Paul
  10. Wow! Didn't know they flew in all black. Very cool. May have a Spring project(among others) to do. Thanks for posting. Paul
  11. Thanks Gregair I'm looking at building a Hip that flew with the Sierra Leone Air Wing in the early 90's Paul
  12. Was wondering what color the blades are on a MI 17 Hip. Is there a standard or does it go by user or??? Thanks for any help. Paul
  13. Question for the chopper boffins. I'd like to build a MI8-MTV Hind. Is it possible?, is there a specific kit?, a conversion set? I've not done a helicopter and am quite enthusiastic to try. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Paul
  14. Genre: Early WWII pacific campaign(Dec 7/41-June 7/42), small wars/brushfire wars Scale 1/72 - 1/48 aircraft Build any manufacture that producer the subject I want.
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