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  1. hawg53

    CH-53A vs CH-53D

    The CH-53A’s that the USAF obtained all came with EAPS. They also had the -6B engines. I remember having to be very careful when flying them out of Kirtland AFB as the engines were not very powerful. Externally, they looked just like any other H-53. Once we put the titanium rotor blades, hoist, air refueling probe and the -100 engines on them, they became very good helicopters. I landed one in the Pecos mountains one night at 12,500 feet during a rescue.
  2. hawg53

    question about MH-53 Pave low

    I just noticed a conversion set for the revell H-53 kit to make it into a MH-53J. Go to the Lone Star Models site. They have most of what you will need. They do not have the main rotor blades.
  3. hawg53

    question about MH-53 Pave low

    The thing about the CH-53E and the MH-53J/M being different is true. To use Sikorsky’s designations: the Three engine versions are the S-80, while the two engine versions are the S-65. Nothing on the three engine -53s are compatible with the two engine versions.
  4. hawg53

    Italeri H-19 windshield

    Yes, it is 1/72 scale. If you are willing to part with it I’ll be happy to take it.
  5. I recently bought the Italeri H-19A helicopter model kit from eBay. The windshield’s bottom left and right corners are broken off. The corners are not in the kit. Does anyone know where I can get another windshield? Thanks. Bob
  6. hawg53

    HH-53 Super Jolly green Giant

    11Bee, go to a website called the Pave Cave. It is a site dedicated to the Pave Low helicopter and its crews. Under the photos page, there is a section called pre Pave. On the second page of this section, there are a couple of NRS HH-53Cs. You can tell by the small squareish object on the left side of the nose. That is the low light level TV turret. When in use, it only moved up and down. I can not find any cockpit pictures. Hope this is helpful. Bob
  7. hawg53

    HH-53 Super Jolly green Giant

    The Night Recovery System HH-53’s did not have the TF radar. That came later with the Pave Low. What they had was a low light level TV system. Not a FLIR. This along with the Doppler radar and Hover Coupler allowed an approach to a hover. The first HH-53 I flew during my transition was an NRS modified helicopter. The instrument panel was very different from the normal panel, which was confusing for a new 2Lt trying to learn to fly the helicopter.
  8. hawg53

    1/48 Revell CH-53C to HMH-463 CH-53D

    This is a great looking model. I’m just curious where you got the crew chief box.
  9. hawg53

    1/48 Revell CH-53C to HMH-463 CH-53D

    Very nice model. I flew USAF H-53’s for most of my 20 years in. This is a good one.
  10. hawg53

    HH-53 Super Jolly green Giant

    I think these pictures were taken from the Air Force Now 41 film. I first watched the film when I was in AFROTC at Fresno State. It was what got me wanting to go into H-53’s. If you noticed, the pictures of the co-pilot shows him with a parachute. In the early days, the pilot’s seat back cushion could be removed and a parachute put there. It was not very comfortable but was required when doing air refueling. When I was going through initial HH-53 transition, I asked my instructor how I was supposed to jump out the window, avoiding the main rotor blades. He looked at me and said “Just fly the helicopter Lt.”. I took that to mean I was not going to bail out of the H-53 cockpit. The rules changed later on and a parachute was no longer required. The pilot seats in the Pave Low did not have a seat cushion that could be removed.
  11. Hey, Lad. I have this kit and this decal sheet. If you still need it, I’ll send the decal sheet to you. Just let me know. Bob
  12. hawg53

    Revell Sea King Mk 41

    Cool. thanks for the info. And yes it is from the 1/72 scale kit
  13. Good morning all. I have a question. About a year ago I bought the Revell Sea King Mk 41 kit off e-bay. I finally got around to look at the kit and noticed it also had a plastic bag with parts for another type of Sea King. Does anyone have a clue on which other version the other parts are for? Thanks for your help. Bob
  14. hawg53

    1/72 scale Puma Helicopter decals

    Dutch, Thanks for the info. With your help, I may have found a set of decals for my model. Thanks again.
  15. Do you know of anyone making decals for a 1/72 scale Puma Helicopter? Thanks.