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  1. Just a little info on 928. I flew this helicopter when I was assigned to the 601st in Germany. And then again when she was modified into a Pave Low. She is now sitting on display on Hurlburt AFB.
  2. Just remember, your kits are worth what someone is willing to pay. Not necessarily the price you put on them.
  3. The primary mission of the 601st was to move mobile tactical radar equipment. We did this by using external slings. We moved the TPS-43 radar antennas, the control pods, and generators. We were very good at flying sling loads. We did rest of the things you mentioned also. Just a note, the 701st TASS had the same mission. That unit was located at Bergstrom AFB in Texas. If the big war had broken out, we would’ve been sent to augment the 601st. It was my first assignment.
  4. Have fun with your build. I have one of these kits and a decal sheet with one of the 601st TASS helicopters out of Sembach AB in West Germany.
  5. The windows above the pilots were green. The support arms you asked about are from the HH-53B airframes. There were only 8 of the B models built. And not all of them were modified into Pave Lows. The other Pave Lows came from the CH/HH-53C airframes. The auxiliary fuel tank supports were built into the C model sponsons. Which is why you don’t see them.
  6. What version of the H-53 are you building? The USAF CH/HH-53C’s did not have a folding rotor head. It was only put on the helicopters late in the MH-53J’s service. If you are building a Navy or Marine version, then that would be appropriate. As it has been said before in the forums, the Italeri kit has the wrong rotor blades for a Pave Low. Oh and don’t forget to flip the tail rotor around as Italeri has it rotating in the wrong direction.
  7. Sorry, sir. I got confused. I have the Italeri Pave Low kit. Which parts are you needing? Due to the wrong main rotor blades, I don’t plan on making it a Pave Low. Bob
  8. AQuartLow. I was stationed at Sembach with the 601st TASS when this happened. The crew was very lucky they didn’t ball the helicopter up.
  9. Hey, Lad. You can get the external Pave Low parts from The Lonestar website. It is for the Revell kit. I don’t know where you can get the internal parts.
  10. 757flyer, One thing to remember if you do a Pave Low. Do not put on the upper ramp door. On a Pave, the upper ramp door was removed to make room for the fast rope bar. Also, if you are going to keep the lower personnel door open make sure you use the Air Force door instead of the Navy/Marine style. The Air Force door swings in to open.
  11. Great! CD 48131 is the one I’m looking for. Can I get it from your website?
  12. Do you have decals for the H-19 Helicopter? Thanks.
  13. I was wondering if anyone knew of a decal sheet with markings for the USAF H-19 Hop-A-Long? I know it’s a very specific helicopter, but one I would like to model. Thanks. Bob
  14. I modified a AMT Enterprise kit into one of these a while back. Mine did not turn out as good as yours. I still like it though. It was my first attempt at kit bashing.
  15. You are correct about the struts. They were not round but flattened out with a bit of an aerodynamic shape. I know this picture is from the front but it does show how the aux tanks are attached to the sponsons. A little history, when the Air Force wanted to make a better rescue platform than the HH-3, Sikorsky took 8 CH-53A airframes and broke them in two places. This allowed Sikorsky to beef up the structure to allow for the added weight of the aux tanks. The structure allowed the aux tanks to “float” a bit which dampened out some of the normal vibrations. Which is why I think the “B”
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