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  1. I just want to say that davevw is a damn fine trader to do business with.
  2. Looking for set S10. It has the usual british subjects (Buccaneer, Tornado, Jaguar, Hercules) in 1/72 scale. I'd love to buy it or trade. Let me know if you've got one to spare. jdosch@google.com Thanks, Jeff
  3. Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has a set of the kit decals that they are not using from the 1/72 release of the Italeri Hercules. The decals I'm looking for are from kit 550015, with the Euro gray camo scheme on the box. I really just need the RAF decals. If you have them I'd love to pay or trade for them. Please contact me at jdosch@google.com Thanks, Jeff
  4. The C&H is a piece of crap. I had one and noticed it was completely wrong. I contacted the company and told them about the issue... They told me they know it’s wrong but if I want to fix it they will send me the data. Later on I got my hands on Maintrack conversation and realized it was just as bad. It seems C&H copied something that was jacked up and apparently didn’t bother to check if it was correct or not
  5. You sure told me. I'm going to order the F-111, F-4, F-5, SU-33 and Buccaneer tonight
  6. I see parallels. Both talk a big game and then fail to deliver
  7. Top 5 (manufacturer, scale and subject) 1. Special Hobbies 1/32 Viggen 2. Airfix 1/48 Shackleton 3. Return of Classic Airframes to upscale kits to 1/32 4. ROG 1/32 F-111 5. ROG 1/72 new tool B-52
  8. Great. I was hoping for a different answer
  9. Just picked this up and the first thing I noticed is that there isn’t an instruction sheet. Does anyone know if the set comes with one and mine was missing or if this is normal? Seems to be a little complicated to not include one in my opinion
  10. It's a rare day that I want to build a kit a second time, so when I do I know that it must be an enjoyable one. With that said, pretty much the only kits I can stand the idea of building again and again are.... No particular order 1. Airfix Buccaneer (1/48) 2. Monogram F-101 Voodoo (1/48) 3. Monogram AV-8A Harrier (1/48) 4. Revell Hawk (1/32)
  11. Hello I am missing the outer wing flaps for the Canberra kit. Any version should work. If you have spares please contact me at jdosch1@cox.net. Thanks
  12. Any chance of a re-release for the Revell kit? I just picked one up and it needs a cockpit and a few other things
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