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  1. I lost the instructions to this set. So far I haven't been able to find a scan on the internet. If any of you have this set, could you possibly send me a scanned copy? If you can, please respond here and I'll send you my personal email address to send the scan to. Thanks for looking
  2. Yes that is the set I was talking about. My follow up question is: what scratch built parts are required to make a reasonably accurate pave low? I realize a lot could go into the interior due to the fact that the Revell kit doesn't really have an interior, but I'm mostly talking about things like chaff pods and sensors. The stuff that hangs on the exterior of the pave low.
  3. Hi guys, I'm not really a helicopter builder, but the CH-53 has gotten my attention. When the Caracal decals come out I'm thinking of building a pave low version of the Revell kit. I've rounded up the pave low parts, as well as, a lot of other aftermarket stuff. My question is; there is an Isra-cast detail set out and I'm wondering if it will help build a USAF pave low, or is the set mostly unusable for an American machine? The thing I don't know is whether the helicopters were modified in Israel or possibly here in America for use in Israel? I've found that there is not a lot of re
  4. I don't really like the F-18 but all this whining makes me want to get one. Nothing more fun than building a kit that can't be built.
  5. New F-111 series in 1/48 Buccaneer 1/32 Jaguar 1/32 Harrier first generation 1/32
  6. How about the Skywarrior wheel well set? Is that still in the works?
  7. Almost never. Bad paint gets removed. Bad parts get replaced. Not sure why anyone would toss out a kit that has had a few setbacks. I have yet to build a kit that didn't have a bunch.
  8. For masking NMF's I use moistened newspaper strips. It's a fine line between too little water and too much, but once you figure it out, it works well and does not mar the finish
  9. I've got a B-1 in the stash as well. There have been a lot of parts put out over the years and I have most of them. Out of curiosity, what are the goodies on the horizon that you speak of? Maybe i'll hold of on starting mine too.
  10. Go to the 2021 nationals in Las Vegas. Chances are good they'll be there with the parts your looking for. That's the only way I have any luck with them
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