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  1. New F-111 series in 1/48 Buccaneer 1/32 Jaguar 1/32 Harrier first generation 1/32
  2. Beautiful work. You are a master modeler.
  3. How about the Skywarrior wheel well set? Is that still in the works?
  4. Almost never. Bad paint gets removed. Bad parts get replaced. Not sure why anyone would toss out a kit that has had a few setbacks. I have yet to build a kit that didn't have a bunch.
  5. For masking NMF's I use moistened newspaper strips. It's a fine line between too little water and too much, but once you figure it out, it works well and does not mar the finish
  6. I've got a B-1 in the stash as well. There have been a lot of parts put out over the years and I have most of them. Out of curiosity, what are the goodies on the horizon that you speak of? Maybe i'll hold of on starting mine too.
  7. If you make parts for the 1/32 Mirage 2000 D/N I will buy.
  8. Go to the 2021 nationals in Las Vegas. Chances are good they'll be there with the parts your looking for. That's the only way I have any luck with them
  9. LF original kit decals (RAF stuff only and common stencils) from box #550015. The kit is 1/72 scale with the Euro grey scheme on the box. If you have these and aren't using them I'd really like to make a deal for them. Either cash or trade I'm good with either. Thanks, Jeff
  10. I just want to say that davevw is a damn fine trader to do business with.
  11. Looking for set S10. It has the usual british subjects (Buccaneer, Tornado, Jaguar, Hercules) in 1/72 scale. I'd love to buy it or trade. Let me know if you've got one to spare. jdosch@google.com Thanks, Jeff
  12. Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has a set of the kit decals that they are not using from the 1/72 release of the Italeri Hercules. The decals I'm looking for are from kit 550015, with the Euro gray camo scheme on the box. I really just need the RAF decals. If you have them I'd love to pay or trade for them. Please contact me at jdosch@google.com Thanks, Jeff
  13. The C&H is a piece of crap. I had one and noticed it was completely wrong. I contacted the company and told them about the issue... They told me they know it’s wrong but if I want to fix it they will send me the data. Later on I got my hands on Maintrack conversation and realized it was just as bad. It seems C&H copied something that was jacked up and apparently didn’t bother to check if it was correct or not
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