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  1. Hello Everyone, I am looking for a the following decals/wet transfer sets for the P-47 Barracuda Studios BC48001 - P-47 Thunderbolts Part 1 Barracuda Studios BC48036 - Thunderbolts of the 365th FG "Hell Hawks" I don't suppose anyone here has either of the above with which they would be willing to part? If anyone does let me know how much they would want :), I am also happy to swap but they may prove to be more difficult to arrange :) Thanks Sean
  2. Hi everyone I am looking for the decal sheet for the Weekend Edition of Eduard's Bf 109E-4 (kit number 84153) Basically I have the Profi Pack version but want to build one of the markings from the Weekend Edition and don't really want to buy the weekend edition solely for the decals. If anyone is willing I can swap the Profi Pack Main Marking Decals for the Weekend Edition Decals, or if they prefer I am happy to pay for them. I have tried getting in touch with Eduard but they will not sell they separately - they will only replace if damaged I am based in the UK 👍
  3. Probably because mugs like me buy loads without realising 🙂
  4. I think they're absolute rubbish and offer absolutely nothing that kits parts off (to my eyes the moulds they use are copies of the kits parts). I have also been told some have the same ejector pin marks in them!) I bought loads at one stage for builds where I thought it would be useful to have stronger legs but will be selling all of them on If a company made brass legs I would be much more inclined to buy them even if they were just copies of kit plastic (provided they have been cleaned up properly) - at least then they would offer additional strength
  5. I'm looking forward to the Eduard rebox of the Tornado - I had been wanting to build a Desert Storm Tornado and always like the extras you get in the Eduard Limited Editions I just hope this boxing doesn't have the issue with the canopies the F.3 (and other Revell releases of the kit) have had, and that the clear part for the chin pod is included
  6. No need to know - all but the first photo seem to be working now! 🙂 Nice work on a 109 scheme I don't see very often
  7. The photo isn't working for me unfortunately 😞
  8. I think the simple fact is postal services worldwide struggle now. I'm from the UK and in my lifetime we used to get four or five letter delivered to our house everyday; every bill, any formal correspondence, , absolutely everything. Now I might get a letter or two a week and most of those adverts. All my bills are online, a lot of products I order are delivered by a company that isn't the Royal Mail and all formal/legal stuff is now done online. Even at work we send emails when we used to send millions of letters (granted, I didn't send anywhere near as many letters as I do send emails now bu
  9. If its Revell and 1/48 that would be very interesting (and hopefully affordable!)
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