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  1. All this didn't happen when you deal with other manufacturer such as Revell or Eduard. They even didn't ask where did you get your kit at the first place and promptly send the replacement parts with no cost at all. Yes, I'm totally agreed the GWS aftersales suck big time. I already give up after years of emailing them of defective part complete with pictures etc. with no reply at all. Even Haneto who is consistently promoting new GWH kits also cannot help. U are on your own. Helpless.
  2. please make sure the irst ball in 1/72 on that mig n sukhois is from clear plastic this time. no more solid plastic.
  3. Hi All, I'm searching for Bullseye Model Aviation Item No. 48-013 - Aggressor Vipers II: F-16C, 64th Aggressor Squadron & 16th Aggressor Squadron decal sheet as per below and DNModels BDU Green Splinter mask. And if you not willing to part with a whole decal sheet, I'm willing to takes a portion for F-16C BuNo 86-0295 with| BDU Splinter only. Willing to pay via paypal. Cheers Amzari
  4. wow this is new. Enlighten me sir since all posts regarding 1/48 mig-31 before this is favouring the AMK kit.
  5. Good luck and die trying my friend. GWH aftersales service is considered the most worst among the rest.
  6. Hi Harvy, mind to share some of african fitters while youre on contract with them? I bet is was Angola? luv to see the african camos pattern. regards Amzari
  7. Hi! Im looking for 2 x resin pylons included in Mirage F.1 CE/CH boxing or Mirage F.1CG boxing as per pictures below Willing to pay all cost including shipping to Malaysia. regards Amzari
  8. GWH has no aftermarket service whatsoever. I tried for 3 years and countless emails to various peoples for a cracked mig-29 canopy replacement ( I even offered to bear all cost including post) but to no avail. Good luck and die trying, buddy. I already lost faith on them. Such a pity.great and accurate kits,but the most unpleasant customer service on earth. Even the trumpeter/ hobbyboss is light year ahead compared to GWH in aftersale services.
  9. Hi! Im looking for kit's windscreen since I cracked mine last night. I bet those who using the Complekt ZIP conversion will not be using the kit's windscreen and canopy. Willing to pay all cost via paypal. Cheers Amzari
  10. Hi guys, Anybody here got this sheet for sale? Im located in Malaysia and willing to pay via paypal. Regards Amzari
  11. Hi! when will the C-2 reprint? hope to get it by early august. Regards
  12. HI all! Does anybody here got a sheet that you want to sell? Willing to pay via paypal and im located in Malaysia. Cheers! Amzari
  13. mine too and I dont have an idea how to deal with it.
  14. hahahah...as I said before..been there done that!
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