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  1. The funny thing about russian stuff is that "standard" is not really as you would presume. I suspect some flankers are left with the protective primer (some sort of yellowish and dull zinc chromate paint), others are painted some sort of grey either at the factory or during overhauls... For my flanker I used a fs26440 grey, that has a slight yellowish hue. Correct or not, there must be (or have been) some flanker painted that way, somewhere :)
  2. Hi, I finished the general camo on my Su-27 (a standard Flanker B) and it's time to paint the details. I can't decide what color to use for the wheel wells, the "square" section of the main wells (where the wheel lies) seems more or less the same light blue-gray color as the underside, while the rest of the wells and the front one seem some kind of medium gray, with maybe a slight brown or green hue. I was thinkit about Gunze H325 or something like that. Any hint?
  3. Well, looking with Google Earth some former bases have been totally dismantled, some converted in solar farms (but with some of the shelters still in place) and some other still remain, it would be worth a tour when (if) we survive the covid... Talking about the diorama instead, I won't build the whole shelter (too big), but only the facade as a background. I plan to use eulithe (poliurethan rigid foam) for the front wall and pvc foam for the doors, while the "hill" behind the front wall would just be a piece of xps modelled with a hot wire (for just a some cm of depth) and covered
  4. Hi Rob, interesting page (took a look also at yours, by the way, always interesting). I think the correct shelter for a MiG-29 would be the AU-16. I also have the Rote Platze book quoted by Lothar and used the same 3view drawings to guess some measures. According to the book, the AU-16 should be 15,8 meters wide and this should bring the doors to a total width of 19 meters, more o less. I even used Google Earth to measure some of the visible doors of some of the surviving shelters in former soviet bases in GDR and a 19 meters width seems accurate.
  5. Yes I know that kit, but apart from the fact I don't like lasercut cardboard, I only need the facade (mainly the doors and little else) so I didn't want to buy a full kit, but I could make it with plasticard and so on. Btw, nice kit Floggerman
  6. Hi, I'd like to build a typical soviet hardened aircraft shelter (you know, the ones that were scattered around air bases in eastern europe covered with earth a trees on top). I don't need the full shelter, just the facade (with doors closed) to display an aircraft in front of it. Do you know where can I find scale drawings or at least measurements? Thanks
  7. Yuri


    Is it just missing the option to depict the flap lowered or even the hinge line detail? In the first case it's not a great deal.... in fact I hate drooped flaps, especially if like in this situation the plane is usually parked with the wings fully swept back to save ramp space. Anyway it's true.... Trumpeter has a great level of detail, however sometimes they make some blunders....
  8. Oh, let's hope it's finally the definitive Flogger in 1/72. I have a bad luck with that plane.... started various kits over the years, but never really finished one (for one reason or another). A couple of months ago I started the KP one... at first it seemed nice, but got fedup of all the seams and gaps to fill and sand and gave up....
  9. Yuri


    What he said. The other difference is the nose (straight for the M2 and upturned for the M3) and the tail turret. While the only operational is the M3, I find the M2 way "cooler". I don't know the exact timeslot, but more or less the M2 was put out of service in the mid '90s.
  10. More or less 70x70cm. You can spare some space by building the wings fully swept back..... however it's an uncommon way to have it parked. I remember reading somewhere that it would tip over... anyway it's a possible configuration with either a jack under the tail (during maintenance) or maybe for an unfuelled plane. In fact if you look on google earth there's one Tu-160 parked that way at the Kazan factory (lower left of the airfield). Seems one of the unpainted development airframes (maybe grey 29).
  11. Not the Trumpeter (which is in the pile of kits to build), but I'm at the final construction stages of the earlier A-Model Tu-160. As for painting..... it shouldn't be such a difficult job.... with time and a lot of paint :) I plan to use tamiya white with some preshading to give it some texture
  12. Thanks to all, your suggestions make sense. I tried adding some white to light ghost gray (more or less 15% as the scale effect "rule" say for 1/72) and it's much better to my eye... I'll try it on a scrap model and see how it looks....
  13. Hi all, I'm a bit puzzled by Mig-29 colors. When I did my first Fulcrum, years ago, I used the model master paints. The light gray is more or less a semigloss light gull gray (26440) that looked nice on the model.... maybe just a bit too light ad yellowish, but colors on soviet planes tend to fade quickly so it was ok. Now, in the last years a number of other paint brands started to sell MiG-29 colors, I tested Akan and MRP, but the gray is much darker... close to light ghost gray (36375). Looking at photos it definitely seems too dark to me, at least for an 1/72 plane.
  14. Thanks a lot, very clear. In fact I suspected the "problem" was the fixed lip of the louvers, but I think in 1/72 it's almost impossible to spot. So I'll make new ones from scratch. As I said, I'm in a Flanker mood.... just decided to finish that Airfix kit that has been in the boneyard for the last 20 years I think.... it didn't need so much work after all.... I'm doing some surgery to be able to fit the Pavla vacform windscreen (almost done with some serious trimming here and there), then I can pass it to the paint shop. In the meanwhile I had the Hasegawa kit bought more or less
  15. Hi guys I'm in a "flanker" mood and just got the Trumpter 1/72 Su-27.... nice model... however I'm a bit puzzled by the intake louvers.... I seem to remember that there were a dozen or so, but Trumpeter parts show a much higher number of louvers (20 or so). Fixing it wouldn't be a great deal: it's a separate part, so it's just a matter of taking a piece of plasticard and scribe the louvers, but I'd like to know if I remember correctly or not.... Thanks
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