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  1. Well, I don't think I'll order from them, as I'm on the wrong side of the pond and shipping costs/import duties increase prices a lot. Anyway, I used to order from the "old" Squadron years ago, when there simply wasn't so much choice available for certain items. Now things are different and it's probably more that 10 years that I don't order anything from the States. Anyway, good to read that Squadron is back in business. Good luck to the new management!
  2. Finally got my first dose of pfizer yesterday. No particular problems (just a little achy arm), however my cellphone now works far better :)
  3. You mean the lack of chaff/clare dispenser on the tail? Yes, of course, but I don't plan to make such a early Flanker, just a late '80s one. Thanks!
  4. Vaccines dramatically improve cell phone coverage 🙂
  5. Here in Italy we are behind schedule (they are behind schedule with vaccines delivery in all continental Europe), so maybe I'll get my dose this summer. Now they are focusing mainly on medics, paramedics and elderly
  6. Hi all, having almost finished working on the old Airfix Su-27 (started in the mid 90s and retrieved from the boneyard a few monts ago during lockdown) I would like to build another Flanker, this time with less workload.... I have the Trumpeter kit, but I'm not 100% satisfied by its shape... I was wondering if it would be better to start from the Zvezda kit. Unfortunately this is a model of the later SM version, while I want to model a soviet era Flanker. Unless they release also this version (from parts breakdown seem likely.... but, when?) I was wondering how much wor
  7. They were lucky, both on the plane and on the ground. That big engine cowling part just in the front yard is scary
  8. I never never never use a snap off blade, because a 30 years old, one inch long scar in my middle finger reminds me that these blades can indeed snap off when you don't want them to...
  9. Me too. I always have the habit of touching my face, eyes and so on quite often during the day, so when I'm building or painting something I wash my hand wery often
  10. My first modeling rule: do not talk about modeling rules 🙂 Jokes apart, I model when I want... or better, when I need to. It's not another job, so I'm not forcing myself to go on if I'm not in the mood...
  11. Hi, always looking for generic Soviet stars (and bort numbers) for my 1/72 planes. I saw that begemot makes a 1/72 decals sheet with stars in various sizes, however I'm a bit puzzled by the description, as they say they are 1955 style that were used until the '70s. The only change I saw in the stars was when Russia in 2010 added the blue trim, I assumed the post WWII stars were always the same until then. And in fact I can't seen any difference between those on the sheet and those used in the '80s and '90. What am I missing?
  12. I prefer to finish building the whole fuselage before painting, so if there are some seams to fill and sand I can do it with no problems. In fact the tall fins of the Flanker are a bit of a headache when you have to mask and paint. For my first Su-27 I painted the engine cowlings after the camouflage (a bit tricky, but it can be done), but I've seen a build review where they first painted the cowlings, then the camouflage (with the fins already in place). Think, I'll try that on my next build
  13. As others said, back in the early days of internet it was THE STORE. Despite the shipping costs (I live in Italy) it was one of the few places where you could find almost everything. I must admit that I haven't ordered anything from them in the last 10+ years as other internet/mailorder companies have surfaced in Europe in the meanwhile and it's easier to order from them, but it's sad news anyway....
  14. Very interesting photos, thanks!
  15. Well, with Takom having an 1/72 MAZ-537 it would be an interesting diorama... Answering to Craig, I don't think it's for preflight inspection, as the similar Tu-22M Backfire is usually parked with the wings fully swept to save ramp space, so there must be a different reason to park the Tu-160 that way. As I said it's probably a matter of center of gravity that would make the plane unbalanced with the wings fully swept
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