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  1. Hi, If I were you I would contact with IPMS Hellas and get the help to clarify the situation. Their members include people from the Air Force. They will gladly be helpful to you. Kind regards,
  2. According to IPMS Cross Reference Guide by David H. Klaus here are the close equivalents: -5237= H337 -6307= H324 -6251= Tamiya XF-22 (unfortunately no Gunze equivalents are stated) The book had been prepared at the end of 80’s, a starting point for me aleays. Still I would humbly go cautiously with Tamiya XF-22.
  3. Basic would be the Hasegawa with appropriate small add ons since Greek Air Force has its own modifications applied on them in years. They are not so big in size though so you can mange them easily. If you need a more complex finish then please proceed with ZM and the update set from Hypersonic models or the Greek firm which can be found at the48ers.com, again in cooperation with Hypersonic. Sorry that I can not remember the proper name. Also, the new decals from Zeus Projects are worth to have.
  4. Cool, thanks for sharing. I will remember it as a reference.
  5. As far as I know the intakes move up or down when the plane is powered up. Once there is no power on the plane they stay in slightly up position; not like the way they have been depicted by all other model manufacturers (neutral). Regarding the ailerons so far I could never find a photo that shows the ailerons in neutral position when the plane is parked. I have no clue if both can be manually positioned.
  6. “Great balls of fire!” Sooner than my expectations. I hope they put the air intakes in the correct position which is characteristic to F-15 when parked on the ground. And in my humble opinion it is easily remarkable like the ailerons drop.
  7. No worries please. May be I remember it wrong but I shared the information (of it being clear) with the old memory that I had read somewhere here in ARC. Hence I created my own mixture even though I have the Xtracolor paint. I could not make Xtracolor to dry quicker and since it is an enamel the pigments larger as they should be at the scales we work. I mean, with the finer metallic paints personally I prefer to avoid it if I can. But with the self made mixture I feel more free to adjust the process. All my humble good intentions. Arkut
  8. I asked my wife for help. Here is the picture she took as an attachment. Eventhough it is not the 100% perfect match on the hue within IPMS standards I humbly consider it accetable or even a good match.
  9. Hello, The colour it self is a clear color epoxy thing. What I did is to mix Smoke Blue with a Clear Green. But green needs to be added slowly until you get the hue you like. The clear green is hard compared to smoke blue. This is why. And you have more control on the process. If you mix clear bule and clear green you get closer to japanese Aotake easily compared to this hue. After you get the hue spray metallic color you want and then spray the clear blue-green tjat will create the exact appearance. I wish I could send pictures of mine but the model
  10. We all got tricked by the name of the decal;) Ain’t one in 72nd nor in 32nd scale.
  11. Delivery in progress. HLJ started to place and complete the pre-orders. Mine is at their storage room now.
  12. Well, if we talk about the accuracy of a subject unfortunately almost no 1/48 F-15 kit is a match to the real one. (Like none of the rest of the models of other subjects) And in a different point of view may be GWH kit is the best solution. Are all the inaccuracies we talk about GWH easily spotted on a finished model? I am afraid not. So, on a model that basic modelling skills are applied all might be considered fine. Well, in my humble opinion the thickness of the trailing edges is not an inaccuracy, it is just another point to be solved by the basic modelling skill. (And comp
  13. Tamiya is an option. But why not the ZM too? It depends how much the Eagle is loved by the Japanese. If they admire the plane like they did the Eiko amd Phantom then ZM and/or Tamiya will give it a go to produce it. But I am afraid it will take another decade or let’s say that until the last F-15 says bye to Japan. regarding the best… not any of the models is best, unfortunately. Despite the price GWH is a better choice in terms of details. And it still looks an Eagle when finished;)
  14. Hello Murph, Platz’s 1/72 F-15 has the same feature. Cheers, Arkut
  15. Hello, In my humble opinion the condition of 1/72 GWH model is way much easier to solve as the edges are again way much thinner compared to this Revell one. Here not only the edges needed to be thinned but the profile of the wing has to be changed. There appears almost no camber on the profile of the wings. And while trying to achieve this we are going to loose a lot of the detail lines which will be scribed. This is why I wanted to mention a big change on the model. For my taste this really shadows the rest of the model which I find, personally, a great one
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