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  1. The best option would be the Revell one. Some boxings contain both intakes eg. the very first Block 50/52 with SP decals. On the other hand the dimensions of both Tamiya and Revell are almost spot on on the fuselage. The front fuselage part of Revell is almost a drop in part to the Tamiya upper main fuselage part should you want to build a two seater. You just need to add some surface detail and adjust the joint of the LERX lower section. Or You can cut the fuselage on the Tamiya and use the canopy of Revell. Unfortunately the rest ie. intake is not as easy as that addition since the
  2. By the way, the guys made a trip to IPMS Nationals, so more news will emerge.
  3. Unfortunatley it is not them. It seems this time the Babibi decals and ex-Cam Decals take some role in this subject. Also Sprue already mentioned Phantom Phreaks which is kind of a joint of those two companies.
  4. As far as I know it is a joint effort between a company in Turkey and another one in USA. Still, when we consider all the efforts starting with Zoukei Mura and ending with Tamiya, research and development should be taken much more seriously so that the 1/32 Phantom has a place among all the models produced by those two and Fine Molds. Although it may be better than previous 1/32 F-4 models, it should have the same level of quality like them. Otherwise it will draw a lot of lightning bolts of rivet counting gods.
  5. By the way, the name of Mr. Don Spering from A.I.R is written in the index for the respective section. If someone has a connection with him he might be requested for more help for a higher resolution of the photos.
  6. GeneK, there is dedicated section of 4 pages with 7 photos for the general view of the respective planes and another set of 7 photos dedicated to some of the nosearts. They are all in colour. Most of the general view shots are for the number 10. IMHO it is a good base for reference. But this is subjective. Ya-Gabor, I am not that surprised. Please check the wingwalks of the number 06. The end of the line gets close to the fuselage, it does not go straight back as the others. Also the placement of the insignias and USAF stencil on the wings and fuselage shows difference. All th
  7. Here is the photo that was mentioned by Fine Molds which is in the Feb.1983 Koku-Fan. Accept my apologize for the mark up; simple intention of eliminating the CR stuff: I just received the copy from eBay, hence I can share it now. Sorry for the delay.
  8. And only this fact proves whether their reason is correct or wrong. 😉
  9. Hi, This is not the same aircraft but my humble opinion is that it can be used as an evidence: https://www.airport-data.com/aircraft/63-7415.html The wing walkway have the same shape as the model. Of course, I keep in mind that it is a museum piece.
  10. Haven’t I asked for someone else who felt as if they were building a Hasegawa model? 😊 Well, I suppose they listen to the comments?
  11. Great news Gabor! And more... https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/plamo/ Checking the Reserve tab one can see that there will be re-release of some previous Phantoms including the early E version. Good time to pre-order!
  12. Hi Gabor, Is there any obvious reason why the Czechs did mot like the FM 1/72 Phantom? I just got curiıous about it and I am surprised to hear that. As far as I know the Czech modellers are always on something that they can detail up for gorgeous results and in my humble opinion FM 1(72 Phantom is a great base to do that.
  13. Does anyone else also feel that they are dealing with a Hasegawa style model when trying to put the FM F-4 together or am I too old-minded? My humble opinion is that it definetely is not as easy as a modern Tamiya to put togehther but perfectly detailed compared to other contemporary models as advertised.
  14. If my memory does not trick me I remember that Fine Molds guys might have a record with Hasegawa in the past.
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