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  1. Hello, I bought a 1/48 scale F/A-18C and would like to build a Golden Dragon plane that saw action at OIF in 2003. TwoBobs 48142 has a plane with number 314 for which the decals contain a BuNo of 164957 which is actually for an F/A-18D. Searching the internet furthermore I have come to a reference that says the aircraft is actually 164979 (ref. Osprey Combat Aircraft 46) Unfortunately it is not a detail that you can avoid with your bare eyes. So, I would appreciate a lot if You could help me to clarify the BuNo of that particular Hornet. (Also other ideas are very well appreciated.) Thank You very much in advance. Happy modelling! Arkut
  2. Thanks for the information. You are actually right about the fiscal year and the delivery date. I skipped it somehow. nevertheless it was the second part of your reply that I needed for a confirmation. At last point it is now clear that the F-16Cs at first delivered with NSI so #360 should have that at its early times. Hence I suppose the decal's (IAF-67) version might be done with NSI. As I said in 2017 #360 was still maintaining the MCID. Thanks again. Arkut
  3. Hello All, The particular aircraft stated on the title is of my interest for the last couple of days. One of my friends, Ufuk Aydıner in Turkey, wants to build a 115Th Squadron aircraft as the tail art appears very attractive. When we were chatting about the subject I reminded him that the squadron started to use the C models of F-16. Then we decided to check the web again to make sure which aircraft he can concentrate on. Looking at the pictures we came up with the picture of #360 (87-1671) that has MCID inlet '(big mouth). According to the well known F-16.net the aircraft is a Block 30B version. We can almost confirm this also by the decal set published by Isradecal IAF-67 (they do not state the full version but state simply #360, dated 1986, as Block 30) As far as I can remember the first MCID started to appear with F-16C/D Block 30D subversions. But, as written above, the headshot of the same aircraft in 2017 definitely shows a MCID although according to the information we can reach dictates that it should be a NSI. The only possibility of this difference could be that in its lifetime this #360's engine intake had been damaged and had had to be changed by the IAI. It might be a very interesting subject if someone could confirm that #360 at first had the NSI and later had a change on its intake. This information is also kind of vital to build the choice on the decal sheet mentioned above. Thank You very much in advance. Happy modelling, Arkut Yüksel
  4. Turkey's best modeller.

  5. Hi all; Managed to finish about 4 months ago but pic.s could only be taken a couple of days ago by Ufuk Aydıner. Nearly out of box, only seatbelts and gun barrels are added. Except the serial numbers on tail fin and under the stabilizer, which are decal, all are masked and painted. I know that it is not perfect or may be even not good and that is why i would appreciate a lot who criticize it for my future projects. Best regards, Arkut
  6. At first i drew the camouflage on the paper that comes with the kit. Cut the paper and sticked them on the model. After a light spray of dark earth the borders appeared on the model. Then i painted with freehand. In a way i combined the oth technics. To be honest i do not use masking on my models but on this model i had to be very precise so i did use those papers. Just to make sure that the lines are passing at the exact places as they are on the pictures of this particular aircraft. For the weathering i used very thinned mix of red and smoke gray. Sprayed it with an airbrush. I have used Olympos SP-B. But you can use the Tamiya weathering pastels applying it with the thinnest of Micro Brush (white color) or damped #000 brush etc. (i had used this technic on my F-4 F that you can see on http://www.modelsitesi.com/galeri/arkut/f4f/index.htm) HTH And thanks a lot for the compliments. Arkut
  7. Hello; This is the Tamiya 1/48 kit depicted as TuAF plane flown between 1944 and 1948. They were from the Africa stocks so they got overhauled before handed over to TuAF. They received late type elevators. Two types of prop.s seen on TuAF Spit. Mk.Vb.s; De Havilland and Rotol. This one has D.H. one. Also covered and 5-spoked hubs were seen but i opted to use covered ones. I used Ultracast seat, barrels and wheels. Serial number has been done by my friend, Ufuk Aydıner. Photos were taken by him too. Any progressive critic is mostly appreciated. Please enjoy. Arkut
  8. I and my wife, we plan to make a visit to the NATS this year. The trip will take a little bit time, from Turkey first to NY then Virginia. I am also planning to bring some models (one of mine and some of my friends') just to have a part as modellers from Turkey. Hope to see you all there with good stuffs. Regards, Arkut
  9. Cruising at FL 348 at 22+ GMT something on course SANUR i saw two satellites circling around. They were appearing as two stars wandering along a path. At that moment i told the capntain that if i were a rich man i would settle the table to have a drink in the sky to enjoy the most beautiful scenes of the world. On the other hand i saw a few KC-135, C-17 and KC-10 at Bishkek, UAFM. Regards, Arkut B-737 First Officer
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