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  1. Hey Scoob!! I'm still kick'n around here and there. Not a lot of model production these days - but life is keeping me busy!! Maybe someday I'll have a space to build again. Great photo Alf!! The Col. looks pretty happy with his Jet. Scooby mentioned the time Col. Hadfield was in Cold Lake with Julie Payette. That was the one and only time I got to meet him as well. He's certainly become quite the Canadian Icon!! Great role model.
  2. Great story Alf!! I figured you and the Col. were old friends, in some regard. And yeah, the joy of another person receiving a model - with little reward in return - is awesome!! I used to know that feeling well. :)/>
  3. Hey Alf. End result looks great!! Still punching out the models at a good rate I see. Maybe I'll get back to models someday (I hope). I don't even have a bench at the moment. Cheers, Tilt
  4. Hey Alf, The Harvard is looking good old friend. It's nice to catch up with your stories and projects. Still hoping you write a book some day. Keep it up!! Tilt
  5. Tilt

    Seven Years

    Member 69 here. I think I'm well over 10 years in one form or another with ARC. I still lurk now and again. Not much time for models these days - maybe get back to them someday soon. Still have quite the 'stash' in the basement (lotsa Hornets yet).
  6. Haha.....thanks for the 'nod' Zoomer!! Always great memories. Absolutely stunning Hornet Chuck!! You really nailed it. Hawnsky is quite an interesting fella. I was lucky enough to be partnered with him for a 'rousing' game of Crud. Good times!!
  7. Looks good Kolja!! I'm jealous. My 'big return' to the hobby took a butt-kick'n again. My last bench space lost out to reshuffling. I just have zero room now - and all my model stuff is stacked in a nasty pile in my garage.
  8. My new computer, I got a few months ago, has a SSD in it. This computer basically has 'top of the line' everything - as I'm using it almost solely for my Autodesk (design and drafting) software. The SSD is just insane for speed. Like truly insane. It's sooooo worth the extra cash - if you can do it. I'm sure my machine would be off the scale for video games, but I don't have any games on it (not even card games - lol).
  9. Thanks Holmes. Yeah, my buddy believes in proper preping (as do I). So I may actually do better than just completing the 21K.
  10. Recently, I began training for a half-marathon (in Vegas this December). I've spent the summer months doing a lot of roller-blading and jogging - along with continued strength workouts. My best friend (and trainer) and I are going to run it together. It'll be a stroll in the park for him, but he's excited to run with me in my first ever marathon experience. I don't plan to become a runner or anything - as I only want to do this just to say I did it. I'm still more committed to playing hockey, and building up some muscle - while shedding more body fat. Hard to believe that in 19 months I've dropped over 120 pounds, and turned my body into a total machine. It's become such a part of my life and lifestyle now, that going back to the old me is just not an option. At 41 years old, I'm in the best shape of my entire life.
  11. Tilt


    In my eyes, there is no finer form than the Tucano. Simply the most aggressive looking prop-job ever designed (in my eyes). Sweet profiles!! Where can I get some prints of these???? :)
  12. Kinda looks like a cross between an F-18 and an F-16. I like the logo. Pretty cool!!
  13. PM sent regarding the "1/48 Fujimi SA-341D Gazelle - OOP, 15.00 + S&H"
  14. Someone said somthing last night, that really stuck with me. "It's a good thing Canada doesn't get invaded by any Forces looking to shuffle us out of the way.........we're so stupid, we'd just stand there with our cell phones taking videos and pictures!!!"
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