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  1. Great job with the paint and weathering!
  2. Nice work - I love that dead flat finish, and I think the carrier deck makes for a really nice setting for it.
  3. Wonderful work! Looks just like I'd expect at the end of a long cruise
  4. Really, really nice job with the paint scheme, and especially on those metal parts. All those steps were well worth it!
  5. Looking forward to seeing more of your work, Dave
  6. Agree with janman - they all three look great, and I think it's great that you got to enjoy the build with your kids!
  7. Welcome!! And very nice work on your Viper - it's pretty clear to me you must have been at armor modelling a while and that the skills transferred over to aircraft modelling quite nicely!
  8. What d'ya know? Wild Weasels? I had no idea the 90th used to be cool! Really nicely done!
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