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  1. What d'ya know? Wild Weasels? I had no idea the 90th used to be cool! Really nicely done!
  2. Looks great - congratulations on a nice build!
  3. Looks great!
  4. Even if it wasn't my old plane (not that specific one, but you know what I mean) I'd be impressed! Loved following it on Facebook, and great to see it here.
  5. Beautiful work; you've made quite the return to the hobby. Best wishes on your rehab!
  6. Man, that looks nice! Well done!
  7. Beautiful work on that finish!
  8. Incredible work all the way around!
  9. Incredible work. That cockpit has to be the most amazing feats of modeling I've seen! Hat's off to you good sir!
  10. I enjoyed reading up on this thread, you've done some great work. I've never been able to make preshading work either, I just don't control the color coat nearly well enough for the effect to work. Really impressive what you've done to fix the decal too, it looks like it never happened!
  11. Some really incredible work in here, guys! Bravo to you all!
  12. Great work!